Chapter 1: Ye Chenfeng

First time translating… plz be gentle.

   In the early morning, the sun broke from the eastern mountains and spilled onto the foothills of Baidicheng City. Waking the ancient city.


  At morning light, a young boy, with his hands wrapped tightly with thick cloth. The wall of the Baidi House not far away. His thin upper body can be seen standing under a large pine tree.

A loud echo came from around the black pine tree. After several hours, the bark of the tree littered the ground, with blood spotting the dirt.

   Fresh scarlet blood seeped from his cracked fists. However, the young boy seemed not to notice.

“My strength is still not enough, why? I’ve practiced for more than a year, but my strength is still the same.” The boy’s eyes, deep as ink. His face, sharp like a blade. He was unwilling to admit that with no soul beast, that he was destined to be trash.

“No, I can not give up, I do not believe that I still can not break through.” The boy thought of his father’s kindness as heavy as mountains. But since his death, he has slept underground. The young boy’s mind grew more intense and clenched the injured fist, and continued to practice punching.

   The young boy is named Ye Chenfeng, from one of the three main families of the country of Zijin. He came from the Ye family but not as a direct disciple, but was an orphan.

   Although Ye Chenfeng was an orphan, he brought pride and glory to the Ye Family, in his six-year-old talent test, he tested with an amazing sixth-ranked talent, shocking the entire Zijin Imperial City.

   In Zijin country, most people are not ranked, and sixth-ranked talent, the whole Zijin country had not appeared for hundreds of years.

   It can be said that if all goes well, with sixth-ranked talent, Ye Chenfeng has limitless potential.

   It is because of Ye Chenfeng’s amazing talent, one of the four families of Zijin country. The Ji family is willing to take the risks and arrange a marriage to the Ye family. Marrying their princess and fifth-ranked talent, Ji Qingxue.

   But the day came that Ye Chenfeng became infamous, in his thirteen-year-old soul awakening ceremony. It was found that his soul can not form the spirit of a beast. It would seem that the heavens despise him as this is a very rare occurrence.

   To have a sixth-ranked talent indicates that Ye Chenfeng would have a brilliant future, but simply to have the talent for cultivation is not enough. Only with the talent and soul beast integration can one be successful.

   Talent only decides the speed of growth, no soul beast, then talent, even if high as mountains is useless.

   Ye Chenfeng can be said to be cursed by the heavens. As the laughing-stock of Zijin Imperial City, the strange death of his adoptive father, and banishment from the Ye family.

   Does not know how long he practiced. Clenched teeth, the exhaustion left Ye Chenfeng’s face pale white. Sweat and dust covering his body.

   Feeling his body about to collapse, Ye Chenfeng stopped practicing and took heavy breaths to stabilize himself.

“Ye Chenfeng, you actually practice so crazily, do you understand life? Do you hope to squeeze out your own potential, in exchange for false fame? With no soul beast, you are destined to not cultivate.”

A feminine voice said with a trace of coldness. At this time a woman appeared behind him. Wearing a long white floral skirt, black long hair draping down her shoulders, with delicate white skin.

“I am no longer a part of the Ye family, my life and death are not your concern.” Ye Chenfeng slowly raised his head and looked at her, and gently respond.

   The woman’s name is Ye Ziling, with third-ranked talent, the soul of a striped ferret, only sixteen years old and cultivated to the fourth stage of the Spirit Beast Realm, the Baidi House’s treasured student.

   Coupled with beautiful looks and temperament, excluding a unique presence, her clothes fluttering, taking the brilliance from the flowers.

“You dare talk to me like that?”

   Having heard Ye Chenfeng’s cold response, Ye Ziling’s brows slightly wrinkled, with a hint of anger.

“I just don’t want you to waste time on me.” Finished talking, Ye Chenfeng gave a respectful smile and left without giving her another glance.

   Watching Ye Chenfeng’s back receding into the distance, Ye Ziling angry face started to die down, she gently sighed in her heart and pitied for him, but also for the Ye Family.

   “I still have fifty silver, should be enough to buy some cheap healing herbs.”

   After meeting Ye Ziling, Ye Chenfeng directly came to the Baidi House Pharmacy. Wanting to buy some cheap herbs to heal himself so that he doesn’t accumulate injuries and damage the meridians.

   In the pharmacy, Ye Chenfeng sees a woman wearing a black dress, bringing out her elegant appearance. Her name is Qiao Jingyuan.

   Qiao Jingyuan is the Baidicheng City Qiao Family’s eldest daughter. Back when Ye Chenfeng was being lauded as a genius, he and Qiao Jingyuan were good friends. However,  when Ye Chenfeng’s soul can not generate a soul beast, she started to distance herself away from him.

“Yo, is this not our Baidi House’s big genius? Eh, how did you get so injured?” Ye Chenfeng wanted to avoid Qiao Jingyuan if possible. To buy a few strains of medical herb then leave, was his ideal situation. But then a mocking voice sounded behind him.

Wearing extravagant clothes, walking tall and straight, Di Wanxian walked in holding a folding fan, when he found the tall Qiao Jingyuan is also there, his eyes became fiery.

“I said, do you like to harm yourself? If so, I can help you.” Di Wanxian deliberately ridiculed Ye Chenfeng in front of Qiao Jingyuan in front of to attract her attention.

Sure enough, after hearing the voice of Di Wanxian, Qiao Jingyuan who just picked two high-quality strains of medicine turned around. Indifferently looking at Ye Chenfeng, and at the slowly approaching Di Wanxian.

But the two men obviously can not attract her interest, and after a little pause, she turned back to continue to pick herbs for herself.

   But when she turned back around, Ye Chenfeng immediately grabbed the fan from the hands of Di Wanxian and used it to poke Qiao Jingyuan’s buttocks.

   Then after a moment of pause, the Di Wanxian’s face turned to one of horror. But Ye Chenfeng deftly returned the fan to Di Wanxian before he could react.

   Feeling her butt prodded by a hard thing, Qiao Jingyuan felt a current traveling through the body. Her mind goes blank for a moment, then blood crept along her white neck, covering her whole face red.

   The next moment, an angry monster turned around and seeing the folding fan in Di Wanxian’s hands. Anger rushed to her head, she’s already lost her common sense. Raised her delicate hands, fiercely said, “Di Wanxian, do you court death? Do you not believe that I won’t cut off your hand?”

   “No! Qiao, do not misunderstand, it was not me! It was him! He did it! I, I was framed by him!”

   Qiao Jingyuan looked with her eyes ablaze, Di Wanxian trembled under her gaze, and quickly explained.

“Perhaps I am not her friend, but I would not do such a perverted thing to her.” Ye Chenfeng stopped the walking, saying these righteous words as if true.

“Damn, you did this, you dare to swear that it was not you that poked Qiao’s butt!?” Listening to Ye Chenfeng confidently accused him, Di Wanxian almost puked a mouthful of blood, resisting the impulse to strange Ye.

“Di Wanxian, regardless of whether you’re innocent, but you cannot shout so loud. You may not have face, but she does. You cannot simply shout these vulgar things” Ye Chenfeng ignoring Di Wanxian’s glare.


   The soul of the beast burst out from Qiao Jingyuan, condensed into the shape of a golden bird.


   The friction of the air resounded, Qiao Jingyuan’s soul beast, a golden bird turned into a streak of light, hitting into Di Wanxian’s chest, breaking some of his ribs.


   Blood mist sprayed out from the mouth of the Di Wanxian, after being hit by Qiao’s soul beast, fell to the ground, and directly fainted.


Yes, I understand that “cheng” in Baidicheng means city. And putting Baidicheng City doesn’t make sense. But I put it so that it would differentiate it from Baidi House. Becuase they look so similar.

TL Note: This series reads pretty quick I can read 1 chapter in 3-5 mins. So I’m thinking bulk releases but not sure yet. Nah, I’ll just release when I’m done with a chapter.

Shoutout to /u/kschang for some help on a particularly confusing phrase.


Editors Note: Hey guys! I will be taking over editing here at Delta Translations. Since this is my first time editing, please let me know if you see any errors that I skipped over. Thanks and enjoy!  -Kaladin



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