Chapter 2: The Bloody Brain


Qiao Jingyuan stared Di Wanxian who looked like a dead dog. Mouth dripping blood, laying motionlessly on the ground. Enduring the strange sensation from her butt, Qiao turned her head and walked away.

Seeing that Qiao Jingyuan never looked at himself, Ye Chengfeng could only sigh to himself.

If this was the past, Qiao Jingyuan would not only not ignore him, but try to get closer to him. But ever since news about his soul’s inability to form a beast, and banishment from the Ye Family, everything changed.

Ye Chenfeng began to grasp how cruel reality could be.

“Stronger, I must become stronger.”

Ye Chenfeng clenched his fist, silently vowing in the heart. Although, obtaining strength without a soul beast is practically impossible. But he knows that no matter how many thorns appear in front of him, he will not give up, and continue to march forward.

After buying two cheap herbs, Ye Chenfeng walks out of the pharmacy.

Although the Baidi House living conditions are quite nice, but since Ye Chenfeng lost his primary source of income after being kicked out from the Ye Family. In order to save money, he rented a cheap courtyard in the Baidicheng City suburbs.

“Eh, why is there a bloody smell in the yard?”

Ye Chenfeng dragged his exhausted body, back to his small courtyard. However, his sensitive smell found a trace of bloody air in the surroundings. Ye Chenfeng went into full alert.

Ye Chenfeng standing at the doorway, scanning for danger. Under some of the ancient trees, found a person covered with blood. The chest was pierced through and the body lay in the bloody pool of motionless.

“He’s dead, how does my house have a dead man in it?”

Ye Chenfeng looked at the corpse and still maintaining a distance. His brow slightly wrinkled, and hesitated, then decided to approach the body, and get a better view of the situation.

“Gorgeous clothes, it seems that during his life he was an important person.”

Ye Chenfeng looking at the body, found that although the clothes were disorderly and tattered, the feel of the cloth was still very soft and silky in the hand, and has no traces of dust. Obviously, these clothes were enhanced with spiritual force.

He grew up in the prominent Ye Family, and has seen a lot of things, but never anything like this spiritual fabric. Only judging from the clothes, this person’s background is definitely not normal.

“No, he must be buried as soon as possible. If his enemies know that he died here, maybe I will face a calamity also.”

After making up his mind, Ye Chenfeng immediately dragged the bloody body to the backyard. Preparing to dig a pit in his backyard, and then buried him.

As Ye Chenfeng is dragging the body, a ring with a dark-gold gem unexpectedly fell out.

“This can’t be a storage ring right?” Thinking that the Ye Family also had a similar ring, and that ring was handed down as the treasure of the Ye Family, most people can never see one, perhaps the value is worth a town or city.

When Ye Chenfeng was found with sixth-rank talent, his importance was enough to see the ring once.

Thinking of the storage ring, this person cannot be simple, Ye Chenfeng’s eyes became more and more bright.

“This ring is my reward for giving you a proper burial.” Ye Chenfeng said to the bloody body. Upon quick inspection, the ring also sustained seemed to have sustained some serious damage, with some cracks appearing.


Ye Chenfeng’s right hand accidentally applied pressure to the gem. causing the gem to shatter. The sudden change caused the ring to emit a powerful rebound effect. Shocking the Ye Chenfeng’s arm numb, and sending his whole body tumbling, blood spraying out.

If the ring was intact, instead of being greatly weakened, the explosion would have killed Ye Chenfeng on the spot.

“Ugh… what’s that?”

When the excess energy dissipated, on the ground was a dark metal box, a few pieces of broken soul crystals, the other things are damaged and unusable, which left Ye Chenfeng quite regretful.

“I wonder what this black box contains?” Ye Chenfeng filled with curiosity opened the black box and revealing a very strange object, a bloody brain.

“A brain, this black box even has a fresh brain.” Looking at the blood red brain in the box, Ye Chenfeng is struck stupid.

“In the end, who’s brain is this? Why is it fresh?”

To Ye Chenfeng, when the brain is separated from the body, it will immediately die. Not like this brain, even more, it seems perfectly fine.


Ye Chenfeng filled with curiosity, reached his fingers to touch the bloody brain, he suddenly felt a sting on his finger, causing large amounts of pain.

His instinct caused him to retract his fingers but found his fingers were firmly stuck to the bloody brain, and the brain continuously absorbing his blood.

Absorbing Ye Chenfeng’s blood, the brain cells became active and traveled up into his body.


Ye Chenfeng felt like a heavy hammer whacked his head, shocked his mind, and directly fell to the ground.

The next moment, a piercing pain in his heart, and the feeling of countless steel needles in his head.

The pain that Ye is feeling is causing him to sweat profusely from his head like a stream. His body constantly convulsing and rolling on the ground.

“What exactly is this wretched thing!? Is it going to devour my brain!?” Severe pain resounded throughout Ye Chenfeng, the feeling of almost losing consciousness.

In addition to the pain, he is more afraid the brain controlling his body. Such as becoming a zombie.

“No! I have to get stronger, I can not die like this.”

The pain in Ye Chenfeng never stopped. He cried a loud roar and dug his fingertips deep into the scalp in an attempt to stay conscious, enduring this pale struggle.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

Although it was only a short 180 seconds, but to Ye Chenfeng it was still like a century, he was being tortured by the strange brain. However, his heart appeared in a trace of strange golden blood circulating along with the bloody brain.

The next moment, the brain miraculously stopped devouring, and a large number of images poured into Ye Chenfeng’s mind.

When Ye Chenfeng was absorbing the images, the body whose chest was pierced, the body suddenly opened his blood-red eyes.

When he saw that the bloody brain was missing from the black box, and Ye Chenfeng whose head was enveloped by a blood fog, his blood-red eyes drew a piercing gaze.

Then, dense killing intent rapidly spread throughout the surroundings.

Editors Note: If you see any mistakes I skipped over, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy! – Kaladin

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