Chapter 3: Soul Fragment

“You woke up.”

When Ye Chenfeng slowly opened his eyes, waking from his sleep, a low voice reached his ears.

“How are you still alive!” Looking at the man whose chest was pierced and still bloody. The mysterious man, caused Ye Chenfeng to shudder with fear growing within him.

In his mind, if the chest completely run-through and the body almost devoid of blood, a human could not survive. So, this strange scene was completely beyond his imagination.

“Oh? Did you want me to die?” The mysterious man revealed a dangerous glint, and coldly asked.

“No! I was just surprised that Elder was injured to such an extent.” Seeing the mysterious man’s glare, Ye Chenfeng tightened, trying to stay calm and quickly explained.

“Is that so? Do you wish to learn from me?” The mysterious man asked while giving a strange smile.

“This…” Ye Chenfeng’s brow slightly wrinkled, and said: “Esteemed Elder, you would want me to have you as a teacher?

If it was another person, would have long since been surprised at their fortune, but Ye Chenfeng was still quite calm. He is very aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world.

“For me to meet you before dying, proves that you and I have intertwined fates. If you are willing to acknowledge me as your teacher, I will teach all that I know. If you are successful, then even the king of this country must be respectful to you. The mysterious man’s eyes are deep and unfathomable to Ye Chenfeng, he simply could not guess his true purpose.

Although the mysterious elder seemed to be sincere, but Ye Chenfeng caught a dangerous glimmer from his eyes.

“Is he going to kill me? Is it because of the strange golden blood?”

Ye Chenfeng’s mind rushed through the possibilities, and finally emerged a terrifying idea. The hairs on his body shot up and a chill swept trough him, his legs subconsciously taking a step back.

“What is it? Do you not want me as your teacher?”

Seeing Ye Chenfeng’s step back, the mysterious man’s face became more gloomy. The tone of his voice has become increasingly cold, and now radiating killing intent with his glare.

“Esteemed Elder, this matter is too important, can you allow me to discuss it with my family to discuss the decision?” Ye Chenfeng taking a deep breath and while pretending to be calm, said.

“Do you know who I am?” You know in the entire Combat Soul Continent, how many people want me as their teacher?” The mysterious man grunted.

“To be favored by their elders is the blessing of all the younger generation. I do not know if the junior can have a few hours, so that the younger generation can go home to tell the parents, then come back to follow Elder?” Ye Chenfeng said humbly.

“Your mind is good, but you do not have the right to choose. If you do not want to be my disciple, then you can go die.”

The mysterious man said darkly. Then his soul beast burst out of his body, and instantly gathered together to form a three-headed snake. a large body coiling together. With a red body and radiating a piercing aura. The strong pressure immediately covered Ye Chenfeng, making him have difficulty breathing. His two legs felt as heavy as lead.

“Elder, do not get angry, I honored if you would be my teacher.”

Although the mysterious man was seriously injured, the difference in strength between them is too big. Ye Chenfeng had no doubt that the mysterious man with just a thought can kill him. Ye Chenfeng can now only hope for a compromise.

“You really think I am willing to accept you as my disciple, I am only interested in your body’s secrets, since you are aware of my intentions, then you can only die. The mysterious man controlled the snake and with sudden force, wrapped around Ye’s body, abruptly pulled him in front of the mysterious man.

The next moment, the mysterious man forced his own soul into the body of Ye Chenfeng. To devour his soul and regain the bloody brain.

In the face of the invading soul beast, Ye Chenfeng was a fish on the plate without and any power to resist. Letting the mysterious man’s soul eroded into his mind.

“This is it, I will be dead soon.”

Ye Chenfeng’s mind had the last idea, eyes turning black and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Invasion of Ye Chenfeng’s mind, the mysterious man’s soul immediately wanted to erase his consciousness and devour his soul, finally to occupy his body.

But something strange happened.

The bloody brain came alive and moved to repel the attacker. The release of a powerful devouring energy to counter-attack the mysterious man’s soul.


The Elder immediately perceived the danger and he quickly condensed his soul. And moved to quickly withdraw from the boy’s mind.

But the bloody brain is too strange, the devouring energy emitted was beyond the limits of what soul his soul could resist.

The brain didn’t give him the possibility of escape, and the directly devoured his soul.

In his last desperate cry, his soul was devoured by the bloody brain, and his soul beast dissipated into nothingness.

After swallowed the mysterious man’s soul, the bloody brain changed, one by one the bloody brain cells quickly moved, and with Ye Chenfeng’s mind in a strange dreamscape.

“Huh, where am I? Is it that I’m dead?”

When Ye Chenfeng gradually restored consciousness, he found himself in a dark space. He could not even see 5 fingers ahead of himself. In this space, he sees a light floating like a star in the night sky, his heart shakes at the white point of light.

In Ye Chenfeng staring at the mysterious light, the light as if coming alive, flew to him and not waiting for his reaction, entered his soul.


Ye Chenfeng felt deep pain from his head and the next moment, his mind was flooded with a large number of pictures. However, these images were like insects, continuing to erode his mind, the soul threatening to shatter.

“Am I not dead? Or how does this pain feel so realistic?” Feeling this pain is real, Ye Chenfeng uses all of his strength to hold the last trace of hope, guarding his heart and soul.

Does not know how long Ye Chenfeng was tortured by the mysterious light, but the pain finally began to slowly weaken.

And after a long time, the body was soaked wet, pale with no trace of blood. Palms and fingers dripping bloody sweat, Ye Chenfeng finally woke up from his nightmare.

When he saw the mysterious man’s body, he froze a moment, followed by a lot of information like a tide, poured into his mind.

“Huh? My head… so many things?”

Medicine, soul skills, profound laws…

“Was that mysterious light, the man’s soul fragments?”

Thinking of the possibility, Ye Chenfeng heart started beating rapidly from excitement. He was only faintly aware of what he got, and it’s worth cannot be imagined.

And this knowledge is what he is most needed, but also what he most desired.

With this, he can change his status, and soar.




TL Note: I’ll just state this now. I translate with more loose interpretation as opposed to a stricter literal translation. I focus mostly on how well the chapter reads and the flow, rather than each specific detail. EX: “神秘男子低聲道” would be literally translated as “The mysterious man whispered/said in a low voice.” But it wouldn’t make much sense for the dude to whisper in an empty yard with only the MC. So instead I chose “grunted” to portray a more arrogant character.


Editors Note: If you see any errors that I skipped over, please let me know. Thank and enjoy! – Kaladin

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Soul Fragment

  1. Thanks for the chapter Mingdelta! I’ve seen similar treasures in endless novels, but first time it’s taken the form of a brain. Kinda gnarly haha.


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  3. Hi! Though you don’t know me because I’am just a reader of you translated novel but please continue to update chapters for this novel. I love this story though it was short but nice to read. Hope you continue to update and may god be with you so that you have the strenght to carry on you translation.☺


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