Chapter 4: (Title Hidden)

Chapter 4: The Soul Beast is an Egg


Ye Chenfeng struggling to get up on the ground, mainly due to the mental strain from the soul fragment. His first task was to quickly find a shovel and dig a large pit in the backyard, and quickly bury the mysterious man’s body.

Being extra precautious, Ye Chenfeng did not stay long, immediately returning to the house, packing some luggage, and left his house. Moving towards the Baiyun Mountains outside the city.

Ye Chenfeng had lived in Baidicheng City for three years, and was very familiar with the beautiful geography of the Baiyun Mountains. After about two hours, he came to the heart of the Baiyun Mountains, finding a secluded retreat. A cave hidden in the valleys of the mountains.

“Well, it should be safe here.”

Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath and rested for a while, and began to sort out the memories of the soul fragment.

“Qi Tongtian, Eight Qi Divine Kingdom, the soul beast is the Three-Headed Snake, at the strength of the Beast King Realm, is a high-ranking member of the Eight Qi Divine Kingdom…”

Ye Chenfeng was sorting through the soul’s memories, the first thing that he searches is the mysterious man’s identity and origin.

“Beast King, what realm of cultivation is this? Where is this Eight Qi Divine Kingdom?”

Although the Ye Chenfeng was taught extensively by the Ye Family, but because of their limited heritage. Ye Chenfeng only knows of the Spirit Beast Realm, Illusory Beast Realm, Earth Beast Realm, and the Heavenly Beast Realm. The four realms, each major realm is divided into six smaller levels. But he has never heard of the Beast King realm.

As for the Eight Qi Divine Kingdom, he never heard of.

This is also harsh proof of the importance of a background, it can be said even if one’s talent is high, strong soul beast and a genius. If there is no cultivation support, one cannot break the bottlenecks and enter into a higher realm.

Learning Qi Tongtian identity, Ye Chenfeng immediately went to finish his soul memory search. and soon he found that Qi Tongtian mastered the Eight Qi Divine Kingdom most difficult body refining profound law.

“Profound law, this Qi Tongtian even has a body-refining profound law.”

Ye Chenfeng knows that soul tactics is superior to that of soul skills, because the level of the soul tactics directly determines the speed of cultivation and the realm.

However, when compared to the soul tactics, profound laws are even more rare and precious. Ye Chenfeng would occasionally see an introduction to profound laws in the collection of ancient books at the Ye Family. Every profound law, has unimaginable power, and in the entire Zijin Country, there is not a profound law inheritance.

This profound law is to refine the Ye Chenfeng’s body, and with no soul beast all these years, he has put all of his efforts into refining the body.

Although he has never studied soul tactics or soul skills, he has long at the bottleneck. But he has laid a good foundation from his years of training.

Six Pulse Heavenly Body, The Eight Qi Divine Kingdom’s top body-refining profound law. It is divided into six realms refining skin, refining flesh, refining impurities, honing strength, raging skeleton, washing marrow.

If cultivated to the extreme, the body can undergo a “rebirth”. To be able to overturn heaven and earth and have invincible strength. Power would be able to reach two million jin of force. A punch, the burst of power is enough to flatten mountains and divert rivers.

“Two million jin, worthy to be Eight Qi Divine Kingdom’s top profound law. If I can cultivate to the end then even if no soul beast, I can become a master and shock the world.”

Ye Chenfeng briefly looked at The Six Pulse Heavenly Body, his face revealing thick surprise. If not that he needed to continue organizing the soul’s memory, he would not wait to start cultivating Six Pulse Heavenly Body

Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath, restraining the excitement in his heart. Continuing to organize the assorted memory fragments. When he found information on the soul tactic, he was completely stunned.

Soul Eater, the origin is unknown, the level is unknown, if successfully practiced, can form a strong devouring force. Directly devouring the enemy’s soul beast, and directly enhance practitioner’s own soul force.

Can be said that by understanding Soul Eater, Ye Chenfeng does not need to worry about obtaining cultivation spiritual medicine. He can just continue to fight, and through Soul Eater, directly devour the enemy soul beast, to enhance himself.

But Ye Chenfeng has no soul beast, so he is not certain, whether he can practice the Soul Eater tactics.

In addition to the Six Pulse Heavenly Body, Soul Eater tactics, Ye Chenfeng also found a precious speed-type soul skill, Shifting Shadow.

Shifting Shadow is divided into nine stages, each advancement in realm, condenses the speed of the shadow, causing a dramatic increase in speed.

If cultivated to the extreme, can gather nine speed shadows, and an increase in speed of nine times. Coupled with the instant explosive force of Six Pulse Heavenly Body, creates a very deadly combo.

But because of his limited strength, Ye Chenfeng has not break through into the Spirit Beast Realm, and simply can not cultivate the Shifting Shadow soul skill.

“Well, what’s this?”

Ye Chenfeng seemed to be nearing the end of the memories, but found a large amount of information on medical knowledge.

Although the medical knowledge is as good as useless for those at the top of cultivation, but at beginning stages like Ye Chenfeng is quite useful.

If he can master it he could use the knowledge, to stimulate his own physical potential while also cultivating Six Pulse Heavenly Body.

In addition to the medical knowledge inheritance, Ye Chenfeng also found the more valuable array knowledge.

Arrays are one of the rarest inheritances in Zijin Country, and the most valuable. Regardless if it is a formation or a matrix, all are composed of a large number of arrays.

The array master of Zijin Country, Si Luchuan. Even the emperor of the Zijin Country must respect him and not dare to offend.

“If I can learn the array inheritance, is it possible to become an array master?” Thinking of the benefits of becoming an array master, Ye Chenfeng revealed high hopes.

Finishing sorting through the memories, Ye Chenfeng’s heart had mixed feelings. He never dreamed that his life would be changed because of a strange bloody brain. The turning point in his life.

“I’ll start first by trying to comprehending Soul Eater tactic.”

Regardless if it was the Six Pulse Heavenly Body, Shifting Shadow or the array inheritance, none were as important as the Soul Eater soul tactic. Ye Chenfeng wanted to comprehend Soul Eater, and try to attempt a second soul beast awakening.

“Huh, why is Soul Eater so easy to comprehend?”

When Ye Chenfeng was comprehending Soul Eater, he found that the soul tactic was as if it was tailored for himself, with no feeling of crudeness.

Comprehending was very simple, and not difficult at all.

“Is it because of merging with the mysterious brain and enhance my perception?” Ye Chenfeng guessed.

Ye Chenfeng rare talent, and now with his brain and the integration of the strange bloody brain. His comprehension ability achieves that of a monster.

Because of the mysterious brain’s extraordinary abilities, but also the strong devouring ability, Ye Chenfeng decided to call it the God Biting brain.

About a day or so of meditation into the soul tactic, Soul Eater. Within Ye Chenfeng’s consciousness was a spiritual whirlpool, and in the center of it was an object. Flashing bigger and bigger, and becoming more and more clear, a blood egg.

After the complete formation of the blood egg, a stream of pure soul force flowed from the egg, seeping into Ye Chenfeng’s body.

When Ye Chenfeng’s body is enveloped by the soul force, and the bottleneck that he break through was easily surpassed. He finally broke through to the spirit beast realm.

“Breakthrough, I broke through to the spiritual beast realm, and in my soul is a blood egg, is that my soul beast?”

Ye Chenfeng exposed a trace of a wry smile, he did not think from all of his hardships would have such a strange soul beast, an egg.

“What kind of egg is this?” Thinking about it, Ye Chenfeng was filled with expectations…


Sorry for the late release, is scrambled to translate the chapter and edit it before 12AM. But this chapter was rough. This chapter took about 6 hours spread out about from last night and finally finished at 11 PM. I knew when I was reading the RAWs that this chapter would be tough. Most of the time was consumed debating on what I should call/name the various Skills, Places, and other stuff. As my process is to strip the word into its individual characters and find all of the various connotations of those, then piece the word back together and double-check.

Sorry, if the chapter doesn’t make sense in some places. I’ll try to do some explanation.

Common to Rare   |   Soul Skill => Soul Tactic => Profound Law

Array Master is not a formation master. An array is like characters that are drawn (typically on paper) to create an effect. Idk how to translate it to make it not sound like a “battle formation” used in like ED or other xianxia novels.   RESOLVED Changing Array to Talisman. The Author does a weird thing by using: 陣紋 Idk even know how to translate it. So I had to guess by reading ahead. But thank you to Blue for reminding me about the existence of talismans.

Stuff the MC got: God Biting Brain + Some special blood (idk yet), Six Pulse Heavenly Body (6 Stage Profound Law), Soul Eater (Soul Tactic)(God Biting Brain Innate Soul Tactic???),  Shifting Shadow (9 Stage Soul Skill), Medical Knowledge Inheritance, Talisman Knowledge Inheritance.   


Editors Note: If I skipped over any errors please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!       – Kaladin


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