Chapter 5: Ji Qingxue’s Thoughts

In the morning, there was a thin rosy glow towards the east, and the rising columns of smoke the roofs caused the sky to emit a layer of pearl-like color. Causing the people to be relaxed and happy.


In the depths of the Baiyun Mountains, a hundred meter waterfall rages. In Ye Chenfeng’s palms are two broken soul crystals. His bare upper body is sitting cross-legged on a smooth rock, letting the water flow down his body.

Facing the waterfall’s impact, Ye Chenfeng faces the enormous pressure falling upon him, but he doesn’t retreat. With the waterfall’s pressure, he worked to control his soul to slowly absorb the soul crystal’s soul force. While also cultivating Six Pulse Heavenly Body’s first stage, refining skin.

Once he finishes cultivating the profound law to the first stage, his own defense would not only have a substantial increase, his strength will reach a thousand jin of power.

A soul beast master’s greatest weakness.

A sixth-rank spirit beast master, through the integration of their soul beast, their power would reach a thousand jin. However, with the Six Pulse Heavenly Body, Ye Chenfeng would be able to reach that strength with just cultivating to the first realm.

If he cultivates Six Pulse Heavenly Body to the second stage, refining flesh. Power can reach a terrifying five thousand jin. If he adds his soul force, then it would be close to the power of ten thousand jin, a punch to demolish anyone in the sixth-rank spirit beast realm.

But it is only that Six Pulse Heavenly Body grows more difficult as it progresses, if there is no support with resources then breaking though would be difficult.

Fortunately, Ye Chenfeng is not short of low-quality soul crystals. With the soul force of these crystals, he hopes that he could shortly cultivate the Six Pulse Heavenly Body refining skin realm.

With a large amount of pure soul force within Ye Chenfeng’s body, his skin cells begin the rapid transformation. A thin layer of thin soul force covered the skin’s surface, greatly weakening the impact of the waterfall.

As the waterfall’s pressure gets smaller and smaller, Ye Chenfeng drifts into a mysterious state. His breathing slows into a special rhythm and his body’s aura becomes one with the surrounding environment.

If Qi Tongtian rose from the dead and saw Ye Chenfeng’s current state, he would be severely shocked. Because now Ye Chenfeng entered into an empty dream state, which some may never reach in their lifetime.


Zijin Imperial City, the largest city in Zijin Country. It is also the core of the power for the country, with most of Zijin Country’s cultivators living there.

At this time, in the northwest of a beautiful lake, was an even more splendid lake pavilion. Sitting within was a pair people with very beautiful appearances, the voices of a mother and daughter.

Among them, the girl had elegant long hair, white skin, and a charming face. So that she would stand apart from the crowd and far more beautiful than the average person.

And her body was wrapped in a white floral long skirt. Setting off her exquisite curves and her white skirt outlining the slender thighs.

This girl who was like a celestial fairy is Ye Chenfeng’s fiance, Zijin Imperial City’s first beauty, Ji Qingxue.

“Do you really want to marry Ye Chenfeng, that waste?”Ji Qingxue’s mother frowned. Projecting grace and the refined temperament of a noble woman, Liu Yun wrinkled her brow and persuaded, “Dragons do not live with snakes, no matter how high his talent, he cannot conjure up the soul beast. After all, he has also been banished from Ye Family, it simply cannot be done.”

“Mother, you can be at ease that I don’t intend to marry Ye Chenfeng, since he has no soul beast, I simply cannot marry. I’m proposing to marry him and take him as my shield, so that Jiang Shanshui could give up on me. Ji Qingxue said in a calm tone as if this was a trivial matter.

Qingxue, it is not as simple as you think it is.” Liu Yun gently sighed and said: “Yesterday, the Jiang family head, Jiang Zhongxiong, personally came to Ji Family gate. He mentioned the marriage once again to your grandfather, although your grandfather did not immediately agree, but between Ye Chenfeng and Jiang Shanshui, he would be more inclined to Jiang Shanshui.

Jiang Shanshui with that kind of scum, I would not consider!” Ji Qingxue frowning and disgusted said.

Jiang Shanshui is the second grandson of Jiang Zhongxiong, he relies on the Jiang Family’s backing, to do despicable acts. His favorite is to collect all kinds of beauties. In Zijin Imperial City, he has committed countless evil deeds.

Many of them being killed for rebelling by throwing them into the snake pit.

Qingxue, this time your grandfather will probably seriously consider it, because the Jiang Family’s promise. They have obtained a very precious ninth-grade Dan Medicine. This ninth-grade Dan medicine has about 70% certainty to cure your grandfather’s injury and let him restore his strength.” Looking at Ji Qingxue’s beautiful face, Liu Yun could only heave a powerless sigh.

“Ninth-grade Dan Medicine?The Jiang family has such a thing? ” Ji Qingxue said surprised then frowned gently.

Because the knowledge inheritances are limited, the entire Zijin Country can only refine sixth-grade Dan medicine. Ninth-grade Dan medicine, in entire Zijin Country the only source would be the Heavenly Fire Sect.

“They truly are despicable, even using a pill to tempt grandfather.”Now knowing the situation, Ji Qingxue’s delicate face revealed a touch of paleness. However, still angrily said: “Unless I’m dead, I will not marry Jiang Shanshui, that beast.”

Qingxue, things may get better, you cannot be so rash.” Liu Yun said nervously. Knowing Ji Qingxue’s arrogant temperament she wasn’t sure what she’d do.

“If the grandfather really forced me, then I can only use that method.” Ji Qingxue gently biting her lip, said after making up her mind.

“What method?” Liu Yun raising her brow, asked.

“To take advantage of my shield, and he pretends to be married to me. If the rice is already cooked, it can’t be changed, so Jiang Shanshui with his proud character, would never be willing to marry a wasted woman.” Ji Qingxue said.

“So it’s like that, but have not thought about the consequences? If you let Jiang know that you would marry someone else, both you and he will face the pursuit of the Jiang Family. While the Ji Family would protect you, it’s likely that he would lose his life because of this.” Liu Yun pointed out.

“I know that the Jiang Family will likely retaliate against Ye Chenfeng, but I will do my best to protect him, after the matter settles down, I will give him a lot of money and he’ll perhaps leave the country. So I doubt that even the Jiang Family could easily find him.” Ji Qingxue explained after taking a deep breath.

Qingxue, this matter is too important. I suggest you think about it some more. Do not draw this out and make sure no harm comes to Ye Chenfeng.” Liu Yun said worriedly.

“Do not worry about that mother, there will be no accident.” Ji Qingxue said in a calm tone.

Looking at her own beautiful daughter, Liu Yun gently sighed her heart.

She knew Ji Qingxue’s heart was high than the sky, plus her fifth-ranked talent, and with soul beast of an Ice Bird. She would not be confined to Zijin Country, and unlike most women and marry early. Perhaps wasting her youth.

She does it this way, and struggles against fate, but she would also bring harm to the innocent Ye Chenfeng.

“I hope to not to be surprised.” Liu Yun trying to reassure her uneasy heart.



Sorry, for the late release again today. Got an unexpected date to see the new Transformers movie. Pretty good action scenes, a tad bit much in terms of swearing, and kinda cheesy romance but it was nice. 9.1/10


Editors Note: If you see any errors that I skipped over, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy! – Kaladin


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  1. Thanks for the chapter Mingdelta! Where have I seen this plot before…this isn’t going to end well for the girl regardless.


  2. Well, this is kinda a weird situation. The girl is kinda stubborn and arrogant but not in an antagonistic way. And the reason she’s doing it is explained so the I think she’ll end up being part of the harem. (That is IF there is a harem, I haven’t read that far.)


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