Chapter 7: Golden Needle

Taking a deep breath, his hands following a printed schematic, by the golden needle’s construction. Ye Chenfeng needed to control his soul force, to form the needle talisman.

Golden Needle can be said of the lowest leveled offensive talismans. Composed of two offensive lines.

But Ye Chenfeng’s realm is too low and his soul force too weak. Making the refining of the talisman very difficult. However, due to Soul Eater heaven-defying ability, his recovery speed far surpasses that of ordinary soul tactics. His cultivation stage, at the moment, simply cannot support the consumption of refining talismans.

After about half an hour later, the two lines formed on the Yellow Jade paper, forming a fuzzy image of a golden needle.

Forming the talisman is only the first step, in order for increase its attack power, it must be infused with the beast blood, Star Powder, Vermilion Powder and other materials. All condensed into the talisman, to create the most powerful effect.

“Beast blood, infuse.”

Ye Chenfeng closed his eyes and began to quickly restore his soul force. The release of soul force into the beast blood, following the instructions of the Golden Needle talisman, allowing the blood to infuse with the talisman.

As his hands move faster and faster, the beast blood seems to come alive, rapidly condensing in the air and infusing with the paper underneath.

The Golden Needle talisman is small, but with the beast blood, the contained power is extraordinary. Ye Chenfeng has no doubt if he succeeds it would be enough to kill those in the Illusory Beast Realm.

About ten minutes later, Ye Chenfeng feels the beast blood gradually growing more stable, and began to infuse the other materials into the talisman.

After continuously infusing materials, refining the talisman grows more and more difficult and more critical, a slightest mistake would cause failure.

At first, Ye Chenfeng controlled of the process very carefully and the infusion of the talisman went smoothly. But gradually, the soul force consumption grew more intense and the soul infusion started fluctuating.

And with these subtle soul fluctuations, the result was that the infusion process failed, and talisman burnt into ashes from the contained energy.


Looking at the ashes of the Yellow Jade Paper, Ye Chenfeng could only heave a helpless sigh. Three thousand silver burned to dust. If the need was not so extreme, then perhaps he would not spend so much money in a whole year.

“Refining talismans is much too expensive, most people simply can not afford it.” Ye Chenfeng shook his head and while looking distressed, muttered to himself.

With the experience of failing, Ye Chenfeng immediately summed up the failure and it’s causes. To find any discrepancies and problems in the infusion.

Because to increase his overall soul force would take too long, he wanted to instead focus on successfully refining, trying to reduce mistakes, to save unnecessary soul power consumption, and the hope of success.

After about an hour later, Ye Chenfeng’s soul force was completely restored, his mental state is also adjusted to the best. When he felt that the time was ripe, he began the second refining attempt.

Although Ye Chenfeng learned from his past failure, but at the last moment, he was still powerless. There was a small deviation in output, resulting in the failure of the infusion process.

“And failed, another three thousand silver gone.” Looking at the ashes of the Golden Needle talisman, Ye Chenfeng wanted to cry but had no tears.


“Another failure…”

“Ah, this time it failed again…”

Ye Chenfeng while refining the talisman, gained much experience from his losses, but his luck was truly too bad. All eight times have failed, and the materials are almost exhausted.

But with the eight failed experiences, Ye Chenfeng’s infusion process was each smoother and faster than the last.

In just twenty minutes, he condensed the soul force for the talisman, preparing to infuse into the Yellow Jade paper. He began to control the beast blood, star powder, and the other materials and to draw them into the talisman,

For the fusion of the talisman characters, the soul force consumption is enormous for Ye Chenfeng. He once again felt a sense of vertigo, resulting in the talisman characters appearing with a trace of disorder, almost causing another failure.

In desperation, Ye Chenfeng fiercely bit his tongue to break himself from the state of confusion. At the cost of some wasted soul force and some disorder to the pattern.

“Hugh, good call, almost failed.”

After regaining the stability of the talisman, his forehead emerged beads of sweat. Ye Chenfeng gave a long sigh of relief but still muttered under his anxious breath.

If there is another failure, then the losses would be even greater. He perhaps would not have this opportunity again.

After about five minutes, when Ye Chenfeng’s soul force was about to run out. Suddenly, a straight golden light sprung from the Yellow Jade paper. It’s surface forming a Golden Needle.

“Success, finally succeeded.”

Watching Golden Needle as if floating, his head grew dizzy due to the excessive consumption.

With this Golden Needle, all his efforts have been rewarded, and as an added benefit of the high-intensity refining process, Ye Chenfeng’s control of his soul force was better than ever.

“I do not know how much money this golden needle can sell, I think fifty thousand silver should be a reasonable price.”

Ye Chenfeng grew up in the Ye Family, he knows that the general quality of talismans can be sold to the upwards of one hundred thousand silver. If made from a reputable talisman master, the higher the value.

And Ye Chenfeng’s talisman inheritance was far superior than the Zijin national standard inheritance. He believes that his talismans, regardless of the value or quality, cannot be compared to those now on the market.

However, because he was not well-known, but rather a beginner, he will have to set his price very low just to earn his reputation.

“I hope Baidicheng City has knowledgeable people, or I fall into a dilemma.” Ye Chenfeng muttered to himself.

In the morning, from the East appeared a thin rosy-glow. Ye Chenfeng, wearing his skin mask marching the market district. A three-story building shaped like a pagoda. At the doorway was two imposing carved lions, representing the Baiyun Shop.

“Youngster, I wonder if you want to buy something?”

Although Ye Chenfeng was wearing very simple clothing, and was about half a head shorter than most adults. But the Baiyun Shop’s service was very good. A young woman gave off a mature and delicate air. The receptionist approached Ye Chenfeng and sweetly asked.

“I want to sell a talisman, is this something your Baiyun Shop handles?

Ye Chenfeng looked at the tall, charming woman, and went straight to the point and said.

“A talisman!”

The young woman gently wrinkled her brow and looked at the loose-robed Ye Chenfeng. Feeling that he is up to any mischief, asked: “I do not know how you obtained a talisman character, but from which, talisman master is it from? “

“The origin of this talisman is not convenient for me to tell. I only want to know if your was willing to buy it? Ye Chenfeng said while shaking his head.

“Well, youngster, please come with me. I will lead you to our Baiyun Shop talisman character identification room.” The young woman hesitated, then took him to the center of the Baiyun Shop.

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