Chapter 8: Swindler

Wearing a dark blue robe, with gray hair and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. His chest pinned with a unique badge, an old man walked into the room. Looking at the already seated Ye Chenfeng, asking: “Is it you that wants to sell a talisman?”

“Well, I indeed have a line of talisman characters. I first want to find its value, then to sell it.” Ye Chenfeng nodded his head and said. Then taking out the Golden Needle talisman, then handed it to the old blue-robed man.

Taking the Golden Needle from Ye Chenfeng, the old man’s brow slightly wrinkled. This was because he was shocked at the type of paper that the talisman was made on. Is was the most low-leveled Yellow Jade paper. The price of each sheet, was only 100 silver.

Although the paper itself does not affect the quality and power of the talisman characters, but talisman masters are very noble beings. They would not lower themselves to using this low-level paper to refine arrays.

And Ye Chenfeng’s talisman didn’t have any markings so it was obviously not from a famous talisman master. If it was not that the talisman was usable, he would not even have the patience to find it.

About five minutes later, the old blue-robed man completed his identification. Looking up at Ye Chenfeng, slowly said: “This is indeed a complete set of talisman characters, how did you get this?”

“Sorry, the origin of this talisman is secret, please forgive me.”

Ye Chenfeng apologized, unless forced, he would not so easily show his secrets and possibly bring calamity to himself.

“This talisman is extremely mysterious, this old man can only recognize one or two characters. So I simply cannot accurately determine its value. If you can’t tell me the origin of the talisman, I can only offer the lowest price for it.” The old blue-robed man knew that Ye Chenfeng wanted to sell the golden needle, and the talisman itself is very mysterious. But with his uncertainty, he did not dare to offer a higher price.

“Can I know how much the lowest price is?” Ye Chenfeng frowned slightly and asked.

“Three thousand silver.” The old man said while stretching out three fingers.

“Three thousand silver…”

Hearing the price from the old man, Ye Chenfeng suddenly fell silent. Because the old man’ price was exactly the same as the cost for the materials for one Golden Needle, and certainly was not a high price for a talisman.

“Is there no other way to appraise the value of the talisman?” Ye Chenfeng asked.

“There is also a way, that is, to test it in public. But you would need to provide the experimental talisman.” The old blue-robed man stated.

“Okay, I know.” Seeing that further talks would be hopeless, Ye Chenfeng got up and left.

Leave the Baiyun Shop, Ye Chenfeng did not give up and went to several other shops nearby.

But these shops either had no talisman appraisers or suspected the talisman’s authenticity.

“Ugh, in the whole Baidicheng City, there is not even one that recognizes the talisman’s value.” When Ye Chenfeng was turned down from the shops, he could only helplessly sigh.

“Where can I find an actually knowledgeable person?”Ye Chenfeng looking at the vast crowd in the streets, he felt discouraged. Wrinkling his brow and muttering.

If he could not sell the Golden Needle, then all his efforts would be in vain. Without even money to buy his cultivation resources.

And if there is no support from resources, then even if he has the Biting God Brain’s inheritances, his cultivation speed would be severely affected.

“Oh, a reward notice.”

Ye Chenfeng was walking aimlessly and reached the city center square. With many people gathering around a red wall in the large square.

As he approached, he found yellow notice stuck on the wall.

Baidicheng City Lord to reward a 100,000 silver. To find a doctor to cure his father’s illness!”

Seeing the announcement and the reward, Ye Chenfeng’s eyes suddenly lit up. He, with no way to make money, he finally found the opportunity.

“If I can gain this one hundred thousand silver, I can reverse the dilemma now, selling the golden needles would not matter anymore.” Ye Chenfeng muttered to himself. He decided to go back to his living area and study his medical inheritance. Particularly the Heavenly Needle acupuncture technique, he would be able to cleanse the veins, and cure almost all diseases. He decided that tomorrow morning he would go to the City Lord’s manor.

At night, with only some stars upon the sky. Heaven and Earth seemed quiet.

“Heavenly Needle!”

Ye Chenfeng fingers were pinching twelve thin silver needles. Infusing his soul force into each silver needle, gently fluctuations of energy floating upon his fingers. Then, the twelve needles shot into the acupuncture points on his arm.

Suddenly, Ye Chenfeng’s arm emerged white smoke. Hot and cold intermittently spread throughout his entire arm, so that it gave him a sense of comfort.

Then, Ye Chenfeng again picked up more than ten silver needles. Then shot them towards his arm’s acupuncture points.

But this time, two silver needles appeared to deviate slightly, leading to a stabbing pain in his arm, a stream of blood flowing down.

“It seems that I have not fully grasped the technique.” Ye Chenfeng removed the needle from his arm, then closed his eyes to find where his failures lie. Then continued to practice the Heavenly Needle.

After practicing the whole night, the demon-level genius Ye Chenfeng had the basic grasp of the Heavenly Needle with the accuracy of the needles reaching about 90%.

Only what he lacks now is experience.

Soon after dawn broke, Ye Chenfeng put on his skin mask, walked to the City Lord’s Manor. Armed with a small medicine bag that he purchased yesterday, he stepped onto the busy road.

“A lot of doctors.”

Ye Chenfeng came to the City Lord’s Manor and found that the usually closed gate was open. More than ten white-haired physicians were gathered in the front yard of the manor.

But from their wrinkled brows, it is clear that they were helpless to the disease of Elder Bai Xishan.

Seeing their expressions in their eyes, Ye Chengfeng’s confidence didn’t waver in the slightest. He made his way atop the greenish stone steps, towards the City Manor.

“This is the City Lord’s Manor, commoners may not enter.” Ye Chenfeng went to the door and saw an old man. Wearing a dark blue robe, with gray hair, and eyes covered with wrinkles. The old man came out from the mansion, stopping him, and gave an arrogant warning.

“I saw the notice, and came to treat Elder Bai.”Ye Chenfeng said with a deliberately hoarse voice.

“You’re a doctor…”

Hearing the purpose of Ye Chenfeng, the white steward was stunned for a moment. Then looked vigilantly at him, his eyes full of suspicion.

Although Ye Chenfeng’s face as changed to be slightly older due to the skin mask, it could not hide his youthful aura. Coupled with his clothes being too cheap, the steward felt that he was simply a con-man.

“Where did this beggar from? Where ever it is, I want you to scram just as far. Or I’ll break your legs.”

When the white steward was listening to Ye Chenfeng, a man wearing gorgeous clothes, tall and handsome walked from the manor. With a disgusted look on his face as he looked towards the cheap clothes and the small medicine box on Ye Chenfeng.

“Lian Sanjun, why is he here?”

Ye Chenfeng recognized the man, the flower on the shirt belonged to students of Baidi Academy., in particular, was the second young master of the Lian Family.

“I can leave, but I hope you do not regret it because I am the only one who can save Elder Bai.”

Ye Chenfeng looking at Lian Sanjun, with his brow slightly wrinkled, said in a low voice.

“Sir, please wait.”

Ye Chenfeng was ready to turn away, when a tall, elegant woman suddenly chased out from the house, and shouted at him.



Yay, the second release of the day!

The Baidicheng City Lord’s father is NOT the same person as the Ji Qingxue’s Grandfather. The Jiang, Ye, and Ji Families are all located in the Zijin Imperial City.

Btw sometimes I have a hard time choosing between Girl and Woman. Because they have different connotations, I don’t want to say “a woman” and you envision a 25 or 30 yr old. The flip side a “girl” would be like a loli, which they are not. So when I say woman plz envision like a 15-17 yr old, cuz it’s just borderline driving me crazy.


Editors Note: Let me know if I skipped over any errors. Thanks and enjoy! – Kaladin


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  1. Thanks for the chapter Mingdelta! Wonder if he’s doing this to get the master to vouch for his array.


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