Chapter 10: Marvelous Medicine


One hundred and eight silver needles came alive, flying from the fingers of Ye Chenfeng. Each with a special trajectory flying in the air.

“Marvelous Technique.”

Seeing this performance, the three white-haired doctors were completely shocked. Perhaps with decades of use, they could not control the silver needles so well.

“Genius, this person is definitely an acupuncture genius.”

Seeing Ye Chenfeng revealing his hand, the three doctors immediately saw the young man in a new light, and their faces of doubt disappeared.

“I learned a set of ancient acupuncture techniques from my master, if the City Lord is convinced, then let me try. If the City Lord still has doubts, then I shall immediately leave.” Ye Chenfeng swept look at the three stunned doctors, and made up an explanation for his techniques.

“Sorry, I apologize for our neglect.” Bai Jiangshui looked at the expressions in the doctors and determined the young man was really a prodigy. He immediately stood up, apologized, and motioned to follow him. “Please, this way.”

Ye Chenfeng gently nodded his head, following Bai Jiangshui. Bai Xiya and her father came to the backyard of a two-story wooden building. Finally, an old man came into sight, lying on a cold jade bed, Bai Xishan.

From the pale face of Bai Xishan, he obviously had one foot in the grave and could break down at any time.

When Ye Fengfeng felt for his pulse he found that his body was like a stove, extremely hot. His meridians damaged to the point of being almost destroyed.

If it was not for the wealthy Bai Family finding him a cold bed to suppress the burning flame in his body, Bai Xishan would have long since combusted.

“Master, can my father still be saved?” Bai Jiangshui seeing Ye Chenfeng checking Xishan’s pulse, nervously asked.

“If I am not wrong, your father was poisoned.” Ye Chenfeng after searching through his medical inheritance, said slowly.

“Poisoned? That should not be possible, my father’s injury should be caused his obsession with fire.” Bai Jiangshui frowned, again doubting his credibility in medical knowledge.

“City Lord, have you never thought that injury from cultivation may be serious, but in the end can still be solved with medicine. I’ve heard that the City Lord had invited all those specialized in healing, even Imperial City doctors. But still, they could not heal your father.”

Ye Chenfeng seeing Bai Jiangshui’s questioning gaze, said lightly.

“Yes, the Imperial City doctors carefully checked his body, but still failed to find the cause.” Bai Jiangshi nodded.

“It is because this poison is something that they have never seen, and has infiltrated all the way into his bone-marrow. If I am not wrong, then before your father collapsed, he ate a fire fruit.” Ye Chenfeng quickly browsing his memory, said confidently.

“What Master Chen said is correct, father did eat a Fire Star Date. However, the Fire Star Date was obtained from an Imperial City auction, there should have been no problem.”

Bai Jiangshui didn’t conceal anything, but his doubt of the young man lessen, and traces of hope appeared in his heart.

“City Lord, so then you father directly swallowed the Fire Star Date right? Also, your father should have swallowed more than just the Fire Date, right?” Ye Chenfeng inferred.

“The Fire Star Date is very rare, father of damaging the essence inside of the fruit if eaten separately. So the Fire Star Date was eaten whole, father also drank water to prevent damage to his meridians and veins.” Bai Jiangshan nodded his head, fully convinced of Ye Chenfeng’s abilities.

“This should be right, the Fire Star Date itself is not poisonous, but the core contains fire poison. However, the water that your father took made the poison unable to be released from his pores. Then slowly eroded into his bone-marrow aggravating his condition.

“Master Chen, can you still save my father?” Bai Jiangshui, sincerely asked.

“I will do my best to treat him.” Ye Chenfeng whispered: “You stand aside, do not disturb me or mistakes can be made.”

Although the fire poison in the marrow as particularly stubborn and complicated to cure. But Ye Chenfeng’s Heavenly Needle technique was its natural enemy.

“Thank you, Master Chen, as long as you can cure Father, my Bai Family must thank you.” Bai Jiangshui’s excitement could be heard in his voice and simply nodded to Bai Xiya who was standing on the sidelines watching.

Ye Chenfeng walked to the side of Bai Xishan and fully released his soul force. Bai Xishan’s clothes were removed and revealed his skeleton-like body.

Seeing her grandfather’s fragile body, Bai Xiya’s eyes grew rosy and looked very distressed towards her grandfather.


Ye Chenfeng taking a deep breath, removing a set of silver needles from his medicine box. He infused each needle with some of his soul force and then shot them into Bai Xishan’s acupuncture points with amazing accuracy.

Watching Ye Chenfeng’s needles flowing through the air like water, Bai Jiangshui and his daughter could only stare wide-eyed.

The two were completely stunned at the marvelous precision and intricacies of the technique.

Each of the 108 silver needles found its corresponding acupuncture point. The soul force within each needle then worked to stimulate the points, resulting in a chilling effect spreading throughout his body, counteracting the fire poison within.

“Father is saved.”

While Ye Chenfeng was employing the Heavenly Needle technique, Bai Jiangshui was observing using his soul force. When he noticed that the fiery poison was being released from Bai Xishan’s pores, he could not help but become excited.

At first, Ye Chenfeng’s use of Heavenly Needles was going very smoothly. However, as time passed Ye Chenfeng’s low soul force made it harder and harder to control the technique.

But to earn the 100,000 silver, Ye Chenfeng persisted, and constantly poured more and more soul force into the needles.

After about an hour later, Bai Xishan’s cold bed was half covered with the fire poison, and with his body expelling most of it already.

“It’s pretty much done, Elder Bai Xishan should be mostly cleared of poison now.”

The exhausted Ye Chenfeng plucked out the 108 silver needles, wiped the sweat off from his forehead, and quietly said.

“You can treat him so quickly.” Bai Jiangshui lifting his brow, and surprisingly asked.

Imperial City Doctors could not get rid of the fire poison, yet Ye Chenfeng only took about an hour, which makes the City Lord feel incredible.

“He should wake up tomorrow, if City Lord does not believe me then you can let the three doctors check his body to see that I’m not lying.” The tired Ye Chenfeng, weakly said.

“Well then, please Master Chen, we have a room for you to rest for the time being.”

Carefully, Bai Jiangshui let Bai Xiya lead Ye Chenfeng to the room, and while he scurried off to find the three doctors.

Editors Note: If I skipped any mistakes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy! – Kaladin

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Mingdelta. If they knew he was here only because he’s broke haha. A broke divine doctor.


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