Chapter 9: Still Think I’m Arrogant?

“Nice looking girl.”

The woman, wearing a pink long dress, with her curves prominently displayed. Wearing black boots, so that her long slender legs were outlined perfectly.

Ye Chenfeng never thought much of beautiful women, but he had to admit, in front of this woman, very few could compare. Only perhaps the first beauty of the Zijin Imperial City could compete with her.

But thinking of the engagement with Ji Qingxue, and of her amazing talent, Ye Chenfeng could only give a wry smile.

Xiya, are you insane? This hillbilly is obviously a liar, how can you believe him?” Lian Sanjun said, obviously puzzled by the situation.

“May I ask for your name? I overheard what you said, you can really save my grandfather?”

In fact, even Bai Xiya’s had heavy doubts on whether the young Ye Chenfeng had the capabilities. However, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, she could not let the chance slip by.

“My name is Chen, and if I was not confident, why would I come?” Ye Chenfeng made up a name and said nonchalantly.

“Really? Mr. Chen sure is confident…”

Although Ye Chenfeng’s appearance wasn’t the most reassuring, Bai Xiya did not care and excitedly asked.

She was excited, because the last couple days the Bai Manor had accepted a countless number of doctors. With doctors being invited from the Imperial City. However, Bai Xishan’s injury was very strange. Even those from the Capital were clueless towards it.

“If people like him were not present, I should have 60% assurance. But if he was, then I cannot say for sure.” Ye Chenfeng glanced Lian Sanjun, and deliberately said.


Heard Ye Chenfeng, Lian Sanjun almost coughed up blood, rage burning in his heart. His expression became extremely grim.

“You cannot diagnose the Old Master’s disease, and yet you dare to boast? No need being so arrogant.” The white steward questioned.

He did not believe that Ye Chenfeng’s knowledge could be better than an Imperial City doctor’s. So, he felt increasingly suspicious about his abilities and wished to send him away as soon as possible.

“Because I have faith in my abilities.” Ye Chenfeng said faintly. “Also, the last couple months, when you cultivate, you will feel a severe headache and be unable to continue.

“How did you know?” The Bai Family steward’s brow lifted, revealing surprise followed by horror.

He his cultivation is affected by severe chest pains and headaches. This matter was never told to anyone, and Ye Chenfeng did not even examine him. Only using his eyes to find his condition, enough to prove that he was not simple.

“Your forehead has accumulated a lot of yin qi. This damages your veins and the pain you feel is caused by excessive yin qi. The headache and chest pain is only one of the first symptoms. If you do not purge the yin qi from your body soon. It will burrow into the bone marrow, and you will likely be a dead man in several months.”

Although Ye Chenfeng had no practical experience, but through the integration of the medical inheritance, he can recall everything near instantly. The equivalent of directly plundering a medicine master’s memory. With the vast experience of medicine, he could identify the Bai steward’s physical condition.

“Young master, do you know how to get rid of my body’s yin qi?

When Ye Fengfeng stated his hidden ailment, the steward belived that he was indeed well-versed in medicine, and immediately changed his tone and humbly asked.

“Do you still think I’m arrogant now?” Ye Chenfeng faint asked.

“Sorry, sorry young master, I have eyes but could not see Mt.Tai, please do not mind.”The steward arching down and gave a respectful bow. His heart regretting daring to offend Ye Chenfeng.

“Do you think it is more important to treat Elder Bai, or to treat you?” Ye Chenfeng was very disgusted with his earlier attitude, deliberately asked.

“Naturally, Elder Bai’s status is more urgent. Young master inside, please.”

The steward did not dare to futher offend Ye Chenfeng, ignoring Lian Sanjun, warmly welcomed him into the wide pavilion, covering the entrance to the inner manor.

“Yes, why is he still following us, is he also part of your family?”Ye Chenfeng glancing at Lian Sanjun who was still tightly following them, asking.

“Excuse me, do not get angry, let me deal with him.”

After seeing Ye Chenfeng show his hand, Bai Xiya was convinced of his ability. She immediately turned face the Lian Sanjun and said: “My grandfather’s condition does not need your concern, you head back.”

Xiya, do you really believe him? He is a swindler.” Lian Sanjun angrily said, if he is forced to leave, he will lose all his face.

“Lian Sanjun, this is my Bai Manor, not your house, if continue your slander, do not blame me for driving you out. Bai Xiya hearing Lian Sanjun’s words, fearing Ye Chenfeng’s angry departure, gave a stern warning.

Although she still was not completely sure that Ye Chenfeng really had the ability to cure her grandfather. If Ye Chenfeng really left, then the last hope would have been shattered.

“Fine, I’ll go, but I hope you do not regret it.”

Finished, Lian Sanjun gave a solemn stare at Ye Chenfeng and biting he teeth, left.

“Young master, do not get angry, as long as you can cure my grandfather, the Bai Family will definitely thank you.” Bai Xiya looking at Ye Chenfeng’s expressionless face, could not read his mood.

“Lets go, take me to see your grandfather.” Ye Chenfeng faintly said, following Bai Xiya. Coming into a grand hall, seeing a younger man standing outside a door, along with three white-haired men, all very famous doctors in Baidicheng City.

Xiya, is this?”

Wearing a dark blue snake-like robe, the whole person releasing a slight oppressive aura. The man’s brow was mixed with a trace of worry. Bai Jiangshui seeing his daughter Bai Xiya reveals a gentle tenderness. Seeing a man carrying a medicine box it drew some curiosity.

“Father, this is Master Chen who came to heal Grandfather.” Bai Xiya openly stated

“Master Chen?” Bai Jiangshui’s brow furrowed, his first reaction was similar to the Steward’s, suspecting whether Ye Chenfeng was a liar.

After all, Ye Chenfeng gives off the feeling of being too young, not like a doctor well-versed in medicine.

“I saw your offer, and came to the Bai Manor to administer treatment.”

Ye Chenfeng saw all the questioning gazes, but he did not get angry, and said lightly.


Bai Jiangshui looked at the three famous doctors and asked for their opinions.

About his father’s life and death, Bai Jianshui did not dare take risks.

“Boy, Elder Bai is in a dire situation, you can not afford to apologize if you mess up.” A white-haired doctor reminded.

“Since I came here, I naturally have a certain confidence, to see the City Lord would like to let me try.” Ye Chenfeng said humbly.

“Are you sure?” Bai Jiangshui hesitated asked.

“I should have sixty percent assurance.” Ye Chenfeng faintly said.

“Sixty percent” The three doctors looked at each other, lightly scoffing and said: “Saying such big words, not afraid of biting your tongue….”

As the three people wanted to kick him out, suddenly, a strange scene appeared in front of them. Stunned with bulging eyes at the sudden change.



First, the MC is not hitting on or attracted to Xiya like in the beginning of the chapter. Honestly, if you couldn’t tell, the MC doesn’t really care that much about women so idk when this will change. (Haven’t read that far)

Second, the Steward probably won’t die if you were concerned about that. Anyone? Maybe?

TL RL(Real Life) Note: I’m probably won’t be able to do double releases since I have a lotta stuff to do this summer. Such as, I haven’t even prepped for my SAT which I’m taking in October and haven’t started on my AP summer assignments yet. I should be able to do daily releases until at least school starts back up. Then idk, I’ll have to wait and see.


Editors Note: If I missed anything, let me know. Thanks and enjoy! – Kaladin


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