Chapter 11: Nightly Hunt

“Master Chen, are you okay?”

Because Ye Chenfeng was too weak, Bai Xiya had to help him walk. It was inevitable that there would be some physical contact them, making the situation somewhat embarrassing.

But the usually proud Bai Xiya didn’t feel disgusted or offended by this. Instead, after seeing Ye Chenfeng’s wondrous skills, she couldn’t help but admire him.

“It’s nothing, I can walk by myself.”

Ye Chenfeng squeezed out a smile and broke away from Bai Xiya’s arm. Finally made it to the guest room started to 2recover his soul force.

At the same time, the three highly respected doctors, came to Bai Xishan’s room and began examining his condition.

When they carefully inspected Bai Xishan’s state, they were shocked to find that Bai Xishan’s injury was not longer in serious condition. Instead, repairing itself at an alarming rate.

“Well, how’s my father’s condition?”

Looking at three doctor’s almost dull face, Bai Jiangshui asked, slightly nervous.

“There are really people higher than me, and their skies are different from mine. We cannot be compared to Master Chen, perhaps we are only like mud on the ground. Ridiculous that we tried to offend the medicine master, ah.” A white-haired, long bearded physician old man taking a deep breath and restraining the shock in his heart, lamented.

“So my father is all right?” Bai Jiangshui excitedly asked.

Bai Xishan was the eldest member of the Bai Family and the real head of Baidicheng City. If he died, then it would be a severe blow to the Bai Family. Ye Chenfeng could be said have averted a disaster for them.

“Well, Elder Bai Xishan is indeed all right, and it is estimated that he will wake up tomorrow morning.” The old man nodded his head and said.

“Very good, very good, grandfather is at last all right.”

Bai Xiya cried tears of excitement, two lines flowing down from her eyes, dampening her beautiful face.

“Bai City Lord, I do not know where Master Chen is. If you can help us apologize on our behalf…” The old man said almost pleadingly.

“Alright, I’ll communicate that with him.” Bai Jiangshui nodded and said.

At twilight’s last light, the last waves of sunlight can be seen on the horizon.

As Ye Chenfeng’s soul force consumption was very severe, it took him until evening to restore most of his energy.

“Time to get paid, hehe.”

Due to him exposing the Heavenly Needle technique, Ye Chenfeng doesn’t dare stay in the house too much, as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

When he opened the door, Bai Xiya, who had been waiting outside immediately stood up. Smiled and greeted, “Master Chen, you’ve woken up.”

“I think you should have confirmed that Xishan’s injury is resolved?” Ye Chenfeng looked at Bai Xiya’s face brimming with happiness, softly asked.

“Yes, Master Chen’s kindness to our Bai Family, we shall always bear it in mind.” Bai Xiya nodded and gratefully said.

“I acted for the reward, now that the commission has been fulfilled, the reward should be next, correct?”

“Yes, we have everything ready, Master please follow me.”

The tall Bai Xiya, swiftly moving with her slender legs, led the way to the Bai Family Treasury.

“Master Chen, to thank your kindness, my father has decided that we should double the reward to 200,000 silver.” Bai Xiya handed a large box to Ye Chenfeng.

“Oh my, thank you!”

Ye Chenfeng did not need to be polite and happily accepted the 200,000 silver

“Master, you were tired earlier and are you hungry? We’ve prepared dinner and I hope that you would join us.” Bai Xiya warmly invited.

“No need.” Ye Chenfeng shook his head and said: “I still have something to do first, we’ll have to part now, goodbye.”

Obtaining the money, Ye Chenfeng quickly left the Bai Manor, regardless of Bai Xiya’s insistence.

Ye Chenfeng left the manor and wanted to quickly find a safe place to fully restore his strength. When his soul force detected someone tracking him.

“The higher the gain, the higher the risk.” Ye Chenfeng murmured, but then scoffed: “But to send a second-rank Spirit Beast, you look down on me too much.”

Although Ye Chenfeng was not at a high cultivation, he still cultivated Six Pulse Heavenly Body to the 1st stage. His strength reaching 1,000 jin, the same as a sixth-rank Spirit Beast. A second-rank could be killed so easily it’d be wasting his time.

Feeling the second-ranker getting closer, Ye Chenfeng sped up slightly and while controlling Soul Eater, disappeared into a lonely alley.

“What, how did he suddenly disappear?”

The second-rank Spirit Beast tracked Ye Chenfeng into the alley but suddenly found Ye Chenfeng’s aura disappeared. He was severely surprised and quickly accelerated his pace, looking all around the alley.

When approached the middle of the alley, Ye Chenfeng who was waiting like a quiet ghost, suddenly rushed out from a dark corner.

With reaching the Refining Skin stage, his strength was all suddenly released. All focused on his right arm, and bombarded the unprepared second-rank Spirit Beast.

Suddenly attacked, the enemy instinctively activated his soul beast defenses.

But Ye Chenfeng’s fist was enough to severely injure those in the sixth-rank Spirit Beast Realm, not to mention him.

Hearing a cracking sound, the second-rank Spirit Beast whose chest was nearly caved in, flew back several feet. Blood spraying from his mouth and almost losing consciousness.

“Tell me, who ordered you to follow me?”

Ye Chenfeng walking out from the darkness, looking at the man who’s near death, and asked.

“You can kill me, wanting me to sell out Master, never.” Second-rank Spirit Beast muttered.

“In fact, even if you don’t say, I can roughly guess who sent you.” Ye Chenfeng faintly said: “But if I kill you, won’t Lian Sanjun be furious?”

Hearing this, the man grew somewhat stiff then instantly returned to usual, but Ye Fengfeng still caught the subtle change.

“You seem surprised, as to why can I guess your master.” Ye Chenfeng slightly smiled and said: “In fact, it is not difficult to guess, I had the support of the Bai Family and so he could not make a move until I left.”

“I clashed with him and on top of that Bai Xiya had humiliated him. With his character, he would never be able to cope with that and would obviously try to harm me as I left. Ye Chenfeng’s slow analysis collapsed some of the hope that the man had.

“If I tell you the truth, can you let me go?”

“Sorry, no can do.”

Ye Chenfeng said emotionlessly and suddenly out his palm, hovering over the man’s head.

The next moment, Ye Chenfeng released Soul Eater to the maximum. A powerful devouring force came from his hand, completely overwhelming the weakened enemy, directly devouring his soul.

“Such pure soul force.”

Swallowing the soul of the second-rank Soul Beast, Ye Chenfeng not only instantly restored his own soul force but also improved his capacity.

“Lian Sanjun, I hope you do not provoke me, lest you regret it.” Ye Chenfeng swiftly twisted the neck of the Spirit Beast, and disappeared into the night.


TL Note: So after doing the math. This series will take at least 6 years to TL. Given that the author doesn’t decide to make it super long.

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Idk if this story is similar to Stongest Abandoned Son or not cuz I haven’t read it. Also, I think every story has cliches, especially in Xianxia or Xuanhuan novels. ATG it particular, has very many cliches but it’s still a great series. (imo)

But if anyone has read SAS then please comment below and tell me if the author did in fact supposedly “copy” the material.

Editors Note: If I missed any errors, let me know. Thanks and enjoy! – Kaladin

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. There are quite a few likenesses to several works, and the whole girl of higher status using (or trying to use as I don’t know about this one) a supposedly trash level young guy to avoid being forced to marry a completely evil sexual deviant is a plot device from Strongest Abandoned Son.

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  2. I see, well there are plenty of examples that I know of in Xianixa novels in general. I was just wondering if there was enough evidence for his claim of the author copying Strongest Abandoned Son


  3. Thanks for the chapter Mingdelta! I’m rather surprised the Bai Family didn’t insist on sending some escorts for him.

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