Chapter 12: Blurred Shadow

Warning: Somewhat NSFW

In the morning, a ray of soft sunlight shone through the glass, lighting the dark room.

As the room was becoming brighter, the unconscious Bai Xishan’s eyebrows twitched a bit. Followed by his eyes slowly opening.

“Grandpa, you woke up.”

Sitting at his side was Bai Xiya, who was so excited that she could no longer control her tears and excitedly shouted.

“Xiya, who saved me?”

Looking at the crying Bai Xiya, Bai Xishan weakly asked what was on his mind.

“Grandpa, it was Master Chen who saved you.” Bai Xiya wiping her tears away and said.

“Master Chen? There is an Imperial City doctor by that name? ” Bai Xishan asked with a puzzled expression.

In his opinion, to have saved him, the doctor must have been from the Imperial City.

“Father, the man was not from the Imperial City, but was a strange young man.” Bai Jiangshui pointed out.

“What, a young man? How old was he?” Bai Xishan lifted his brow in surprise.

“Well, Master Chen is I’d guess around 20 years old. However, his medical skill is the highest I’ve ever seen. He only took maybe an hour to bring you back from the grave. Because Ye Chenfeng wore a skin mask, Bai Jiangshui could only speculate on his age.

“Twenty years old, with his skills, he should be from a Grand Sect.” Bai Xishan’s white eyebrows gently wrinkled and muttered to himself.

The Grand Sects, existences of unfathomable might. The rulers of the Combat Soul Continent, with the power to decide the rise and fall of countries.

“Grand Sect! Ah yes, only those sects would have such medical knowledge.” Bai Jiangshui’s eyes shining, said.

“Jiangshui, is this Master Chen still here?” Bai Xishan using Bai Xiya’s arm to sit up and asked.

“Last night he received the reward and left. Fortunately, I increased the reward so we should be on good terms.” he said.

If Ye Chenfeng really came from a Grand Sect then I want nothing less of the best treatment for him.

“It’s agreed, luckily he left without ill-feelings towards us. Bai Xishan nodded and said: “Jiangshui, Xiya, if you ever meet him again in the city, you must ask him to come to the Bai Manor again.”

“Yes!” Jiangshui and Xiya both nodding their heads.

While the Bai Family was praising Ye Chenfeng. Lian Sanjun was also looking for his whereabouts.

But the while the Bai Family was looking to repay him, Lian Sanjun was driven by revenge.

Within the autumn-leafed mountain forest…

The next day, Ye Chenfeng spent nearly 180,000 silver to buy sixteen low-quality soul crystals. Then traveled to the Baiyun Mountains to restore his body and cultivate.

Baiyun Mountains, in the depths of a secluded pool, Ye Chenfeng was holding onto two milky-clear soul crystals. Constantly releasing his Soul Eater tactic and absorbing the abundant soul force.

After an indefinite amount of time, two shattering sounds pierced the silence. The crystals in Ye Chenfeng’s hands lost their luster and broke into dust.

“First-Rank Spirit Beast, power increased by 10%.” Sensing his physical changes, and muttering to himself. Ye Chenfeng then proceeded to take out another two soul crystals and continued to cultivate the Soul Eater tactic.

The pure soul force entered his body like a tide, pouring into his body and then swallowed by his Blood Egg.

As the Blood Egg swallowed more and more of the soul force. Cracks appeared on the egg and as the cracks grew larger, a powerful wave of soul force spewed out. Directly pushing Ye Chenfeng through the bottleneck in one fell swoop. Breaking into the second-rank Spirit Beast Realm.

At the breakthrough moment, Ye Chenfeng closed his eyes and a beam of light shot out signifying his new stage.

Breaking into the second-rank spirit beast, Ye Chenfeng felt that his soul force more than doubled and his strength reaching 1,500 jin.

His speed of breaking through the two realms is largely due to his soul force devouring ability. Soul Eater’s devouring strength and efficiency was beyond imagination.

“If only I had an inexhaustible low-grade crystal.”

With each rise in realm, the energy required to break through would become more and more. Ye Chenfeng had to resort to using money to buy soul crystals or to devouring an enemy’s soul beast.

Just as he was about to consolidate the realm, when suddenly, a feminine scream disturbed the silence of the forest.

“Sounds kinda familiar, who is it?”

Ye Chenfeng frowning slightly, and looked towards the Northeast where the sound came from.

“Little beauty, I recommend you to put up any unnecessary struggle. Shouting is useless in this area.

The voice came from a middle-aged man, wearing a black robe, and with a large scar on his face.

In front of when was a woman wearing tight black clothes. The charming woman had slightly ruffled hair and a line of blood from her mouth.

If Ye Chenfeng was present, he could recognize that this woman was one that he used to have a good relationship with, Qiao Jingyuan.

“You, you don’t approach, if you dare hurt me, I promise that Qiao Family will not let you off.” Qiao Jingyuan’s injuries were quite severe and gave a warning.

At this point, she was very regretful of coming alone to the Baiyun Mountains. If it were not for her own arrogance she would not have encountered this bandit.

“Little beauty, do not be afraid, I am very gentle.” Looking Qiao Jingyuan’s seductive body, the black-robed man became more excited.

“Soul Beast, Golden Bird!”

At the critical moment, the injured Qiao Jingyuan did not stay idle and released her soul beast as a last-ditch effort.

Qiao Jingyuan was only a second-rank spirit beast, while the man was forth-ranked. The golden bird could not pose much of a threat against him.

The man released his soul beast, a black snake. He then condensed the spirit into a long black baton. A white light emanating from the stick, increasing its attack power.


The black-robed man, smashed and shattered the golden bird. A powerful backlash effect rebounded onto Qiao Jingyuan and shocking her soul, blood spewing from her mouth.

Due to the soul force backlash, the already injured Qiao Jingyuan felt unusually weak. Her legs became soft and collapsed on the ground.

At this point, Qiao Jingyuan became really afraid, not wanting to imagine her next fate. Tears flowing out uncontrollably, dampening her charming face.

“Oh, not struggling now?” The black-robed man looking at the desperate Qiao Jingyuan, his mouth forming a smile. Walking in front of her and taking out a small yellow bag, and said: “Small beauty, obediently eat this, and I’ll make sure to be good to you.”

The black-robed man didn’t care much for her resistance and shoved the white powder into her mouth.

“You, you beast, you will not have a good end!” Qiao Jingyuan had guessed what the drug was and desperately cursed at him.

“Haha little beauty, just wait a bit longer.” Qiao Jingyuan’s not only failed to intimidate him, it also made him more excited.

Seeing Qiao Jingyuan’s face with a hint of flush and shortness of breath, he knew that the drug had taken effect.

“Little beauty, now will you undress, or shall I help you?”

Saying this, the black-robed man approached Qiao Jingyuan and used his hand to rip apart the majority of her clothes. Revealing her embroidered underwear and her fair jade skin.

Looking at Qiao Jingyuan’s seductive body, the man could hardly restrain himself, and swallowed his saliva. His eyes emitting a fire so fierce as if to melt her.

“What luck I have, I have never played with such a beautiful woman before.” The black-robed man said excitedly, and approached Qiao Jingyuan still collapsed on the ground. Needing to vent the fire in his heart.

Taking a closer look at the man, Qiao Jingyuan exposed a miserable expression, overwhelmed by the effects of the drug.

Right when she wanted to bite her tongue, a blurred shadow appeared behind the man. The air distorting as the punch descended downward.


TL Note:  So I was quite conflicted on how I should translate “宗門” so I might have skipped ahead read a chapter around the 1300 chapter mark and spoiled myself.

But from the chapter, I foresee some interesting plot twists similar to what happened in Warlock of the Magus World, and writing similar to ATG. So that’ll be quite fun.


Editors Note: If I missed any mistakes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy! -Kaladin


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