v1c1: Introduction

Volume 1, Chapter 1

General Disclaimer: We, here at DeltaTranslations are in no way supporting or sympathizing for Nazi, Neo-Nazi, and/or Fascist beliefs.

There is nothing more enjoyable than flying in the open blue sky.

There is nothing less enjoyable than flying in the open blue sky in a tattered plane that could disintegrate at any moment.

Xu Jun is now enjoying this horrible and terrifying trip, flying the very last original Messerschmidt 109 E-3 from Germany to Dunkirk.

The 24-year-old is trying to control this expensive antique. All because they could save eighty-thousand euro on shipping costs. Now he’s trying to fly a plane without even GPS across half of Europe, this is simply disguised murder! Did that old guy even consider the possibility of a plane crash? …… Oh, think of it, that old guy bought insurance, on the aircraft…

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