v1c3: The Beginning of the Disaster

Volume 1, Chapter 3

Originally Xu Jun was very satisfied with his current life, spending all day studying the weapons and the heaps of information. Until, that day when the curator came up with that damn idea. When Xu Jun’s happy days would come to an end.

He was never sure if the curator was alright in the mind. Like how suddenly he became very stingy about the economic benefits of the museum, carefully monitoring the ticket prices.

However, that curator really is the old fox. One time, he had us set up a simulated battlefield in the woodlands behind the museum. Using the recently repaired tank, and had us, the workers, work as a tank crew. Using that to attract foreign tourists.

Sure enough, this immediately caused a sensation, tourists flocking from all sorts of countries, and business began to flourish.

During this military simulation, he found that all of the staff, including him, became a coordinated group. With Xu Jun as the tank driver, the other personnel working as the rest of the crew. Xu Jun started to have an intuitive understanding of World War II ordinances from this “child’s play” simulation. Thinking back, this was a very rewarding experience.

After the series of simulations, the tanks were sold off for a high price, as a result, all of the participants went to a nearby bar to celebrate. But who would have thought that the old curator would become addicted to money these last couple weeks. After some thought, he had received some interesting news from France.

On the third day since the end of the simulations, Xu Jun was in positive spirits and was working on the remnants of a Heinkel 111. Looking at the instruction manual and looking at the holes on the frame, he could only imagine the amount of enemy fire this thing took.

“Xu, the office is calling for you.” A co-worker said.

“Oh, huh, huh, give me a minute. I’m checking the maintenance on this nose, this… this vertical rod is a bit loose.” Then Xu Jun heard the sound of laughter, knocking him out of his daydream. Feeling very embarrassed.

Ignoring Xu Jun’s clumsy appearance, he just nodded and said, “The curator has called for you immediately, it’s best that you go right now. I think you’ll be interested in what he has planned, hehe.” He clutched his nose and smiled, ” Xu, you are really covered in grease, I truly admire your technical skills. I can cover you, you go quickly, don’t let the old man be so anxious.”

Xu Jun heard that the curator wanted him, so he hurried to put up his equipment, climbed out of the cockpit and walked to the office. The curator’s office was on the third floor, carefully hidden behind the library. The general tourist would be hard-pressed to find it. Xu Jun stood in front of the oak door of the curator’s office, and then knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Hearing the curator Xu Jun opened the door and went inside. The old man was sitting at his desk and looking at some documents. Seeing Xu Jun he immediately gave a smile.

“Ah, is Xu, come, do you know how much I wanted to see you today? Haha, oh, don’t stand, here quickly sit.” Grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it in front of the desk. Seeing the curator’s beaming smile, Xu Jun shuddered with an ominous premonition.

“Oh, Mr. curator, I’m not too sure why you called me here, if it’s about the 20mm gun then I can explain.” Xu Jun, yesterday worked on a 2 cm Flak 30 and he had not properly reinstalled it yet, leaving the pieces strewn across the workshop.

“Um Mr. curator, I was working on the structural design and the issue with the rate of fire, and also the type of ordinances that….”

“Stop, my name is Karl Leinster. Dear Xu, not ‘Mr. Curator’, just call me Karl. Also, don’t worry about the gun, I’ve called for you because of something else.” The curator smiled and interrupted Xu Jun, then continued, “You know, Xu, that I’ve been paying pretty close attention to you ever since you arrived here. I’ve had you handle a lot of responsibilities, do you know why?”

“Hmph, was it not to exploit me as a foreign worker?” Xu Jun muttered to himself, but of course, he could not say that. “Mr. Curator, why then?”

“I said, call me Karl. We shall speak like friends.”

“Oh, well then, Karl… I think you gave me those jobs so that I could gain better experience and practice my technique.”

“Ha ha ha” The old man seemed very satisfied with his answer. He then went on to say, “I did not see you wrong ah. Dear Xu, you have to know that I have observed you for a long time, you are calm, rigorous, pragmatic, honest, and brave. All of the noble qualities of the German people. Ah, sometimes I wish I had a good grandson like you.”

“You are too flattering…. These qualities were simply learned from the opportunities that you gave me.” Xu Jun said modestly. However, he was cautious in his mind. “The curator never acts like this, something might be afoot.”

“Don’t say that haha. I am old, I have done nothing. Haha.” Xu Jun noted that the flattery was very useful on the curator, who was stroking his beard with a pleased expression.

“Ah, so Karl, It seems that you looked for me because of something important?” Xu Jun went straight to the point and said.

“Very smart, I indeed did not misjudge. Yes, there is an important job that needs your help.” Finished talking, he handed a document to Xu Jun.


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