v1c4: Returning the Eagle to the Sky

Volume 1, Chapter 4

The documents are all printed very neatly and were written in French. Xu Jun’s level of French was appalling, but fortunately a German translated copy accompanied this document. Only then could he finally understand the contents.

It was an invitation. To be exact it was an invitation from one of the world’s premier military museum. The contents of the letter stated that in two weeks the French WWII Retired Veterans Association will hold a city-level event to commemorate the Allied victory of World War II. A week-long rally will be held to exhibit armored vehicles and other various equipment used in the war. It also mentioned an air-show which piqued Xu Jun’s interest. This invitation was sent to sincerely invite the world’s major museums or private collectors to organize exhibits to show during the event. Participating units and individuals would receive a grand reception from the French public. And it specifically mentions that there would be media coverage for the entirety of Europe. This would be a great opportunity for major museums and private collectors… and the document continues on and on.

After reading the document, Xu Jun had a look of doubt, asked, “So… Karl, you want our museum to also take part in this event?”

“Of course, it’s a great chance to show our fantastic pieces across Europe.” The curator firmly nodded.

“But Karl, our best exhibits are all currently being rented by several other museums. Other than that, we only have two or three that could be used, nothing that would really stand out.”

“Ha, look carefully, other than the armored vehicles and equipment there is also an aviation show. Did you forget that we have something that could surprise all of Europe?”

You mean that Me 109 E-3? Although the plane is pretty much repaired, it has never been tested. Theoretically, it could fly, but it’s just simply too unsafe. Surely you would not have that plane in the aviation show?”

“Haha, my dear Xu, what other planes do we have besides that one? I’ve read your inspection report, I’ve always appreciated your rigor and attentiveness, so I believe in your ability to judge its condition. You said that it could fly, perhaps we need a test fight. I’ll have you discuss it with the engineers, after two days, I want this eagle back the blue sky.”

“But although I said it COULD fly, I also said in the report that because of metal fatigue, the structure can’t afford to have a lot of pressure from the flight. Even a quick somersault and the plane would disintegrate, how could that sort of thing be flown? Also, where are you going to get a pilot to fly in such a short time?” Xu Jun quickly stated all his problems.

“Hehehe” The old man gave a strange laugh, Xu Jun suddenly felt an ominous premonition.

“My dear Xu, you know, that in all of Europe, ah no, the entire world there is no longer a flight-worthy original Me 109. Let alone the fact that it still has 90% of its original parts. This plane, as long as it appears, it doesn’t even need to do any tricks, it landing on the ground is enough to cause a sensation. Even if it were to fly, just flying a couple rounds in the sky and the crowd would be satisfied. As for the pilot… Xu, aren’t you a qualified pilot? Don’t be modest, I’ve seen your file, you already have 200 flight-hours logged. Furthermore, there is no one more familiar with the plane than you are, to tell the truth I’m not too concerned.

“But….” Xu Jun wanted to rebut, then the old guy interrupted, “You should not decline, Xu, you know I was very sure and focused on you. Did you not want to go to graduate school? I know a lot of professors in the education sector, I could recommend you to them, you would have the best reviews in all of Europe. I could also introduce you to the best institution after you graduate. I could even find you a job if you want to work in Germany. If you have help me with this, I will spare no effort to help you. Look, I am old and don’t have very many days left. Your arrival has brought new motion to this museum. My hope is that before my days are over, that you can help me lift this museum to shine at the pinnacle of the world. I only have this last wish, and I want you to help me achieve it, this is the best chance. We must grasp it! It’s time for you to help me now. If the issue is money, you do not have to worry. I have already written a document that will grant you part of the shares the plane to you. You will receive part of the proceeds generated from the plane. I have already calculated everything. If you have any requirements, then you can put them forward now.” The old man was so determined that he thought of everything, even goes as far as to lure Xu Jun in with benefits.

Xu Jun could not help feeling a little tempted. After carefully thinking it through, he began to believe that it was indeed feasible. And seeing the old man in front of him almost shed tears, he finally agreed.

After the preparations were completed, the test flight two days later was very successful. Deep down, Xu Jun had a hidden addiction with flying, if he could not keep fly once he left Germany, then he would be quite disappointed. Although the test flight had no stunt action, rather it was simply flying at a flat elevation and circled around in the sky. It allowed Xu Jun to get accustomed to the sensitivity of the controls. However, he was very impressed by the power that this machine had. (He had previously flown a light civilian aircraft, of course.) The engineers of the time were truly praise-worthy to create such a perfect machine.

The curator indeed had supernatural powers. He contacted the local aviation management department and had them inspect the aircraft, and then afterward watched the test flight. Then the very next day, he managed to obtain the antique airplane flight permit and other related licenses. And then both the curator and Xu Jun began to actively prepare for the event at Dunkirk which was approaching rapidly.

“Xu, the curator asked you to go to his office to see him.”

A technician ran into the workshop and shouted. Xu Jun was seen lying on that plane and guiding the other mechanics on how to clean the oil tank.

“Do you know what he needs me for?” Xu Jun asked.

“How can I know, the curator just returned from the train station, he then told me to call for you.” The technician then tried to squeeze his head to have a look at mechanics and their work.

“Oh, thanks for telling me.”

Xu Jun then turned to a few of the mechanics then gave them quick instructions. Then made his way to the curator’s office without changing out of his uniform.

“Xu, come, you sit down, I have something to discuss with you.” Looking at the curator’s bright smile, Xu Jun could not help but have a bad feeling again.

“So, what’s the hurry to find me? Karl, what do you need my help for? ”

“Oh, Xu, I’m not particularly sure how to explain this, but also only you can help.” The curator said somewhat embarrassingly, it seems that is was a serious matter.

“What is it exactly?” Xu Jun asked.

“We are in trouble.”


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