v1c6: The Disaster

Volume 1, Chapter 6

“This is Flash 109, current height 5,000 meters, heading 210.” Xu Jun gave his flight data to the radio station.

“Flash 109, we see you on the radar, keep your current height, adjust to heading 180.”

“Flash 109, understood, turning to heading 180.”

Xu Jun was looking at the compass and determining the direction. As opposed to a modern plane where it is all electronic. As planned, Xu Jun was flying to Paris from Strasbourg. Which was the longest section of the trip. Fortunately, he was currently equipped with a 300 liter fuel tank instead of the 250 liter tank. Giving him at least some assurance. However, to reduce the burden of the aircraft from the extra load, Xu Jun deliberately reduced the speed, only slightly faster than the cruising speed. The flight from Frankfurt to Strasbourg went fairly well. However, after adjusting the course to fly to Paris, the coastal wind of the summer seasons gave Xu Jun some trouble. Forcing him to increase the throttle, but overall not affecting the speed.

“When I arrive in Paris it should be about dinner-time. I wonder if the French people have delicious food?” Xu Jun happily thought. “This plane was surprisingly sturdier than I thought. Ah, maybe the rest of the flight will be very smooth as well. But nevertheless, that old fox cheated me, making me fly over half of Europe, absolutely unforgivable.”

Just as Xu Jun was thinking this, the sound of the engine emitted a strange sound. “No, damn it. I just boasted about you, now you decide to give out on me, ah! It sounds like an issue with the cylinder, at least the power still stayed on. Now I can only hope it doesn’t happen again.” Xu Jun started to feel tense, “It can’t be helped, I’ve got to go full throttle to Paris, I can’t afford to go slower.” Then the rear fuselage started to tremble slightly. The cabin began to have the smell of burnt wire. “It seems like big trouble, this damn broken aircraft, that damn old fox!”

Xu Jun felt that the situation was not right, “This is Flash 109, I repeat this is Flash 109, the plane has failed, please guide me to the nearest airport, over.”

No answer. Xu Jun now felt very anxious, even radioing several times, but still no one answered him. Finally, Xu Jun realized that the radio may be broken. Quickly looking for a spot for an emergency landing, Xu Jun made up his mind. immediately jettisoning his extra fuel and began to drop in height. Then the cockpit began to smoke so Xu Jun quickly put on an oxygen mask and googles. He pointed the plane downwards and started to rapidly descend. He wanted to quickly reach the ground before the entire cockpit is filled with smoke, or else he probably could not see the ground until it was too late.

It may seem strange why in such a dangerous situation Xu Jun did not think of bailing out. The reason is very simple. Although Xu Jun had prepared a parachute, he had no experience with it, let alone climbing out of the cockpit of such an old plane. So forcefully landing the plane would probably have been the safer of the two options.

“Current height is 2,000 meters, it should be coming up soon.” Xu Jun began to cheer for himself, “Of course I would not die so easily.”

The plane was still descending rapidly, he could already see the houses and trees on the ground. Through the smoke, he could see a large piece of farmland.

“Ah, a good spot, at least my luck isn’t too bad.” Xu Jun quickly lowering the flaps, however he never had time to celebrate when suddenly.

“A submarine? … What! Move aside! ”


Many residents in the vicinity of Troyes, France saw a sudden fireball appear in the sky. Flying at low altitude in the north, then disintegrated into pieces atop a nearby field. The local police received a report after the residents rushed to the scene. There were some small remains of a wreckage and some remains of the pilot. After an investigation, it was identified that this was the wreckage of the Me109. The identity of the remains was also confirmed. It was indeed the brave Chinese pilot Xu Jun. The European countries expressed their condolences for the death of the brave pilot.

Afterwards, the government agencies carried out a thorough analysis and research on the wreckage. And also, the tape recorder that was left behind. (The recorder was the only modern instrument allowed to be installed on the plane) As a result, there were some strange contradictions, experts were divided on the issue, no one could make a reasonable explanation of the exact cause of the accident. The pilot died, however the last thing he shouted left the detectives puzzled. At the last moment of his life, what happened?

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