v1c7: The Coming of Death

Volume 1, Chapter 7

Xu Jun was still in his smoke-filled cockpit looking at the distant farmland.

He was fortunate to find a clear space for a forced landing. He was also fortunate that he was trained in the case of an emergency landing. First, he tilted the nose to its proper position, the put down the flaps to decrease speed. Xu Jun skillfully readied the plane for the landing.

Xu Jun did not put down the landing gear because in this kind of soft soil, the landing gear will be caught in the soil. Slamming the nose of the plane into the ground and causing the plane to tumble and roll.

Looking at the meter, the height had dropped to 300 meters. Changing to heading 260, Xu Jun pulled the nose of the plane upwards. Both slowing down the plane and for the tail to touch the ground first, reducing the impact felt in the cockpit.

Xu Jun felt his adrenaline spike, his hands holding the stick tightly. His whole body started to tense up, even his breathing started to accelerate. The success or failure all depended on this. But at this time, Xu Jun saw something that he would never forget in his whole life.

In front of the aircraft, something suddenly appeared. A large object suddenly appeared out of thin air.

The object definitely looked man-made, shaped like a cigar, it looked seventy to eighty meters long. It’s blue-gray shell shining a metallic luster. Atop the cigar-shaped object was a raised structure, surrounded by a railing. It was standing there as if it had not moved in ten-thousand years.

When the object appeared, Xu Jun could not believe his eyes. He even went to touch the front windshield glass to prove that the thing was not a stain on the glass. And seeing the shape of that thing, Xu Jun was stunned, it looked like a…

“A submarine?”

Xu Jun did not understand why he would see a submarine at 300 meters in the air. Furthermore, he could not understand how it could suddenly appear in front of him. Xu Jun was now sitting in a 2,450 kg metal plane, with 200 liters of fuel left. While he was on a collision course with a 2,000 ton metal object.

“What!!!! Move aside!”

Xu Jun could only scream one last time as he collided with the “submarine”.

At the moment of the collision, Xu Jun suddenly felt that time seems to be stagnant. The movement of the object around him became very slow, he could see the trajectory of the debris around him.

Xu Jun himself was like a spectator to all of this, just quietly staring as he watches away the last of his life. He noticed that he never really hit the “submarine”. The plane started to break apart a meter away, as if hit an invisible wall.

He curiously looked as the propeller blades started to slowly twist and rupture. The plane colliding was like an egg being thrown against a rock. The engine collapsing, followed by the fuel pipe. Next were the wing-mounted machine guns, suddenly turning soft like noodles. He saw the 50mm thick armored windshield shatter into countless pieces of floating diamonds. He saw the stick pierce into his abdomen, the dashboard twisting into a strange shape. Falling atop his chest. The broken shards of glass cutting his harness and the rubber tube of the oxygen mask. Then cutting towards his body, he could see the blood flow out from each wound.

Xu Jun felt very strange, he didn’t seem to have any feeling, pain, stress, vibration, nothing. The front of the plane and the 20mm machine guns pierced through the cockpit. Xu Jun coldly looked at the steel tearing his body apart, and the cockpit collapsing in from around him. The surrounding like slowly darkening, turning into a blur. Xu Jun gave a sigh as he sank into deep darkness.


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