v1c9: Resurrection?

Volume 1, Chapter 9

Xu Jun heard the voices of two people.

He quickly calmed down his thoughts and tried to tune into their conversation.

“It’s English! Did I arrive in the UK? I didn’t die? Impossible, I’ve long since been killed, ah. Even the most advanced technology can’t save a pile of broken flesh. Did I reincarnate? Not likely…” However, besides recovering his hearing, his senses were all numb. No vision, smell, and touch. Also, he could not even feel his limbs nor his heartbeat. Thinking of this Xu Jun listened intently to distinguish what really happened.

One of the voices said, “Jeter, are you sure you connected the last few contacts? Why is it not showing anything?”

The other voice was younger and only replied, “I’m saying that I’ve already done everything. I can review it again, but there won’t be any issues.”

“You told me that yesterday, but he still had no movement. If there are any problems with him, then the consequences will be very serious, you should understand this.” Obviously, the older voice was higher ranked than the younger one.

“I know what the consequences are, but I did follow the instructions of the computer. He did not react, I had no other way. I also had the computer scan his brain waves, and right now his brain activity is very active. He should be able to restore his consciousness soon. But I have no idea why he’s still unresponsive.”

“Brain waves? Scanning? Consciousness? Are they talking about me?” Xu Jun felt a burst of excitement, “I am indeed still alive, but why don’t I have any feeling anywhere? No matter, I need to quickly tell them that I’ve restored consciousness. Everything else can be asked slowly.”

Xu Jun decided to try to speak. “Excuse me…” Xu Jun was suddenly shocked by his voice, was this my voice? It didn’t sound like a human voice, it was like a mechanical one with no tone at all.

Xu Jun could not believe that it was him talking, I couldn’t even feel his own throat. But these words were the exact ones he wanted to say. Xu Jun began to feel fear, trembling inside he tried again, “What happened to my voice… what! “Xu Jun then confirmed it myself, it was indeed his own voice, Xu Jun cannot help but tense up. He called out, “What am I now? What did you do to me? Who are you? Where is this place?”

Right after Xu Jun said the first sentence, the whole room became silent. Then after a couple of seconds, the entire room burst into cheers. “Great, he woke up and thank God.” “My god, he finally survived, fantastic.” “I really didn’t expect it to work, haha.”

Xu Jun heard the sudden change of the mood as the room became very noisy. However, still no one answered him. Xu Jun felt somewhat agitated, “Who will answer my question!”

The room began to quiet down again. Then Xu Jun heard the voice of an older middle-aged man. “You finally woke up, I thought that it was some sort of problem. If you had an issue, we really would not know what to do.”

“You still did not answer my question, what am I? What did you do to me? Who are you? And what’s this place?” Then Xu Jun followed by asking, “Also why can’t I see? I can’t feel anything either nor move. Am I paralyzed?”

“Oh? You can’t see yet?”

“Yes, I can’t see anything, except for hearing, all of my senses are blocked.”

That middle-aged man then shouted, “Jeter! What did you do wrong, why is this poor gentleman blind, did you insert the wrong cord? Quickly check!”

Then he apologized to Xu Jun, “It seems that there was a small issue, I should be fixed soon, please wait a little longer. Your current situation is very special, it will be difficult for me to explain it to you. Wait until you restore your vision, then I will slowly explain it.”

Then the man roared again, “Jeter! Are you hurrying or not?” Then the young man replied, “Well, I know where the problem lies. It should be that the two adapters were reversed, the drawings were wrong, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Whatever, hurry it up.” The middle-aged man said impatiently.

“It’s done.”

Then in front of Xu Jun was a sudden burst of light. Then slowly darkened. Returning to the normal brightness. A variety of color appeared, ranging from fuzzy to clear. Having regained his vision, he felt somewhat more like a human again.

But then Xu Jun felt another problem, he could not blink, could not feel the movement of his eye. Turning his head, he could see very well however there was a barely discernable delay. Furthermore, he now had near 360° field of vision, causing him to feel strange.

Xu Jun then focused on his surroundings, looking at everything around him, he could not help but feel shocked. It was a relatively small room, the floor was painted green, the ceiling a ceramic white. The walls should be made of metal, reflecting a soft metallic-silver. Along the wall was a lot of transparent glass, countless complex patterns and figures appearing on the glass. Many unknown electronic switches and lights decorated the room. In the center of the room, there was a console attached to the ceiling. On it was also the intricate glass technology, displaying readings of various types. Everything was much more advanced than he thought.

“This is by no means modern technology.” Xu Jun muttered to himself.

And then he began to observe the few people standing in front of him. They all looked quite ordinary, all of the European ethnic groups, but their skin seems very pale. It seems that they rarely see the sun. They were wearing gray coveralls with a work cap. The style of their clothing was also nothing special. On everyone’s chest was a round badge. After looking carefully, it looked like a map of the world. Above the badge was a white crest and it also had a series of numbers.

Xu Jun saw the badge and the English words on them. He heaved a sigh of relief. At least they are still on Earth. And he wasn’t abducted by aliens or something.

But the equipment in the room is too advanced, and his current situation was very strange. Xu Jun was determined to find out what was going on.


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