v1c10: The Historian in the Tank

Volume 1, Chapter 10

Xu Jun would like to see what kind of body that he’s in. However, for whatever reason he could not move his head down far enough to see his chest.

By this time, his line of sight was parallel to the ground. Xu Jun felt incredible at the level of technology around him, looked at the middle-aged man and asked, “Well, you said that you would explain everything to me.”

“Yes, sir. “The middle-aged man took a step forward and respectfully answered: “Sir, I would like to explain everything to you, but before explaining, I would like to ask you, are you sure you can see correctly?”

“Of course, I see very clearly, what does this have to do with explaining the situation?”

“Oh, that’s good then.” The middle-aged man then made a gesture and immediately two people brought the console in front of Xu Jun.

The middle-aged man pressed a button and a picture appeared on the glass console.


Xu Jun exclaimed loudly. The picture on the screen was something that he was too familiar with. In the darkness, he had thought about it multiple times, even cursing it repeatedly. The picture was of that damned “submarine”. However, the console not only recorded its appearance but also its interior structure and a variety of other data.

“That’s it, that’s the thing I collided with. It suddenly appeared in front of me out of nowhere. I would never forget it. What exactly is this thing?” Xu Jun said with a raised voice.

The middle-aged replied, “This patrol ship is called the ‘Spartan’. We are from the Earth Federal Government Time and Space Administration. You are now in the main control room.

Xu Jun had a difficult time digesting the information. Everything seemed so crazy, as if it was a sci-fi story.

“What’s the Earth Federal Government, Time and Space… Like time travel? And you’re not kidding? You’re telling me that you are from the future and, and I was killed by a patrol ship?”

The middle-aged man simply smiled and pressed a button. Then the piece of glass showed a globe. From the console, a female began to narrate to Xu Jun.

Year 2140 AD, the Earth’s energy supplies began to dry up. The distribution of the remaining energy deposits was scarce and not uniformly spread out. In 2152, several nuclear-capable powers were in desperate need for the resources. Ready to plunder by any means necessary, including nuclear war. Humanity’s destruction was approaching. In 2153, an asteroid entered into the solar system, bring hope to all mankind. The asteroid, known as “Maya”, crashed onto the surface of Mars. The Earth’s governments collectively sent an investigative team to Mars. The result was that the bulky asteroid was made entirely of pure energy crystals. Enough to sustain the Earth’s energy needs for the next ten thousand years. The countries of Earth were ecstatic, but recalling that they almost faced nuclear Armageddon, they felt very ashamed and scared. And so, the governments of the world decided to merge into a federal state, so that such an occurrence would never happen again. In 2154, the Earth Federal Government was established. In 2169, due to the availability of sufficient energy, the plan to travel across space and time began. In 2174, the first “time” ship took off. By year 2210, due to the popularity of time and space travel, the Time and Space Administration was established to monitor its use. In 2212, the dedicated M-1 Class patrol ship, the “Spartan” was christened. The third ship of its class.”

After listening to this, Xu Jun simply could not believe his ears. He was shocked for a while, then looked at the middle-aged man. Asking, “It seems that you really come from the future. But tell me, how did I get on this ship?”

That middle-aged look apologetic, replied, “The whole thing is completely an accident. We were carrying out an important task of confidentiality. However, as we were traveling through, we were hit by an energy storm. Even we’ve never encountered such a thing before. It order to dodge it, we had to quickly force open cracks in time and space. Slipping into your time.

However, we didn’t expect that just as we exited, we hit you. Your plane was only able to barely soften your impact. However, nevertheless it still crumpled like paper. Due to the suddenness of the event, and the fact that the computer had never experience such a thing before. It judged that you were launching a suicide attack on the ship, so it increased the shield output, and it just so happened that you crashed into that shield.

“A suicide attack? My God! How can I be so wronged!” Xu Jun felt that he really had some bad luck.

Xu Jun then asked, “But I recall that I was torn to pieces by the debris. I should have died on the spot; how can I still speak to you like this?”

Then the middle-aged man said somewhat shamefully, “We knew at the moment of impact that there was a problem, but we could not think of a remedy in time. According to Federal Law, we must immediately start your rescue. However, your body was flying everywhere, and because various parts of your body had sustained too much damage, there was no point in rescuing them. So, we did what we could with your still complete brain.”

Then, the middle-aged man pressed another button on the console. On the display (Xu Jun guessed that the piece of glass should be a display screen) there was a strange device. We temporarily put your brain into this life-sustaining system. We were waiting for you to wake up. Now you are relying on this system to communicate with me.”

Then Xu Jun looked blankly at the device. Still racking his mind over the fact that his brain was in this device. That device looks like a, a …. gas tank, a fuel tank covered in a variety of pipes and instruments.

“I can’t always be like this, forever right? Isn’t this a ship that can cross space and time? Can’t you send me back?” Xu Jun asked.

“We are already preparing you a new body. In regard to that, you can rest assured. But…” The middle-aged man hesitated slightly, then said, “You cannot go back to where you came from.”


MD: I’m hoping that I can finish releasing all of Vol. 1 by tomorrow. Still need to TL chapters 13 and 14 by then.


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  1. hohoh let me tell you a one-word spoiler for Vol.3……

    I’m quite hyped to TL that when the time comes


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