v1c13: New Body, New Start

Volume 1, Chapter 13

Xu Jun asked the middle-aged man, “Are you sure that I can replace this guy and not be seen through? I know nothing about his life and his details. Also, what do you need me to do to fix the branch timeline?”

Then the middle-aged man smiled lightly and gestured to the crew. Then two men quickly exited the room. Soon afterward, they came back in rolling a tall glass container. Inside was the same young man as in the photo. Golden hair, tall, handsome, wearing a German World War II general uniform. On his shoulder was the insignia for a Brigadier General.

The middle-aged then pointed to the man in the glass and said, “This is what we prepared for your body. Just completed, this looks just exactly like Jack’s body. However, there is no need for worry, this was not a manufactured body. Rather, this is a real human body that was grown in the culture tank, it’s only lacking brain tissue. We can transplant you in anytime, and we have already prepared so there is no chance of rejection.

Then he took out a metal tablet, and said to Xu Jun, “This thing has recorded everything Jack has ever seen, done, or heard. We obtained this after raiding the Eagle Group’s headquarters. We can copy these memories straight onto your brain, then you will know everything about him. However, since we have already taken down the Eagle Group, they have alarmed Jack. However, we were unable to retrieve the most recent memories of him. So right now, Jack is completely autonomous, it’s even more dangerous to capture him now. We have already sacrificed six people in order to get his present shape, genetics, blood type, fingerprints and other information. And now we can finally arrest him. Your task is to find Jack’s temporal beacon. It is still currently working non-stop. The basis of the beacon is that it sends enough information between the timelines to merge them together. As long as you destroy the beacon, your task is complete.

Because Jack had hidden the beacon after receiving the alert, we can only copy the most recent memory to you after we caught him. Allowing you to find the beacon. After the arrest is complete, we must return to our own time. We’ve consumed too much energy from the energy storm, leaving everything else to you.

If you agree, we can begin the transplant operation now. It’s best you make a decision soon; our time is running out.”

Xu Jun looked at the body, a voice telling himself,

“That is not me, this is not my body. If you put this body on you will not continue being yourself. My past will cease to exist. I will disappear from this world.”

But then another voice came, comforting him, “This is the new life you wanted, right? You can achieve your ambitions and ideals with this body. Although the appearance has changed, you should know who you are, where you come from. Your heart is still your own, The shell of a body cannot change your ideals. You are still you, still Xu Jun, but simply a resurrected Xu Jun.”

Thinking of this Xu Jun made up his mind. Saying to the middle-aged man, “Well, I guess I’m ready, you can start the operation. However, I still have a last question before the surgery, you still never told me your name.”

The middle-aged man gave a slight smile, “I thought you would never ask, the name is Tom.”

“Oh, Tom is it? I hope that after the surgery I can shake hands with you, I have not yet thanked you for saving me.”

“No need. This is my mission. Are you ready? I will cut off your sensory line. By the time you wake up, you will have a new body again.” Xu Jun saw a flash light then was surrounded the familiar darkness.

After some time, Xu Jun woke up again. Looking in the mirror and his strange new face. Handsome and European, it was a strange feeling. He examined the face very carefully. His body’s age is now 28 years old, 4 years old than when he died. Xu Jun smiled a bit, then started to get a feel for his limbs. It was strange feeling the movement of the human body, especially after you lose it. Giving Xu Jun some mixed feelings.

Although his face was a bit pale, Xu Jun was quite satisfied with his new body. He was tall, strong, agile, pretty much everything his previous body lacked. And now, besides the brain and soul, this body had nothing to do with his past. No traces of his ancestry and his home, leaving Xu Jun with some sadness.

“Ah, this is not the time to think about it now.” Xu Jun said to himself, “I’ve already died once, and now I have a new life. I swore to live well, to be worthy of this new chance. I will let all the world know that within this body has a raging soul.”

After gathering his resolve, he walked to the wash-basin washed his face with some cold water. Picked up a towel and wiped his face, and then opened the door and walked out.

Tom had been waiting outside the door, very satisfied Xu Jun. “It looks good, sir. It seems you are satisfied with your new body.”

“I am very satisfied, Tom. However, right now I feel like I could eat a lion, haha.” Xu Jun answered with a smile.

“Did Jack’s memory get transferred correctly? If you have any questions please ask them right now, we can immediately remedy any issues.”

Tom was most concerned about this, if the memory fusion failed then it would be extremely detrimental. If the issue was serious then it would result in a split personality, causing large problems for Xu Jun.

Because the memory fragment was not complete, he had been secretly praying for success. So, he waited until the surgery was concluded to ask about the situation.

Xu Jun heard this problem could help but frown slightly.

“Did it not merge correctly?” Tom asked anxiously, “Do you feel any discomfort?”

Xu Jun shook his head and answered: “No, the memory fusion was very successful, it’s just I have all that person’s memories. What makes my uncomfortable is everything that person has done. Those dirty deals, vicious persecution, despicable betrayal, shameless deception, everything is laid before me. At the moment of the fusion, I almost lost my sanity. When I really thought he was me, everything he’s done… was done by me. After a while I gradually restored my consciousness, that bastard’s memories really made me pity that world. Just thinking of it makes me sick.”

“Oh, that’s fine, I was just really worried about you. At least you’re all right.” Tom looked very relieved, and then he said to Xu Jun, “We do not have much time left now. The “Spartan” has reached the destination, we now positioning ourselves. Shortly we will form the temporal crack. We are ready to appear directly in the vicinity of the target. Immediately after the arrest we will return. Then from that point on, Mr. Xu Jun, oh no, I should call you Reinhardt von Straud. Haha!”

Xu Jun answered with a wry smile, “I really can’t get used to being called that, I guess the first thing is getting used to being called general.”

“Do not worry, you’ll get used to it soon.” Tom comforted.


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