v1c12: The Plan

Volume 1, Chapter 12

“Don’t joke with me, I know nothing about that time and space, how do you expect me to live? Also, what’s this about being for me and you? You’re clearly the one benefiting from this.” Xu Jun was not particularly satisfied with his answer.

The middle-aged man quickly said, “First calm down, listen as I explain it in detail. The history of that timeline is almost the same, the only difference occurred when that “Eagle Group” sent someone over. Even then, not much change would occur until much later. Also, you should be very familiar with the historical period that we are traveling to. We have also prepared you an appropriate identity, after some adjustment, you should have no troubles surviving. But at the end of the day, we need your help. Because, right now, it seems that you are the only person capable of saving our timeline.

Xu Jun still did not understand much of what was going on. Asking, “What time-period is it then? And how much can a brain in a tank help you?”

The middle-aged man gave a simple smile and said, “You won’t have this appearance for much longer. Didn’t I say that we’ve prepared a new body for you? And speaking of time, it should be familiar history to you. We want you to go to the year 1940, location: Europe. You will go and help us completely cut off the timeline branches. Saving mankind and our timeline.”

Xu Jun after hearing the words of the middle-aged man was shocking. How could it be true? “World War II! You want to throw me into that war!? Good lord, you might as well keep me on life support. Even if you gave me a new body, the war in Europe… There is nothing that can absolutely guarantee my safety. My survival factor is slim at best. Furthermore, even if I’m not killed by a bullet, I’ll probably be sent to a concentration camp. By then I’d wish I was shot first.” Xu Jun was scared witless by the proposal.

The middle-aged man had long since been prepared for that kind of response. Pressed a few buttons on the console then turned back to Xu Jun and said, “You don’t have to worry about that, we have a perfect plan. There will be little to no danger. With the new body you’re receiving, you will certainly have the power to change history. As long as you destroy the transmission and prevent the connection of the two timelines, what you do in that timeline will have no effect on the main timeline. That is, you have the freedom to do what you want. However, with this you still have to pay a price. Because after this, you will no longer exist, you will become this person. You will continue this person’s life.”

Finished, the display showed a photo of a man.

“Time and Space Administration file 34270, criminal file. Code name: Jack. Number: 231564783, X6-series biochemical being, production date: Year 2205.

Crime: Violation of temporal laws, deliberately changing history, endangering humanity’s existence. Guilty of war crimes, arson, first-degree murder, intentional assault.

Criminal records state that “Jack” was obtained by the criminal organization “Eagle Group” and used to deliberately change the past.

Using “Jack”, he murdered the local aristocrat and his 10-year old son, Reinhardt von Straud. Copied the boy’s memories then used special processes reconstructed his appearance into that of the boy.

Then on November 9, 1923, as the streets of Munich were in chaos. He took advantage of the ruckus to assassinate future-Deputy Führer, Rudolf Hess, changing history and causing a new timeline.

In 1925, the infiltrator from the “Eagle Group”, disguised as the 13-year old Reinhardt von Straud, made contact with the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. The boy’s determination and eloquence impressed Hitler. Gradually became more convinced that the boy was a messenger sent by God. Then receiving Hitler’s trust, he was urged to join the Nazi Party. Reinhardt von Straud then received the party number: 10125.

Then Reinhardt von Straud went on to help Adolf Hitler perfect his Nazi ideals and helped him write “My Struggle”. Then he solidified his position within the Nazi Party with his fanatical thoughts and unique excitement. Leading him to be called the “apostle” or “the prodigy of the empire” by other Nazis. And was called “my dear little brother” by Hitler.

In 1930, he was admitted into Officer Training School in Dresden, Germany. However, because military tactics often superseded the AI’s logic, his scores were terrible. However, because of his strong social skills, he was still able to secure his graduation.

In 1932 due to Reinhardt’s aristocratic identity, then went on to serve as a staff officer in the German army. His work in the Reichswehr received Hitler’s appreciation. As he also supported Adolf Hitler’s campaign for Chancellor. Further improving his reputation.

At the start of 1933, Reinhardt was appointed as the third highest ranking member of the Nazi Party. [MD: Behind Himmler] Working as an adviser to Hitler, he helped him obtain the support of the government and the military. Jack also influenced the planning for the attack on the German Parliament Building on February 27th.

Then, in April 1934, Reinhardt was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. However, he never commanded troops but instead worked at the headquarters. In June, he helped Hitler obtain the support of the Reichswehr. Finally accepted Nazi rule, and on August 2, 1934 swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler. On the same day, Hitler proclaimed himself to Führer.

Reinhardt then began to incite the German command to initiate war. Causing Hitler to begin his preparations for another large-scale war. “Jack” is guilty of inciting, planning, and participating in a series of history-changing events. The guilt is true, the evidence conclusive, the Time and Space Administration has issued an arrest warrant. To be captured as soon as possible.”

Xu Jun hearing this was completely stunned. History stayed roughly the same but the details were thrown everywhere.

And this was all done by the “Eagle Group”? If this continues, then only God knows if Germany would become a fanatical group of beasts. Playing in the hands of tyrants, perhaps the land will be shrouded in darkness forever…

Fortunately, the “Eagle Group” had already been destroyed. But could he really be able to save the world like this? Honestly, Xu Jun felt no confidence in his plan.

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