v2c1: Unyielding Determination

Volume 2, Chapter 1

Major Hans anxiously looked at his boss, who had been sitting like a stone for the last five minutes. No matter how he shouted, he did not have any reaction.

Hans was frightened. He knew the importance of the young boss, if there was an accident… His next destination would be a work camp.

“General! General! How are you? General Reinhardt! Don’t scare me!” Hans kept shaking his boss’s shoulder.

“Is it because he is frightened from the combat?” An SS Lieutenant said uncertainly.

“Randolph! What nonsense are you spouting, the Deputy is the pride of the Empire, a strong commander, the Apostle of God. How could he be intimidated by these British and French.” The other SS Captain angrily refuted his subordinate.

Then, Reinhardt started to have a reaction. As if waking up from a dream, he trembled slightly. His eyes suddenly opened wide and cursed aloud, “That bastard!”

Hans was immediately ecstatic. At least now that the Deputy Führer woke up, he likely won’t be sent to a camp. However, at the same time the SS lieutenant, was scared witless. He immediately stood straight, and said, “Deputy Führer I, I said some nonsense and made you unhappy. I am very sorry, I am willing to accept any penalty.”

However, Xu Jun was still processing the last three months of Jack’s memory. Causing him to very depressed and angry. That slag for the last 3 months, did not participate in any military meetings or diplomatic activities. He’s been actively planning for the Polish-Jewish massacre. This time he came to France for a superficial tour of the Western Front. Unexpectedly, just as flew over Lance, France his plane actually encountered a full squadron of French fighters. Luckily, he had not been shot down due to his escort of Me110’s. However, as they were prepared to flee to the nearest German controlled area, the enemy transferred 2 squads of British fighters. However, to forcefully land in French territory was simply too dangerous.

As Xu Jun was finishing absorbing these memories, suddenly burst of violent shaking him threw him back into the reality. Suddenly he looked at his surroundings. Filled violent shaking, harsh machine gun fire, the smell of gunpowder in the air. Then Xu Jun loudly cursed Jack for putting him in this situation.

After the first set of curses, he saw the young SS Lieutenant request for punishment. Xu Jun looked puzzledly at the SS lieutenant, searching through the memories for information.

“Lieutenant Randolph, why should I punish you?”

“My words did not match my identity, offending the Deputy. I beg for forgiveness”

Xu Jun still did not really understand what going on but he felt that the present situation was not suitable for discussing this problem.

Xu Jun could only vaguely say, “You all know what happened, however now is not the time to talk about such matters. Major Hans, what is the situation now?”

“Reporting to the Deputy, right now we are surrounded by the enemy, luckily we have not yet been hit.” Hans opened the curtains and looked out the window, “We are surrounded by more than ten planes, our escort squadrons is working on expelling them, but it seems that the situation is going badly… Good God, Red 14 is down.” Xu Jun then looked through the porthole to see a Me110 tumbling from the air.

“It seems only one parachute was released; may God be with him.” Hans said solemnly.

When Xu Jun saw this scene he felt a chill creep up his back, this is the war? Although he had already prepared psychologically, it was still different, His thinking was too naive, facing the bloody death and the flying machine of death, Xu Jun felt fear well up inside of him.

Then, Xu Jun heard a voice inside of him remind him, “You see these acts and feel fear. However, you know that you will soon see scenes a million times more cruel and brutal. Why are you afraid now? You are a coward, you think that war is as romantic and simple as the movies? War is hell on Earth. It destroys all the good and beautiful in the world, tramples all justice and morality and feeds it to the beasts. Any hesitation is cowardly, any compassion will only lead to more blood and death. If you feel timid, then find a hole to crawl into.

What? You don’t want to? Then stand up and be mature, there is responsibility on your shoulders, use your wisdom, muster your courage. Play your strengths, in this bloody war, prove to the world your worth. Shed your compassion for there is no room for it here. If you do this then no matter how evil the war is it is just your playground. To show your oath, to witness your oath, to trample on all the rules and shackles, to control your own life and death. That is all.”

Xu Jun thought here feel the blood boiling, yes, he had vowed he would not waste his new life. “Yes, I want to be the bearer of my own destiny.”



9 thoughts on “v2c1: Unyielding Determination

  1. Now, what did he get from those time traveling office guys? Memories about superior technology? Or a guide what will happen when?
    I’m looking forward to the next chapter! Hopefully no cliffhanger. XD


  2. Which is a childish insult roughly translating to “Idiot”. Until you decide to start translating “CCCP” as “Comongoloid” (Which, although, personally I believe to be a fair title to anyone who engages in marxist doctrine) really enjoy the tweak.


  3. (((Oy vey! “They’ll send me to a concentration camp if I speak out of line!”, That’ll keep the goyim fearin those damn NAZIS!!!!!)))

    Seriously….? “Organizing a massacre of Polish Jews”
    Much Gongfei
    Very Gongfei
    Wow, Amaze.


  4. hmm… I could occasionally. The term “Nazi” is more familiar and better known and the Author tends to use it also. But I’ll see if your suggestion would work. thanks tho


  5. Well, the long term is National Sozialisitche (plus the DAP but isnt important), so yes it is like yankee for tge americans… but with negative connotation. A really big i suppose.
    Anyhow i remember everyome that fascism and nazism are two different things, same power but different things so ISN’T nazist=fascist. For future tltions – i have faith that u (delta) know the difference but i see too much people saying that.


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