v2c2: Survival Crisis

Volume 2, Chapter 2

“Ugh God, I might not last too long in this 2nd life either. If I want to escape this situation then it would be very troublesome.” Xu Jun thought while looking out of the porthole.

Xu Jun saw the frenzying fighters zooming around in the skies. He could not help but become a bit agitated. “How could there be so many French and British fighters? Wasn’t ¾ of the French air force destroyed? Hell, it seems that there are two squadrons of the British “Gladiator“. How can this old bi-plane even put up a fight against our Me110. But fortunately, there were no “Hurricanes“. If I recall correctly the British should have transferred a few squadrons of Hurricanes to France…

Ah, the French D520, this aircraft would be the most difficult to deal with, the maximum speed reaches 529 kilometers per hour, our Me110’s can’t compete with it. So it’s because of that plane that we’re having so much trouble…”

Xu Jun did not pay attention to the three other people in the cabin who was staring at him like a monster. Usually, in their eyes, the Deputy can be regarded as an outstanding genius on practically anything. His organizational ability and improvisational skills were incredible. However, when it came to the military, he was essentially useless. And now they suddenly hear the Deputy say models of planes that they didn’t even recognize.

“It seems that the deputy has hidden his capabilities.” Lieutenant Randolph said while admiring secretly.

“Of course, I think there are still some parts of him that he has not shown. Even I don’t know what kind of French plane that was.” The older SS Captain said with a hint of reverence.

“I can’t believe that the two days ago he pointed at Ju88 and called it a “Stuka”. Hans said quietly to the other two.

As the group was whispering, they suddenly heard the Deputy scream out.

“Get down!”

Some of them did not understand what the matter was, seeing the Deputy Führer fall upon the floor.

However, in the end, they are still soldiers. Their reactions were also very swift. Understanding the situation, they immediately also laid on the floor. Then after a second, they could hear the sounds of bullets penetrating the cabin. Like the sound of tapping on a metal bucket. The bullets hitting the oak boards, sending pieces of wood flying. The cabin was in chaos, fragments and bullets were flying all in the air. Then finally they heard the sound of a plane roaring past them.

“Damn it! Hans, Dorgen, Randolph, are you all right?” Xu Jun embarrassingly crawled out from the bottom of the desk and asked, “Hans, any casualties?”

“We are all right.”

A few people got up from the floor, patting off the wood chips and debris off their uniforms.

“Ah, general, you are hurt.”

Hans rushed and helped stabilize Xu Jun. “It’s nothing, it’s just from the flying debris.” Xu Jun clutched the wound on his forehead and looked at the wall of the cabin. He saw that from the right side all the way to the rear a series of bullet holes.

“It was a British aircraft, these were machine guns. If it was the French, then with its 20mm cannon we would’ve been long dead.” Dorgen, you go take a look at the others in the back. There should be no casualties.

“Yes, I will go check.” Then the SS captain hastily opened the to check.

Hans took out a first-aid kit and started to bandage to Xu Jun’s wound, suddenly Xu Jun felt the plane began to tilt to the left. He could not help look at the cockpit and the string of bullet holes on the door.

“Shit!” Xu Jun felt a chill run up his spine.

“The cockpit was also shot.” Xu Jun moved Hans away and rushed to the cockpit and tried to open the door. However, the door is still sealed shut. Xu Jun tried a few more times, but no one answered. The aircraft began to tilt increasingly left, the passengers began issuing loud screams.

“We’re diving, we’re diving!” Randolph exclaimed.

Xu Jun mustered his strength, then kicked that door with all his might. Finally breaking open the door. Xu Jun and Hans all rushed in. However, the sight stunned them.

The original beautiful greenhouse-style cockpit was a mess. On the bulletproof glass was two rows of bullet holes, the machine gun was completely gone, only leaving behind a half meter wide hole. The bomber was covered in blood, his head laying horizontally in the seat. While the pilot was stained red and unconscious, with blood covering his forehead. Finally, was the navigator, who was now lying behind the door, but also covered with blood.

Xu Jun quickly rushed to the pilot’s seat and pulled on the stick, attempting to flatten the plane’s decent. He shouted to Randolph, “Help me with the pilot. Take his goggles and radio and give them to me, then you go back and handle communications.”

Randolph quickly untied the safety belt on the pilot’s body and dragged him out of the seat. Giving the pilot’s headphones and goggles to Xu Jun. Then finally dragged the pilot into the business class cabin. Xu Jun took the goggles and headphones, then fastened the safety belt as be entered the chair.

Then, Hans shouted, “General, the pilot is still alive!”

“Well hurry to save him then, after that I still need your help!” Xu Jun shouted back to Hans, while tightly gripping the stick.

“Understood, but can you handle the plane?”

Xu Jun shouted back, “I’ve have seen its design and flight manual. If I need help then I’ll call for you.”

Hans gave a respectful look to Xu Jun, then started to tend to the pilot.

“Come on, come on!” Xu Jun roared.

Although the roll of the aircraft was corrected, it was still diving. The overhead dashboard was riddled with bullet holes, the altimeter and other gauges were all busted.

Xu Jun had to estimate their current height and heading. The aircraft probably fell 2,000 meters in the last couple of seconds and their speed increased to about 480 km/h. (298mph) Right at about the limit, the plane could withstand. The fact that they did not disintegrate yet was simply a miracle.

Xu Jun put down all the flaps and did everything he could to slow down the plane. However, the plane still fell in its hopeless dive.

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