v2c4: Forced Landing

Volume 2, Chapter 4

“What is the date today?”

“What, General?”

“I’m asking you, what is today’s date?”

“May 21, 1940. What is it General?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Xu Jun felt his body grow weak, muttering to himself, “Do you want to let yourself get involved with this? That famous tank massacre. Bloody, and a major point in World War II’s history. When the tank-genius, Rommel first kicked an iron plate. Ah, I would have liked to rather meet him in a high-grade restaurant and drinking champagne in Africa. Never would I have expected to meet him in a hole-filled plane.”
[German Blitzkrieg of May 1940]

Xu Jun looked at the distance, two more minutes.

“The battle has already started, and the British are ready to attack with dual columns, Wolfe is taking me to the battlefield.”

Just as Xu Jun was going to ask Wolfe to help find a more secure landing area. Suddenly, the engine on the right wing gave out a bang, black smoke started to start to spew out. The plane started to tremble and shake.

“Damn! How did this happen.”

Finally, the plane started to stabilize somewhat, Xu Jun shouted into the radio, “My right engine is on fire, I need to immediately land.”

“Wait a moment, there are enemy forces in front of us! God, they’re fighting the 7th Panzer Division! We’re in the middle of the battlefield, there are troops everywhere, you can’t land here! ”

“I have no choice!” Xu Jun then saw a dense black dot on the ground, a group of tanks and armored vehicles. A distance away there were artillery positions in the left front. Constantly raising waves of white smoke. On the ground were infantry and a variety of vehicles lifting a trail of dust into the air. And then farther away was countless columns of black smoke. The distant rumbling of explosions created a chaotic scene.

Xu Jun secretly cursed his bad luck, then replied, “We can only land there, I’m not too sure how long I can hold this thing together. The rudder is near useless, I can’t change my course now. My tank is empty, the left engine could stop at any time. I can only go forwards, there is no escape route. The enemy’s position shouldn’t be too packed. Although, even then I hope the aircraft can land in the 7th Division’s territory.”

The right engine’s fire extinguisher automatically activated, spraying the white carbon dioxide smoke. Slowly extinguishing the fire while also leaving a trail of white smoke.

“Understood, General. We will cover your decent and provide air support.” Wolfe replied.

Xu Jun then somewhat pushed on the throttle with his left hand, drawing out his decent. He can’t be too hasty or else should the left engine give out, then the plane will immediately crash. Without even the opportunity to glide. The altitude slowly declining, the Me110’s closely circling around him.

On the ground, the British finally heard the roar of planes overhead. Looking up they saw a German medium-bomber dragging a trail of white smoke. Followed by a group of fighters circling around. The infantry, who were neatly formed, broke formation and found a place to take shelter. While the officers took out their own firearms and began to shoot at the planes. Shouting for the others to do the same. Then several brave machine-gunners raised their guns and began firing into the air. Hearing the fierce machine-gun fire, the infantry man finally began to recover their courage. Aiming no particular plane, they quickly formed back into a cohesive unit.

Xu Jun was still declining rapidly He was now able to see the silhouette of the figures on the ground and the string of tracer fire streaking past him. The sounds of bullets ricocheting off the plane’s metal body.

“Wolfe, cover me! Clean up my route.” Xu Jun shouted.

From the headphones, Wolfe calmly said, “Understood. Everyone follow my lead.” Then the few other Me110’s began to dive, facing the incoming fire of the ground forces. The 20mm cannon and 7.92mm machine gun left trails of dust in their wake. Leaving behind incomplete corpses across the ground.

Xu Jun called out, “Hans come over here, I need your help. The others, prepare for emergency landing! We will be going through enemy positions afterward!”

Hans hurriedly rushed into the cockpit and asked, “General, what do you need me to do?”

“You, sit here. Don’t forget the safety belt, etc. When I’m landing you need to help me to control the ailerons and elevators. When I tell you, I need you to pull this cord, alright?”

“Understood, General.” Hans said looked at Xu Jun as if he wanted to say something.

“Any questions?” Xu Jun glanced at Hans.

“Oh no… It’s nothing.” Hans quickly glanced back to his controls.

Then, Wolfe’s voice came from the headphones, “General, I have located the position of our army. Just five thousand meters in front of you, there is a large open space where you can land. Note that behind that small patch of woods is the enemy position. Included in them are also tanks and low-caliber anti-aircraft guns.”


Xu Jun gritted his teeth then flattened the descent. “Hold on, it’s only five thousand meters, don’t let me down now.” Xu Jun said to the left engine. However, very quickly it gave him an answer. It spat out black smoke a few times then completely stopped. “Hell, I’m I really so unlucky?” Then Xu Jun roared, “Then watch and see, I will not throw the towel so quickly.”

Now, the plane had lost all power, barely maintaining a glide. Fortunately, the angle of descent should be enough to make it. The British soldiers looked up at the German bomber passing over their heads, leaving trails of white smoke.

“It might not be enough.” Xu Jun muttered, “It seems that this life won’t be much better. Whether die in the crash or taken prisoner to rot away my days, it will be the same fate. However, I won’t let it end like this!”

The plane has flown over the forested defense and neared the open field. Xu Jun clenched his teeth, and yelled to the others, “Stay alert, this will be a rough landing. Regardless of success, I must thank everyone for flying with me. May God be with us.” Out of the cabin were the sounds “Long live the Reich!”. Hearing this, Xu Jun was almost hesitant to force the landing.

The wooded landscape disappeared. Revealing an open field. Upon it were several burning tanks, the charred soil and rising smoke. At the other end of the field, Xu Jun saw a small sloping hill. White smoke appearing from the hill, and the wreckage of several vehicles surrounding it. The British artillery continuously exploding against it. And in the corner of the hill, Xu Jun saw a German 20mm Flak 38. It was rapidly dumping tracers fire to the other side of the field. Nearby was gray-green shadows, the German lines.

“Wolfe! Tell them not to shoot me!” Xu Jun shouted.

“General, I can’t contact them. There is nothing I can do.” Wolfe answered anxiously.

By now, the plane was only ten meters off the ground. However, they were still six, seven hundred meters from the German lines. Xu Jun shouted, “Brace for Impact! Hans, pull!”

Both armies stared at the falling plane as it descended onto the battlefield.


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