v2c5: The Crisis After Landing

Volume 2, Chapter 5

Soldiers on both sides paused their shooting and look in wonder at this strange scene.

As the plane collided with the ground, the abrupt stop shocked Xu Jun’s internal organs. His body nearly thrown forward if not for the belt. The plane bounced back into the air after it initially touched the ground, then slid across the dirt rapidly.

Xu Jun felt as if he was thrown into a wok of roasting beans. Dust, sand, and gravel was flung through the hole in the cockpit, right into his face. Hans was nearly scared to death, desperately bracing himself.

Suddenly, Xu Jun saw that right in front of him was a tank. Xu Jun cursed at himself, “Shit! How could that be there!?!” Seeing the collision course, he shouted, “Incoming! Brace for impact!” Then, the right wing slammed into the tank. The sound of tearing metal, ripping off the entire engine. The violent impact shook the entire plane, causing it to spin on the dirt. The sudden force nearly caused Xu Jun to fall out of the seat. However, after ten meters, the plane finally stopped.

Xu Jun was now sitting in the motionless plane, absorbing all that had happened. Taking a deep breath, he felt that his body’s strength was gone. His legs faintly shaking. His uniform soaked with sweat, his bones groaning, his forehead emitting a sharp pain.

Suddenly a loud voice came from the headphones, “General! General! Are you all right? Were you injured?”

Xu Jun weakly answered, “I’m fine.”

“That’s great General. It was a perfect landing.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Wolfe. You have completed your mission, you can return, you shouldn’t have too much fuel left.”

“Will obey, General. I will immediately go back to headquarters and report your situation, they should immediately send a plane to retrieve you, please rest assured.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel, I wish you return safely.”

“I wish you peace, General.”

Xu Jun took off the headphones and talkers. And then patted the somewhat traumatized Hans. He shook his head and looked at Xu Jun. “Is it over?”

“Yes, it’s over.”

Then Xu Jun unlock the belt and stood up and said, “Right now we are in the middle of the battlefield, you must leave here. You have no time to collect your thoughts.” Hans gave a slight nod then quickly unlock his belt and followed Xu Jun out of the cockpit.

Xu Jun walked to the cabin and opened the door to see several people stare at him blankly.

“Is anyone injured?” Xu Jun asked. Hearing this, the group was all knocked out of their blankness and then suddenly the cabin was filled with cheers.

“Long live the Deputy!”

“We’re still alive! Praise God.”

“Reporting, in addition to some with minor injuries, everyone else is not injured.” Dorgen reported.

Xu Jun waved: “I see, but there is no need for cheering, we are now in the center of the battlefield. Organize everything you need, help the wounded, we have to leave.”

Just as he finished, a burst of gunfire echoed as the bullets hit like rain on the metal plane. Some penetrated the chassis and fell onto the carpet.

“The British, the British are shooting at us!” Hans shouted.

Everyone began to panic. Although currently, the aircraft can withstand general rifle fire. But if it was a machine gun, then the layer of hard aluminum would have no hopes of stopping it. If the British decided to use machine guns then everyone on the plane would be dead, not to mention the fact that they also had tanks.

“General, the cabin door is facing the British positions, we were blocked inside!” Randolph shouted. The others were still laying with their heads on the floor in case of another volley.

“Don’t panic! Everyone follow me to the cockpit. There is an escape door for pilots, and the door opens to the left. Listen well, bring the wounded, take your things, we need to leave now!”

Captain Müller stood in his trench looking at the bomber through a telescope.

He took notice of the plane when it had abruptly appeared from above the woods. When he saw that the 20mm gun was adjusting itself, and preparing to fire, he nearly fainted on the spot. That idiot must have been confused by the smoke or something. But they can’t even recognize their own aircraft? Just before, a few of the Luftwaffe’s Me110‘s appeared. At least that plane looked like the French Br693, even though these days they rarely encountered French aerial bombing. But to not even recognize an He111, that’s ridiculous.

Just as Captain Müller was about to send his messenger to stop the idiot on the hillside, the plane crashed onto the ground.

“Shit, shit, what happened? Those fools sure gave me a lot of trouble, I hope the passengers are all right.” Captain Müller prayed secretly. He was under the impression that the plane was shot down by his artillery.

He stared as the plane rammed into the tank, nearly fainting again. “Ah, that’s, it seems it will be heavy casualties.” Then the plane spun and slid on the ground for a second or two. Then Müller saw the insignia on the plane. In addition to the ordinary Luftwaffe emblem, there was also painted a large silver eagle and a bright red swastika. Müller about had a heart attack from the shock and regret.

“The… The Führer Headquarters…”

Müller felt that today would be the day. Facing the sudden British attack, sustaining heavy losses. However, relying on courage and desperate resistance, they would finally beat back the British offensive. Obtaining a second-class Iron Cross was not unlikely. But then it turns out that he shot down a plane from the main headquarters.

“Military court”, “verdict”, “death sentence”, “hard labor”, several words swirled constantly in Müller’s mind. Müller took out the telescope then proceeded to stare at the plane, hoping to see signs of life. When he saw that within the cockpit there was someone moving, and let out a little sigh of relief. Then he heard a burst of fierce gunshots. The British began to shoot the plane.


“What are you fools doing!” Müller shouted at the soldiers who were still staring silly at the plane. “Why are you not shooting!?! Cover the plane! Mortar! I need smoke bombs behind the plane now! Cover the enemy’s sight!”

German soldiers quickly reacted and crazily shot a flurry of bullets, lighting up the British positions. Then four series of shells hit the area between the plane and the British. Creating a temporary, white smoke screen.

Muller then picked up the telescope and looked at the plane again. Then the cockpit door opened and a group of people jumped down from the plane. Desperately running towards their own position.

“It’s a general!”

Muller screamed. He could clearly see through the telescope, the rocky-gray trousers, the scarlet stripes running down them, and the golden insignia on the shoulder.

“Keep shooting! Do not stop, cover them!

Müller shouted to the soldiers, “Fire everything we have! We must suppress the enemy’s fire!”

4 thoughts on “v2c5: The Crisis After Landing

  1. HAHAHA. I never thought I would laugh reading a novel about the third reich but Muller beat me, I love it. Thanks for the chapter


  2. Such emotion being in such battle. hearts of iron 4 is for the weaks. tnx for the awsome chapta kameraden.


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