v2c6: Safe Arrival

Volume 2, Chapter 6
“I will see the consequences. I have forgotten myself.”
                                                          -Erwin Rommel

Müller is going crazy, and now is the critical moment that determines his fate. If he was responsible for shooting down a general. If a general had died in front of them than the military high command would have thrown him in hell. His family then put into a camp.

“Come on!”

Müller thinking that, had shivers run up his spine. Shouting towards Xu Jun and his group, “Run! We’re covering you!”

Xu Jun and a soldier were carrying the injured pilot, desperately running. Hans was single–handedly carrying a large briefcase as he ran.

Two SS officers were carrying two large backpacks and an MP38 in both their hands. Followed by a junior officer carrying a wooden box. Then the staff officer and another soldier were carrying the wounded rear machine-gunner.

Xu Jun felt his lungs burning, his heart almost beating out of his chest. Finally, he saw an officer in the trenches shouting at him desperately.

“There is still a hundred meters, almost there.”

The other soldiers in the trenches saw the scene, they stopped shooting and desperately waved to them, shouting encouragement.

10 meters from the trenches, the smoke screen began to thin, the British bullet began to whistle past nearby. Several shells exploding around them, the shock waves nearly knocking them over.

Müller was getting anxious, then climbed to the top of the trench. Shouting to several soldiers, “Come with me, we’re going to help them. Don’t stop keep shooting!” Then the group jumped out and rushed towards Xu Jun. With the help of Müller and a few soldiers, Xu Jun finally finished the last ten meters. Rolling into the trenches. The trenches then were filled with cheers.

Then the British, seeing that the target had entered the trenches also stopped shooting. The gunfire started to gradually quiet down. Xu Jun was sitting on the bottom of the trenches, panting like a dog. Ever since he got the new body, he had never tried such violent movement. Carrying a person and running five hundred meters in only five minutes was simply a miracle. It seems that he’s found a good way to improve the performance of runners. To have someone take a rifle and shoot at them.

Xu Jun tried hard to calm down his breathing, and then his rapidly beating heart.

“Okay, everyone’s here?” Xu Jun asked his men.

Hans panting, the others were still lying or sitting on the ground. Several soldiers quickly handed them a few kettles. Then the men started to fight over the water.

“It should be fine, it seems no one is hurt.” Hans said after taking a deep breath.


Xu Jun looked around, and there was the officer that jumped out and help him. Seeing Xu Jun turn around, the officer smiled, “Captain Stirling Müller. I welcome the General to my position.”

Xu Jun then gave his customary introduction. “Brigadier General Reinhardt von Straud. I must thank you for your assistance.”

“Reinhardt von Straud?”

Muller felt that the name seemed familiar. Then he glanced at the faces of the soldiers around him. He then returned his gaze towards the young general. Then Müller finally remembered the meaning of the name. His face paled slightly and said, “Deputy… Deputy Führer!” Those soldiers also immediately reacted, immediately standing straight as a pole.

“Relax, relax, don’t forget we’re still fighting. Return to your posts. The British have not been beaten yet.” Xu Jun gave a smile towards the soldiers.

“Go back and man your posts! Did you not hear the general? We are still in battle.” Müller shouted towards the gathered men. The soldiers diligently ran back to their positions. Picked back up their guns and returned to watch the enemy position. But from time to time, they would take glances and whisper to each other.

“Captain Muller.” Xu Jun asked, “What is your station?”

“Heer 7th Panzer Division, 7th Motorized Rifle Brigade, 6th Motorized Regiment, 2nd Battalion.” Müller neatly answered.

“Take me to your division’s command. I need to see General Rommel, he should be around your position, right?”

Müller felt strange, how did he know where Rommel would be? But now is not the time to say such things. There was an even more pressing issue.

“General Rommel has been killed.”

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  1. Why the great rommel died? why ???!!!! oh damn. i need more chapters. gimme us more onegaishimasu.tnx for the chapta anyway.


  2. Keep in mind this timeline alternated more than 10 years ago when Jack killed Rudolf Hess. So small changes are possible


  3. my native language are brazilian portuguese. but i need make my english more sharp. i already know how translate with Mtl. it will be my pleasure to help. Live forever the great Reich!


  4. Well, let’s see.
    I currently need an part-time editor. So I’ll post a chapter then if you see any grammar errors you can fix them.
    Then after that, whenever you want to start translating you can tell me.
    Umm, if you want either of these positions then comment your email and I’ll get in touch.


  5. mkay. first i will make my life go back to the rail. then i will contact u. i dont will stipulate time because the future is always changing. but in no time i think i gonna give it a try. until then, keep the good work. 😉


  6. “It seems that he’s found a good way to improve the performance of runners. To have someone take a rifle and shoot at them.”

    This got me laughing but Rommel! Why did the desert fox die?! The genius! The panzer genius! Why?!


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