v2c7.5: Coming with Security

Volume 2, Chapter 7.5

Listening to Müller’s report, Xu Jun felt a bit dizzy.

What kind of shitty history was this! Rommel in North Africa would have made the French and British piss their pants when they heard the name “The Desert Fox”. But now he died without even stepping on a single grain of sand.

The largest difference in the timelines was that the 88mm artillery was not able to keep up with the main force. Causing the 7th Panzer Division to be quickly defeated by the British.

“This is simply a joke, I just arrived and now I’ll be sent to a British POW camp? Never! I’ll try to correct this change, even if it means getting myself involved.”

Calming his feelings, and then began to think a way out of this dilemma. At least, he had studied a variety of historical campaigns. So, Xu Jun would not be too incompetent in warfare.

“Captain Müller” Xu Jun asked, “Who is the highest commander right now?”

“It is me, the previous was the chief of staff of the division Otto Hyde Albert. He was the only officer to survive. However, he was still seriously wounded. Before he went unconscious, he handed the command over to me.”

“Now I will be receiving your command. I am now the highest commander of the 7th Panzer Division.”

“Yes, General!” Müller said happily as he unloaded his burden.

“Captain, do you know the situation of the other troops?”

“To our southwest would be the 7th regiment’s position. You can still hear the voices of fighting, I’m not too certain on their status. General Rommel, before his death, called the 25th Panzer Regiment back. They and the 37 Reconnaissance Battalion should near the road. The 78th Artillery Regiment’s self-propelled artillery is still in the woods behind us. We lost all the radio communication equipment, and so I had a hard time issuing orders.” Muller said with a frown.

“General! We have a radio. An Enigma-encrypted radio station.” And then one of the staff from the plane, placing the wooden box to the front of Xu Jun.

“We also have a long-wave radio.” Randolph pulled out the shiny gray military radio from his backpack.

“Great! This is a true lifesaver. Immediately get that radio installed, start to contact the other forces. If we get a response, get it to me as soon as possible.”

“Understood, general!”

“Obey, Deputy”

Seeing that one the most difficult problems have been resolved, Xu Jun finally felt a bit emboldened.

“Captain Müller.”

“Yes, General.”

“I now appoint you as the head of the 6th Motorized Rifle Regiment, I will now be promoting you to Major. Now you tell me the number of weapons and soldiers we still have, Major.”

“What! Obey, General.” Müller was stunned and excited. He originally wanted a second-class Iron Cross, but how can that even be compared to a promotion? This was simply like a dream.

Xu Jun picked up the telescope and peered to the British positions. It has been so long, but the other side did not attack, the shelling also stopped. What are the British thinking?

6 thoughts on “v2c7.5: Coming with Security

  1. Please tell me Xu Jun remembers the time when the Enigma code was cracked, it would really fuck over the south canadians.
    Thanks for the tiny weeny chapter


  2. It would fuck over more than the Canadians….. Oh if he remembers that then the Uboats will have a significant increase in longevity and effectiveness. All the fuel tenders for them were found because of it..


  3. The knowledge of the cracked enigma code would be a major difference in how the war went, but as the history was already changed I guess it’s not that problematic to change it even more. XD

    I just hope that Xu Jun can change the racism of the 3rd Reich from within.


  4. It was not as much racism as it was discrimination and massacre of the jews, the blacks, the homos, and the gypsies


  5. Yeah he understands a lot what went wrong in Germany.
    I think at some point he increases the security measures on the enigma code. (extra once-use password)


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