v2c10: Battlefield

Volume2, Chapter 10

Xu Jun picked up the telescope and looked at the battlefield. His heart struggling to think of any countermeasures.

Then he recalled the scene as he was flying over the battlefield. His mind suddenly flashed an idea, a crazy plan. Xu Jun looked up to the sky and then looked down, finally turned his gaze to the British positions.

“All this will rely on the gamble.”

Then the British bombardment suddenly began. The 151’s Brigade were launching their 25lb howitzers in rapid succession. Four towers of dirt and dust were blown up into the air. Large pieces of soil mixed with grass fell like rain into the trenches. In several areas, soldiers were buried underneath the falling soil.

The constant, violent explosions ruptured the eardrums of those nearby. Blood dripping down from the ears.

“It’s a barrage, it seems they want to launch an infantry charge soon.” Müller screamed over the explosions.

“No, it’s not so simple, the soldiers should not act rashly. They are destroying the anti-tank minefield and softening up our front line. Then they will bombard our artillery positions, Müller, did you inform the artillery groups to move?” Xu Jun grabbed hold of Müller’s collar and shouted into his ear.

“I notified them!” Müller nodded.

“Good, order all of the soldiers to wait for my orders before engaging. Wait until the enemy gets within 100 meters. Understood!”

“Affirmative!” Müller quickly left and passed the order to the other officers.

“Hans!” Xu Jun shouted to the nearby Hans, “Connect me with the light artillery positions and the anti-tank groups.”

“Obey, General!” Hans quickly brought over the communications device.

“Is this Lieutenant Schmidt? This is Reinhardt! I command you, have all the light artillery to be fitted with smoke bombs. Yes, smoke bombs. Is it clear? Set the range to be 200 to 100 meters. Without my order, you are not allowed to fire. Wait for my order!”

Then Xu Jun connected to the anti-tank artillery positions and gave the same order. Finally, he connected to the four 150mm self-propelled artillery, tucked away in the woods.

“Is this Lieutenant Leighton? This is General Reinhardt, now listen carefully to me. What? What did you say? I can’t hear you very well. Have you calculated the coordinates that I’ve given you? Good! Wait for my order!”

Xu Jun put down the phone and took a deep breath. Suddenly he seemed to think of something, his face flashed a strange smile. Then he pulled over a German sergeant and quietly explained something.

“What?” That sergeant looked surprised.

“Do not ask why, just go!”

“Understood General,” the sergeant quickly ran down from the trenches to the field kitchen.

“Let’s see if they will fall for it.” Xu Jun told Müller to go find him an m35 helmet and an ammunition box to sit down on.

The shelling finally stopped after ten minutes. The British plowed all the fields open with their shells, and the anti-tank minefield was completely destroyed. The trenches were still good. The product of the first World War, although old, they were very sturdy.

The shelling was quite ineffective against the infantry. Besides injuries from stones and burst eardrums, there were few losses. Also, the British wasted quite a bit of time and rounds firing into the now empty artillery position.

Then, a whistle resounded from the British positions. Then the crowd of infantry rushed out from the woods across the field. Under the leadership of the officers, the soldiers sprung out from their trenches.

The trees roared with the sound of tank engines, the metal clink of the tracks. A full three dozen British tanks rushed out. The seven Matilda II’s led the front and the rest followed behind. Passing between the infantry, they rushed like the tide towards the German positions.

“It’s the Matilda II’s all right. We need not worry. Besides it thick armor it is nothing terrible. All weapons do not fire! We wait for my command, then shoot the enemy’s infantry! Wait until we are near!”

All the soldiers and officers watched as the enemy was approaching them. The soldiers set the range to 100 meters on their Mauser 98k. Unscrewed the lid to the m24 grenades. Placing them nearby, readying them for use.

The officers who carried the Mp38 opened their ammunition pouches. Some veterans took out their bayonets and started attaching them to the ends of the rifles. The other recruits followed suite.

“Yes. That’ right, a bayonet would be useful.” Xu Jun secretly nodded in approval.

Then Xu Jun turned around and looked at the machine gun groups. The Mg34 pointed at the approaching targets, the finger on the trigger. The men all waiting for the order.

“Very good, it really is a well-trained force.” Xu Jun said with a sigh.

Xu Jun looked back at his own men.

Hans frowned, he was carrying his Mp38 and squatting next to the communications radio. Trying to calm his anxiety. Randolph was wearing a headset and still searching for the other forces. Completely immersed in his duty, it seems that he is a very serious person.

Dorgen was holding the Mauser 98k with the sniper scope. Pointing it down the field, it seems that he found himself a nice toy. The two junior staff officers were still tinkering with the “Enigma” machine. The two people were desperately scanning over the code-book. How did they pass the military academy anyway?

Two attendants were also holding a Mauser 98k also and aimed at the British. Not sure how good their marksmanship is, it shouldn’t be too bad. At least that’s the hope.

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