v2c11: Hell’s Gate

Volume 2, Chapter 11

“General, are you ready?” Muller said to Xu Jun, holding a signal gun in his hand.

Xu Jun only briefly mentioned the plan to Muller. He didn’t expect him to not even show a bit of doubt. It seems that he is full of blind confidence. Xu Jun sighed and muttered to himself, “Whether it be good or bad, we’ll find out.”

“Well, let the British taste our strength. I will let the British commander experience an unforgettable battle.” Xu Jun said with a grin.

“Haha, it seems that the British are really determined this time around. They fielded almost their entire group. I’m looking forward to seeing them all run away.” Muller said excitedly.

Xu Jun picked up the telescope and looked to the front. The British soldiers were walking in squadron formation. The Mathilda were forced to sustain the pace of the infantry, and so also moved quite slowly. When these soldiers enter their rifle’s effective range. The officers blew a whistle and the British soldiers began to charge forward. The Matilda instead played a support role, slowly falling behind the infantry. The horrendous performance of the tanks in the last attack made the British officers lose some of their confidence. The British sense of honor would not allow such humiliation again so they delegated the tanks to the back. This created a truly strange formation. The infantry led the charge and replaced the role of the armored units in absorbing enemy fire.

“What on earth is this? I don’t remember the British being so stupid.” Xu Jun shook his head in dismay.

“I really don’t know what the British commander is thinking, leaving their troops completely exposed. Just waiting to be picked off.” Muller gave a wry smile and said to Xu Jun.

Xu Jun looked at the British soldiers wearing their khaki uniforms, running on the green fields. He gave a slight smile back and said, “Ah, I almost pity them for having such a commander. Alas, there is nothing we can do. Surely our troops would not be angry for having such easy targets, right?”

Looking at the British soldiers getting closer, the German officers roared within the trenches. “Steady! Steady! Waiting for orders, you are not allowed to shoot until then!”

Xu Jun started to grow somewhat nervous and his hands trembled slightly. The crucial moment is coming, there is no guarantee of success. If this fails, the consequences would be disastrous.

“General!” Muller urged Xu Jun. “They are almost 100 meters away. ”

Xu Jun looked at the British infantry and their the increasingly clear young faces. Biting his teeth, he turned his head and looked at Muller. Giving him the affirmative nod as Muller raised his pistol into the air.



The command quickly spreads throughout the trenches.

Wells was carrying his Lee Enfield rifle as he desperately ran to the German positions. He tried to make himself have the aura of a veteran. Carrying a heavy backpack, and other equipment. The metallic “ding” of his pack rung as he took every step. His legs left tight and cramped, his helmet felt a bit too loose. Causing the helmet to become crooked when he ran.

Wells did not take much with him. He just wanted to make a difference in battle. Like his grandfather did in Asia. Listening to his father, he said his grandfather was covered with medals on his chest as he returned from Asia. The whole town was cheering for him. He also brought back a few fine porcelain and painting on a very soft paper. Saying things about the Asian Emperor. Grandfather used those things to exchange for a small farm, all the neighbors were envious of them. He was determined to be a hero like grandfather.
[MD: Referring to the Opium Wars]

Wells ran desperately, his eyes staring at those damn German faces. His heart felt strange, why was there no movement? Did they want to surrender?

Some of the veterans also not think so. As they ran further their steps grew cold. Although they were not too sure what was going to happen, they felt that the situation was too strange. It doesn’t seem good. The veterans who had an ominous feeling, secretly slowed their pace. Hiding behind the groups.

Wells however, excitedly rushed to the front. He could clearly see the German faces sticking out of the trenches. He felt a bit worried, it seems that it was not surrender. But he stood motionless, holding his gun, aiming at the Germans. His eyes shining a braved, fierce light. Then Wells heard a command shout come from the German positions. Wells finally knew what happened, and he shouted with fear and panic. The sudden burst of gunshots. Wells finally saw the face of hell.

The German soldiers frantically into the British infantry. Ignoring the threat of the incoming tanks and the machine gun fire bursting around them.

The Mg34 let out a crazy and miserable roar, the 98k issuing a crisp, loud bang with each shot. The Mp38 rang with its rapid and light singing, The Flak/38/20 let out a blast of death before pausing again to take a breath.

The area at 100 meters became the scene of hell. The first row of soldiers was torn to pieces. Those behind fell like wheat or clutched their injuries on the ground.

It seems to be back to 1918. The only difference was that the Germans were the shooters.

The momentum of the infantry was stopped in an instant. The recruits scurrying around, evading the German barrage. While the veterans laid on the ground, waiting. The German M24 grenade continued to explode into the crowd, while the British with their 36M grenades could not be thrown into the German trenches. No one could throw this 510g, egg-shaped grenade so far. And if any British who were dumb enough to try to stand up, would be quickly covered with bullet holes.

The first row of Matilda tanks finally caught up to the infantry. However, the infantry line had long since broken. With no cover from the soldiers, the tanks dared not charge ahead. Causing a stalemate.






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  1. All chinese are really anti japanese and british, they have a shit ton of propaganda against japs in their country providing fake news. REALLY FAKE NEWS.
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Yeah… Like I get the reason mainland Chinese don’t really like Japan but at least it’s changing in the newer generation somewhat.


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