v2c19: Future Choices

Volume 2, Chapter 19

As the first batch of German soldiers jumped out from the trenches, Xu Jun started to return to the officer canteens.

He felt that he’s seen enough blood today. Besides, the battle went according to plan and by now there was no question about the outcome.

Now Xu Jun’s only worry was where the 7th Regiment was, and their situation. If the plan failed then the 7th Regiment and the 25th Panzer Regiment would be unable to stop the British from running away. Any soldiers that get away would only cause more trouble in the future.

Xu Jun was not too concerned about the stray regiments. The Luftwaffe should be good at providing support if necessary. Besides the main British force was already routed.

Xu Jun felt his head feel very tired. His mind was overburdened from thinking that his decisions would cause families to lose their sons, husbands, brothers, father, lover. Xu Jun did not dare overthink it, he could only try to comfort himself. “It was a matter of survival, that it all. Nothing more, why should I fight myself over this?” Xu Jun muttered to himself. He could only find a lonely seat in the shadows, waiting for the final result of the battle.

“Deputy Führer!” Randolph excitedly rushed in, he looked around and found Xu Jun sitting in the lonely corner. He ran in with excitement and held a telegram in his hand. “My Deputy Führer, the telegram!”

Xu Jun was awakened from his contemplation, his face showing a sour mood. Not really paying attention to what Randolph was shouting.

“What do you want! Where are your manners!”

Randolph was quite shocked, this was the first time he’s seen the Deputy lose his temper. He answered fearfully, “It’s is the Führer’s telegram…”

Xu Jun also a shock, Hitler’s telegram. Although he had studied quite a bit about the Third Reich and inherited Jack’s memory, which had no shortage of contacts with Hitler, I was not expecting it to come so abruptly. Hitler’s telegram finally cemented himself to the history of that time.

Xu Jun grabbed the telegram and started to carefully read its contents. Hitler said in the telegram that he was pleased that Xu Jun was unharmed. He was very anxious after hearing that he was missing half a day and how happy he was when he received the report. The telegram stated that all requests of his would be agreed to. Congratulated about the stunning military victory. Hitler also made note regarding concern about Xu Jun’s health on the battlefield. Making it clear that any accident to him would be a detriment to all of Germany. So, Hitler stressed that he pay attention to his safety. Finally, Hitler asked him to immediately return to headquarters when available. That there were important things to discuss.

Xu Jun was puzzled slightly after reading the telegram. He immediately began to analyze the telegraph word-by-word. It seems that Hitler really loved himself and was dependent on him. He had long since been aware of this. However, Xu Jun was most interested in the last paragraph. Some business, what would that be?

Suddenly Xu Jun was silent, Dunkirk.

Today is May 22nd, on May 24th Hitler, because of the reports from Rundstedt and Manstein, he stopped the Panzer advance. Leaving only the troops to attack the British zone. Then on the evening of May 26th, Operation Dynamo would commence. 338,000 people would be evacuated back to Britain. Xu Jun found himself once again standing at the crossroads.

What should I do? Stop Hitler’s decision? But then the 338,000 British and French soldiers would never set foot on British land. If they desperately resisted, then the German Panzer divisions would shred them into pieces on that beach. Bringing hell onto the world. If they surrendered, then their fate may be worse, falling into the hands of the SS. The French may perhaps be released, but the British officers and soldiers would be treated as slaves until the end of the war. To control the fate of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in his hand, it was a strange sensation.

But what would happen if he allowed Hitler to continue? Xu Jun contemplated.

History would be repeated; the Britain would be able to save their precious army. Maintaining enough strength to continue fighting on. Using their troops to defend their island. Then they will be deployed to fight Germany and Italy on North Africa, retake France, and finally destroy the Third Reich. But also, because they had preserved the army, the United States would be willing to support Britain. Bringing with it the most advanced weapons available and its enormous production capabilities.

[MD: The Americans were making ships faster than U-Boats could sink them aka Liberty Ships]

If you let those men off that beach then history will repeat itself. Xu Jun remembered the history of Deputy Führer, Rudolph Hess. He was now standing on his position. But what was his fate? Life imprisonment up until the end of the war, finally committed suicide in his cell. He never directly attacked the British, only participated in Hitler’s war planning. Furthermore, he actually had a good impression on the British, and so wanted to negotiate a truce between the countries. But how did the British treat him? They threw him in prison and Churchill never went to meet him.

But now, not only did Jack do more than Hess. He also was actively participating in Hitler’s planning, you could say he was one of the masterminds of the operation. He was essentially already a war criminal. Furthermore, now Reinhardt had personally commanded a devastating attack on the British force. Although it could be self-defense, but the fact that the other side was almost wiped out is undeniable. Xu Jun shuddered at what could happen to him if Germany was defeated again.

Then it cannot fail! Xu Jun made up his mind. Since history has already been changed, since he has the ability to change history, then let him decide it’s course. “I have sworn that I would be the master of my own fate.”

Although the road may be full of thorns, he will still firmly walk through the obstacles.


7 thoughts on “v2c19: Future Choices

  1. Hahaha, Rudolph Hess war zu naiv und Hitler zu stur.
    Mal schauen wie sich Xu Yun schlägt. XD
    I look forward to how Xu Yun will solve his dilemma.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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