v3c2: Cologne

Volume 3, Chapter 2

Two hours later, the plane slowly landed in Cologne.

Xu Jun did not rush out of the plane. Instead first going to the cockpit and thanked the pilots for the smooth journey. Then finally went out of the door with his entourage.

The crew had long been waiting and immediately paid their respects. Xu Jun patted the airmen’s shoulder and walked out. Leaving the group brimming with excitement.

However, just as Xu Jun walked out of the plane he was stunned by the sight in front of him. On the ground was a long red carpet. Flanked on both sides by two rows of heavily armed Wehrmacht infantrymen. Further behind them were a row of SS standard-bearers. Each of them holding a flag, ordained with a large swastika. These SS stood behind the soldiers, blocking the countless Cologne citizens. Many of whom were waving small flags and banners.

As Xu Jun appeared, they immediately burst into cheers. And a burst of passionate military-style music played. All the soldiers all simultaneously turned towards him and stood in attention.

Xu Jun was almost scared to walk out of the plane after seeing this. As he was only a small history student, he never experienced such a scene. But he quickly calmed down. He was after all, the Deputy Fuhrer and furthermore, a respectable general. It was within bounds for the local officials to stage a performance like this. Thinking of this, he stood straights and walked out with an air of dignity. Mimicking the appearance of those world leaders that he had seen on television. Giving a serious look at the double rows of German soldiers.

At the end of the carpet stood a group of government officials and military officers. The officials wore their standard respectable clothing and their party armbands. The officers wore their clean military dress, adorned with a variety of medals. Their dark boots polished and shiny.

Xu Jun walked majestically to towards them. Then, a short middle-aged official smiled to Xu Jun and said, “I am the mayor of Cologne, Peter Winkelnkemper. We would like to express our sincere congratulations and gratitude from all the citizens of Cologne. We give a warm welcome to the Honorable Deputy Fuhrer, who has returned after accomplishing such glorious feats in France.”

Xu Jun did not care much for him. Instead, he looked over to look at Hans.

Hans also looked somewhat inexplicable, whispered to Xu Jun. “I have not told them, I’m not too clear on how they know.”

Even though Hans was very quiet. The mayor had a very keen hearing.

He immediately showed a look of surprise.

“What, surely the Deputy Fuhrer knows that your achievements have been spread throughout all of Germany? Oh, perhaps it’s because you’ve been fighting on the French front. At noon today, the Berlin radio station broadcasted the news of the British army. It spoke of how the Deputy Fuhrer saved the broken German division and led them to destroy the enemy brigade. You have become the pride of the Party, the pride of the Wehrmacht, the pride of Germany. You have become the idol of the young generation. There have already been several celebrations, all self-organized by the citizens. The folks gathered here all rushed here once we received word. They have been waiting here for a few hours.

Xu Jun looked at the Cologne citizens. Seeing his gaze, they issued even more fanatical cheers.

Seeing the scene, he suddenly thought of something.

Whispering to Hans, “It wouldn’t be much to have the Berlin radio station broadcast the news. But to have access to such high-level information… I think you should be able to guess who it is.”


“Only he would work so hard for you. He would never skip an opportunity to make you famous.” Hans smiled and said.

Xu Jun nodded with a wry smile, turned back to the mayor. “I did not think that my small act would warrant such a large response. It is only the duty of a German general.”

“Deputy Fuhrer, there is no need to be so modest. Come, let me introduce you to the other officials. This is the City Secretary….

The mayor introduced the officials one at a time. Each stepping forward and shook hands with Xu Jun. He also smiled and greeted them back.

When it was the turn of the officers. They refused the introduction of the mayor, instead stepped forward and loudly reported his name, his rank, and duties. Their gazes full of respect and admiration.

Xu Jun one-by-one returned the greetings. Looked at the excitement of the officers, Xu Jun secretly joyful inside. If he was not a bit knowledgeable in military matters, and proficient in history, he would be stuck in a British POW camp right now. How then could he receive the admiration of these officers then?

Then the mayor, “Honorable Deputy Fuhrer, please give a few words to the people of Cologne.”

“You want me to speak?”

“Ah yes, the citizens would appreciate it very much if the Deputy Fuhrer could address them.

“But I have nothing prepared.”

“It does not matter, we would be satisfied with only a few words. However, we would be very disappointed if there is nothing at all.” The other officials and officers said lowly.

Xu Jun looked back at his aides but they also agreed with the mayor. He started to feel some anxiety and shortness of breath.

In desperation, Xu Jun chose to bite the bullet and climbed onto the podium that was set up for him.

When Xu Jun embarked on the podium, the loud cheers suddenly stopped. The audience silent in anticipation. Everyone’s worshipful gaze was focused at Xu Jun.

Xu Jun also stunned. It seems there was no need for him to quiet the crowd down. He could not help but praise their degree of discipline and thoughtfulness.

But what should be said? Xu Jun furrowed his brow and thought for a moment. Then finally made up his mind.

Xu Jun looked up and said into the microphone, “Dear everyone. The citizens of Cologne, soldiers, I am very happy to be here.”

Then a burst of warm applause followed.

“Although I have never been here before. But when I was very young, I listened to my grandfather speak about this beautiful city. 2000 years ago, the Romans established a military stronghold here. Then two centuries ago, it became the architectural, academic, and economic crown of Europe! You should be proud to live in such a city!”

Followed by another wave of frenzied applause.

“German citizens, I am very grateful that everyone gathered here to welcome my arrival. I am also very grateful for everyone’s congratulations regarding the victory. However, remember always that victory was not won by my strength. But with the blood of thousands of brave German soldiers. If there were no soldiers fighting those bloody battles, then I would have never attained victory! And you, you are the ones behind those brave soldiers!

It is because you work so hard for the revival of Germany that the soldiers in the front can feel at ease. Because of your hard work, the soldiers have the weapons to fight. Because of your hard work, the soldiers have warm clothing for the cold nights. Because of your hard work, the soldiers can eat delicious food. It is because of the efforts and sacrifices you had made for the Third Reich that I could lead the soldiers to victory.

So that this victory does not belong to me, the victory belongs to you, belongs to the German people, it is the great victory of the Germany!”

Hearing this, the people of Cologne cheered loudly. Xu Jun pause for a moment, before he continued.

Xu Jun shouted at the microphone. “German citizens!”

The crowd’s screams died down once again. Desperately suppressing their own excitement, looking at the young Deputy.

“German citizens, our great Fuhrer once told us that Germany is bound to become a great nation once again. Today, our victory has proved exactly that! However, I ask that everyone do doest become overconfident with this small victory. Yes, I called it a small victory! Because it will be trivial compared to our victories in the future! Soon, we will stand at the top of the world! Continue to fight! My words are over!”

“Long live!”

“Long live the Deputy!”

“Long live the Third Reich!”

The crowd shouted until their throats went hoarse.

Xu Jun walked down the podium, as the two teams of German soldiers desperately blocking the crowd. As he approached Hans he said, ” Ready the car, we are leaving right away.”

Hans finally calmed down from the excitement, his blood boiling from the speech.

“It will be done.”

“Deputy, you’re my example forever!” Randolph almost tearing from excitement.

Dorgen didn’t say much only giving Xu Jun a meaningful gaze and giving the party salute.

The officers also gave a passionate salute as he passed by.

He has probably seen too much films of the Third Reich. As he soon got used to being saluted in that fashion. Although it seems very spirited, but it still left Xu Jun very flattered.

Ah how sad is this! They still salute me with that ever so infamous salute. What a strange feeling! They’re even doing it by the thousands!


7 thoughts on “v3c2: Cologne

  1. hahahahhahahahahahah they are giving to him the o/ salute and he is of a comunist country like china. what say about it. its strange the chinese government dont ban that novel. but im glad for it.

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  2. Maybe they’re confused because the Nazi party called themselves nationalistic socialist German workers party? 😂
    And even though they call themselves communist they’re really nationalistic and in my opinion seem more right than left.
    The worship of past communists seems more like a chore that has to be done lol
    Even the discrimination against minorities and the aggressive expansion strategy is similar.

    So maybe they don’t have that much problems with the Nazis? 😂


  3. i feel the commy of the china likeable. but the ussr commy give me hate. i hate the commys. but i love china because even when they change government type they still love their country so much. im envious of them. Brazil is really a fucking shit comparing them.

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