v3c3: Nightly Contemplation

Volume 3, Chapter 3

Xu Jun accompanied a large number of officials to the side of the airport. Where several shiny black Mercedes-Benz had been parked.

Turning around he said, “Mr. Mayor. I am returning directly to my hotel. If headquarters sends any files to me then send it to my room as soon as possible. It is a very important matter!”

“What! You will not attend the banquet? The celebrities of Cologne will be present!”

“No. I am very tired, there is no rest in the front lines! I have not taken a good shower in two days. I need this time to rest. I still have important work to do, it is related to the fate of the Third Reich. I want to have it finished before dawn tomorrow. As for the banquet, I will let my followers attend and I would like to convey my apologies to all of you. But! Before dawn tomorrow, I do not want to be disturbed by any celebrities or unnecessary matters. Do you understand?”

The Mayor quickly nodded at the Deputy’s serious gaze.

Xu Jun turned around and entered the car and Hans quickly followed. Under the guidance of a six motorcycles escort, the group flew toward the city of Cologne.

Xu Jun is now carrying a cup of coffee, wearing silk pajamas provided by the hotel. Standing in front of the window and looking at the dark streets of Cologne.

At present, the war had not yet reached the stage of city-level bombardment. So right now the streets of Cologne were brightly lit and the people were leisurely scattered in the streets. The distant Cathedral of Cologne standing under the dim moonlight. The restaurant letting out waves of melodious music in the night. It would be really hard to believe that there was a war in Germany.

Cologne is indeed a historic city, but unfortunately in the era of Xu Jun, this city in the near future will be near flattened by Allied bombing. Cologne’s citizens will have heavy casualties, and the many medieval buildings will be damaged or destroyed.

World War II’s level destruction in central Europe was just too serious. It would be a shame for a historian to allow the mass-destruction of human heritage like this, right?

Suddenly, Xu Jun thought of his distant home. What is happening in China?

It wasn’t that he wasn’t patriotic. It was just that ever since he arrived in this world he’s been fighting for his life. There was no time to think about anything else. Furthermore, Jack’s memory and the surrounding environment also made him feel like a German. But now that he could finally relax, he remembered about his old home.

China in this time period should still be fighting those Japanese invaders.

The war would have started three years ago, by now it should have reached a stalemate. The Nationalist Party of China [aka KMT] would have moved to Chongqing. In desperate straits, of course. Thinking of this, he simply wanted to go back to China and end the war.

[The Second Sino-Japanese war is the primary reason China dislikes Japan even to this day. Especially due to the Nanking Massacre, and subsequently Japan’s lack of acknowledgment of it/revisionist stance. Which finally leads to the Anti-Japanese sentiment that is prominent in some CN novels.]

Xu Jun got somewhat excited thinking about it but suddenly he stopped.

He saw the face of the Reinhardt in a mirror on the wall.

Xu Jun suddenly calmed down.

Ah yes, he’s no longer only a young Chinese student. He’s now become a German, or at least appearance-wise. He is responsible for being the Deputy Fuhrer, he’ll also need to deal with Hitler in the future. To participate in the Second Sino-Japanese War would simply be an international joke! His strength is not enough yet, not enough…

But then, Xu Jun thought of something. “Yes! Germany. If I can master Germany, if I can control the most powerful military strength in Europe, dealing with the naval might of the Japan would be no problem. Then China could stand as the power in the East once again.

But how could he control the military to such a degree? Xu Jun felt a bit of a headache. The cup of coffee had already went cold, he went to the corner of the room. Opened the wine cabinet, and poured himself a bottle of dark red wine. Then sat in the middle of the room, and looked at the ceiling.

After an unknown length of time, Xu Jun finally thought up a plan.

But now is not the time to consider this issue, Germany had not defeated the enemies in Europe yet. Any plans of participating in the Far East would be empty words. Only by overcoming all the European opponents, and eliminate our threats here can we redirect troops. But it will be a difficult journey, before Germany can attack the Japanese army, it first must subdue the Soviet Union. After all, to stretch the German supply lines through unoccupied Soviet Union would be too risky. Any disruption would be a disaster, not to mention Stalin’ personality. In any case, he was sure that the Soviet Union would never allow the German army to travel through their territory. So, the only option was to it take it over right?”

“Any obstacles in my way will be destroyed. No one or no country can stop me from this.” Xu Jun started to develop his own plan for success.

Then he stood up and lifted his glass, giving a toast towards the East.

“Wait for me! A year later, maximum two years, I will lead the best army to rescue you. I will let the world know that anyone who dares conquer my country would pay the price!” Then Xu Jun drained the wine is a few gulps.

Then a knock came from outside the door.

“Come in.” Xu Jun said after straightening his clothes slightly.

In came Hans, his right hand holding a file package, left hand also holding an envelope.


Hans seeing the empty glass in his hand smiled and said, “It seems that you had a good rest.”

“Haha, yes. Ah, this wine is quite good, you should try some also.”

“No, but thank you.”

“Sit, what is the matter?”

Hans sat down, opened the file package, and took out a thick stack of files from inside. “General, this is the information you requested, the plane from headquarters encountered a thunderstorm so ran late.”

“Is that so? How was the plane?” Xu Jun took the documents.

“The plane is all right.”

“I see, it’s nothing.”

“Then give my appreciation to the pilot, he risked himself to send me this information. I will talk to the Fuhrer about his meritorious service.”

“Yes, I will convey that. But General, are these documents important to you?”

“Yes, very important. You can go back to rest, Hans. Tonight, I have much work to do. Do not let anyone disturb me.”

“Yes, General. Hans was about to go out but then suddenly remembered something.

“Is there anything else?” Xu Jun asked.

Hans handed the letter in his hand and said sorry.

“I almost forgot. When they were doing the laundry, they found this in the pocket in your uniform. They did not know what it was, but because they were found in your pocket, they gave it to me. Is this yours?”

Xu Jun open the envelope, and slid out a piece of metal, covered with strange lines. Xu Jun thought back about Tom and the futuristic ship. He said that he recorded a memory onto this thing and that it may be helpful. But since he arrived, he never had the time to look at the block of metal. As a result, he simply forgot about it.

“Oh yes, this is mine. Thank you, Hans.”

“Then I’ll retire, good night!”

“Good night.”

Hans went out and closed the door.

Xu Jun immediately began to place the memory tablet onto his forehead. But he stopped himself short. It was not a good time, at least tonight. There were more important things to attend to. He didn’t want to faint all night because of absorbing a memory again.

Placing the piece of metal into a secure position, he picked back up the pile of documents. Turned on the lamp and opened the map of France.

Xu Jun looked at the map of Dunkirk and gently said, “It’s your time, Great Britain. It seems that you are the ones that drew the short straw. Really is a shame.” Then he sat back down and began to read through the files.

Then the morning broke, and the bell rang six times. Xu Jun finally put down the pen. Satisfied with his new grand strategy. Finally completed, to come up with such a wonderful plan overnight. He was quite proud of himself.

Then a sound came from outside the window. Xu Jun stood up to the window and opened the curtains. The day’s sun was only barely over the horizon. The bright rays pierced into Xu Jun’s tired eyes, forcing him to avert his gaze. Xu Jun opened the windows and let the fresh air into the room. Then returned to the desk and returned the files into the package. Turned off the lamp that burnt throughout the night.

Xu Jun stretched his body, and looked at a painting of the Fuhrer on the wall. “I’m coming, Adolf Hitler. I’ve brought you a gift that you never forget!”


Revisionism or more correctly Historical Negationism: The downplay or total denial of historical events. e.g. Holocaust Denial

[MD: If you can’t tell I was very careful in my wording to not unintentionally offend anyone. So I only spoke the facts, and I can’t be blamed if some people are upset over the facts, right?]


8 thoughts on “v3c3: Nightly Contemplation

  1. Uuuh good chap. Here is the patriotic side of our young protagonist. And a reason to invade USSR. Very good.
    Thanks delta for your hard work. If anyone is upset he has to go to the author.


  2. Well, if he’s smart he will wait until they have the appropriate weapons… unfortunately, Britians about to take it deep sadly. He;s got goals, and powerful army…. woops.


  3. Well, Japan didn’t do anything else than bringing in the USA.
    Probably he’ll use the non-aggression-pact that the japs signed with the soviets to justify to hitler & co. Also china has a lot of population and resources, strategically-wise is better has it as an ally.


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