v3c4: Rocky Eyrie

Volume 3, Chapter 4

“General. General. Wake up, we’ve arrived.”

Xu Jun stumbled open his eyes.

“Oh, yes, what is it?”

“We’ve arrived at the Rocky Eyrie.”

“Ah! So soon?”

Earlier this morning, Xu Jun was sitting on the train that Headquarters specially prepared for him. Causing him to feel very excited, it indeed was a really beautiful train. Brand new gray paint shining in the sun, the car was embellished with simplistic decorations on the exterior. And inside was covered with red velvet curtains, and matching dark red embroidered wool carpets. An elegant oak table and gorgeous French seats, it allowed Xu Jun to fully enjoy the ride.

As the train pulled out of Cologne, Xu Jun called the attendant to bring him a pot of coffee. Then as he sipped the warm coffee he looked outside the window and began to enjoy the beautiful German scenery.

But only an hour after the train pulled out of the station. Xu Jun began to feel increasingly tired. After alI, he was busy all night. Then drowsiness slowly took over him and he fell in defeat. Even the fragrant coffee could not keep him up.

Hans knew that Xu Jun had worked much last night, so he didn’t make an attempt to wake him.

When the train arrived at the station, it was already lunch time. Hans tried to wake Xu Jun up but the best he could was to get him half-awake. Then dragged the Deputy to one of the restaurants in the station. Xu Jun never really remembered what exactly he even ate. Anyway, it was like sausage and veggies or something. He remembered that Hans didn’t seem to touch his food much. Only paying close attention to me. It was strange being stared at in such a creepy manner. The results was that our Deputy dragged his semi-awake body into the Headquarters car and rode towards Bad Münstereifel, the town of the temporary Headquarters.

However, it was also a perfect opportunity for Xu Jun to take another nap.

Hans looked at the drooling Deputy Fuhrer was dumbfounded. Granted there was little rest on the front but his state is really too worrying. In the restaurant, he had been staring at Xu Jun, as he was genuinely concerned that he would faint again and drown the soup.

The car finally reached the destination after an hour. The car stopped directly in front of the Headquarters. A guard immediately ran up an opened the door for them. Hans then had to forcefully shake awake Xu Jun again.

He slowly climbed out of the car, his head is still dizzy. He bent in the open space and loosened his body. Then started to inspect the surroundings.

To call it the Rocky Eyrie was not a bit false. The entire structure was a series of underground bunkers and was actually a permanent fortress. This was the original “Western Line”. If the actual western border was breached then this could serve as a second line of defense. Because it already had complete living facilities and with the quick installation of communications equipment it was chosen as the forward Fuhrer Headquarters.

Xu Jun turned to look at the foot of the mountains. This was originally an old town. But now the town had been relocated, and now swarms with military troops. The ancient gravel streets covered with a variety of military vehicles. All sorts of soldiers and junior officers ran around town. In the town square were four 105mm heavy-duty anti-aircraft guns pointing towards the sky. And nearby were several camouflaged heavy artillery pieces. On the edge of the square was a three-story warehouse. In front of it were several trucks. With soldiers carefully moving goods into the building. The whole town seemed very busy.

At this time, several senior officers stepped out of a building some distance away from the square. Thinking that it was an important area, he searched through Jack memory again to look for ideas. He was already aware that Jack took part in the construction of many of the military headquarters in Germany.

From the memories, he found out what was in the row of cottages. He was quite dumbfounded. Stationed in those ugly buildings were the commanders of the Wehrmacht.

Hitler, was always quite paranoid about certain issues. The idea that the generals would have their own schemes once he left Berlin haunted him somewhat. So, he came up with this approach. He had the senior generals follow him here from Berlin. Using the excuse of that war is unpredictable and fickle. That to have a speedy response the military command should be nearby the Fuhrer at all times.

This really shows Hitler’s personality it seems. However, the generals didn’t seem to mind. It may be primarily because it was the Fuhrer’s personal decision. They would dare not object. Also, being so close to Fuhrer Headquarters allowed them to perhaps influence the overall military decisions of the Fuhrer. So, what if they were to be rounded up like pigs? Otherwise, Field Marshal Brauchitsch might as well commit suicide if he was stuck in the office the whole war.

Xu Jun shook his head after thinking about this. Then turned and walked with Hans and the two SS squads.

Then there were 2 Wehrmacht officers standing before the reinforced-steel doors. The two seemed to be juniors. Xu Jun searched through the memories again and found their names. They should be military adjutants: Winker and Ruhr.
[MD: I’m Assuming Hitler’s Adjutants]

See Xu Jun come, the two of them quickly stood upright and gave a military salute. Both sides finished the ceremony. Winker gave a smile and said. “Welcome back, Deputy Fuhrer, when we lost contact with you for an entire day. Well, we were all worried about your safety. I was ever so relieved to hear that you are safe was able to lead the troops to victory. Especially the Fuhrer. He drank a glass of wine to celebrate your victory.”

Then Ruhr added, “The Fuhrer said that we were to specifically wait for your arrival and inform him immediately. The Fuhrer is waiting to see you in his office. Please come with us.”

Xu Jun then walked under the leadership of the two officers into the fortress.

Because it is a military facility, there was no decoration done in the hallways. Only gray reinforced concrete walls that define the thick curved bunkers. Heavy explosion-proof steel doors. Fully armed SS guards stood every ten meters. Giving the feeling of an impenetrable fortress. However, Xu Jun continued to walk deeper in.

Waiting for them was the sixth and final steel door. Right before the entrance to the core of the base.

Then as the corridor began to widen, leading to a hall the size of a basketball court. Within it were office desks and secretaries briskly walking around.

Near some of the several dozen desks, were countless German soldiers, huddled around.

In the middle of the hall was a large military sand table. Above it was many labeled flags and pieces, all representing units and divisions. More than a dozen German officers, wearing headphones, were standing around the sand table. Moving pieces non-stop as new reports came in.

Low-ranking officers and clerks were hurrying around with all kinds of documents and reports. Relaying information from their own desks. The chaotic sound of phones ringing, commands, quarreling, and yelling came from all corners of the hall.

Xu Jun, although at first glance looks very confusing, but all the staff had a very serious expression. This was rather a very orderly manner only done in a different manner.

So, this is the center of the war effort.

Once those low-ranking officers and civilian staff saw Xu Jun, they immediately stopped and did the traditional ceremony. He could recognize the look in their eyes as ones of respect and worship.

Xu Jun smiled back and said: “Please, continue your work. Continue.” However, from time to time several of the beautiful secretaries would take secretive glances at Xu Jun. But when they see him look back they quickly flush and speed up their pace.

Hans and Randolph who were behind Xu Jun, both gave a sly grin. However, that was until Xu Jun and Dorgen gave a cold stare back at them.

Then they walked to the highest-level section. Xu Jun saw the heaviest door yet close with a loud clink. The outside’s hustle and bustle evaporated.

Here, the floor was covered with neat wooden boards. The middle of the corridor was a long felt carpet. The rough concrete wall was covered with a lime green. The overhead lights had become a dark-yellow, giving the area a mysterious and quiet feel.

However, the passage was like a maze. Perhaps the designer wanted the enemy to become lost.

Finally, Ruhr brought Xu Jun to a humble little door.

“The Fuhrer is waiting inside.”


Officer/General Salute is different from the Party salute. Since the MC is both the Deputy Fuhrer and a Brigadier General, he receives both.

Also, the MC is quite handsome. Like so handsome, the British can’t publish his photo. Imagine the MC looks like This Dude



5 thoughts on “v3c4: Rocky Eyrie

  1. Is a short chap, isn’t it?
    The damned author likes that cliffhangers!!
    Only one thing, i am pretty sure that germans didn’t use sand tables, only maps. At least OBK-levels. Are you sure of the tl?
    Thanks for the chapter, and good luck for the start of school (at least i start the day after tomorrow).


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