v3c8: Colleagues (II)

Volume 3, Chapter 8

Sitting next to Himmler was the leader of the Hitler Youth, Baldur von Schirach. One of the rare members of the Party to hold aristocratic lineage, Reinhardt included.

He holds a very square Germanic face, is complexion was like a newly graduated university student. Schirach started by writing some flattering poems of Hitler. However, this man was very intelligent. It’s said his IQ reached 130, a definite genius. However, he was always hindered by his narrow mind, weak-will, and chaotic emotions.

He was a very romantic-style poet, but Göring always thought of him as being too feminine in his attitude. And Xu Jun also had to agree. Especially after once reading the poems written by him. It wouldn’t be a surprise if his bedroom is painted pure-white!

[e.g. “In him the roots of our world. And his soul touches the stars. And yet he remains a man like you and me.”]

The man who misled an entire generation of German youth. He escaped the Nuremberg trials with minimum time due to his wonderful acting and quarter American decent.

[MD: He served 20 years instead of execution, but that’s not that much considering his position.]
And now, the leader of the Hitler Youth was dressed in the khaki uniform of the group and a black tie. Listening seriously to the speech while also showing hints of boredom. Xu Jun also started to feel quite drowsy from his lack of sleep. However, he managed to persevere. Regaining his train of thought he continued.

At first, he was puzzled why Hitler would also call him over. However, after some thought, it was understandable as he controls most of the German children. He might prove valuable in the idol plan.

The rest were a few of Himmler’s men. However, there were still some of his men that were missing. Most notably was the Holocaust architect, Reinhard Heydrich. Also absent were some of Himmler’s assistants like Gottlob Berger and the such. However, these new people, Jack had never met with before. Might be recently promoted. They were listening with fervor and excitement could be seen on their face. God knows how what they are thinking right now.

However, the side of the table Xu Jun sat on was mostly comprised of Wehrmacht generals.

Wearing their neatly pressed uniforms, and their glittering medals. They sat motionlessly.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht, Walther von Brauchitsch had a helpless look on his face. It seems he regretted accepting the invitation. What Hitler was saying, he most likely heard a thousand times already. He was born into a military family. He rose to his position quite recently, but was always quite timid when it came to Hitler. His main strength is that his authority and management ability was near matchless. His actual battlefield command was mediocre so he was only mostly reduced to paperwork. Of course, no had the guts to interrupt Hitler’s speech. And so he was forced to eat their objections.

Artillery General, Alfred Jodl sat with a slight frown. This man had outstanding management and strategic capabilities. Giving him his current position, even now he could be said to be Hitler’s personal military adviser. Granted, Hitler was quite stubborn and reluctant to take the advice of others.

General Keitel also seemed to be having trouble. His face expressionless staring at the plate laid in front of him. Probably imagining the juicy steak that would be atop it. Xu Jun trembled slightly, urging himself to maintain a straight face.

On the surface, he was listening to the speech seriously. However, even Field Marshal Brauchitsch seemed to be eyeing the bread laid only within an arm’s reach of him.

However, Xu Jun adverted his gaze, or he might be unable to contain his laughter. Looking at officers besides the generals, he saw that the highest was only a colonel.

Then with “Long live Germany!” the speech finally concluded.

Suddenly all the people stood up, and stood in attention, shouting “Long live!” a couple more times.

Himmler was still wiping his tears, and as for Goebbels, he had a solemn look. Probably digesting the contents of the speech again.

The delicious food was finally sent out. Although it may not be piping hot, it was still relished.

Everyone, Hitler included, was concentrated on finishing the food. No one had any further intent on speaking. The result was that the second half of the banquet was carried out with only the sound of eating.

Once everyone had eaten their fill, the staff removed the tableware and the furnishings. Replacing the food with tea and coffee.

Then as everyone was reminiscing over the meal, Hitler once again stood and spoke.

“Gentlemen, since dinner is over, we are going to the conference room. There are important things to discuss today.”

Then Hitler stood up and placed the napkin on the table.

Everyone immediately stood up, and followed him towards the conference room. The only ones that remained were some of Himmler’s men, as they were not qualified to attend. Respectfully letting Hitler and their boss depart.

The conference room was at the other end of the hall, where several military adjutants had long been waiting. The conference room was more than 40 square meters, the walls all painted a light green. The floor covered with a matching light-green carpet. Two large glass chandeliers illuminated the conference room. On the walls were the flags of the Party and those of the various branches of the Wehrmacht. A large map was hung in the forefront. Xu Jun looked closely and could see the labels for rivers and cities. The room was overall sparsely furnished. Besides the center area, a group of chairs were placed in the back. Supposedly for bystanders, however, due to the importance of the discussion, they were empty.

In the middle was the large conference table, the various adjutants placed documents before the members.

Once he saw that everyone has sat down, Hitler took out the file.


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  1. I believe so. If his previous decisions are anything to go by. If not exactly save it. At least change enough history so he can save china. Which if Germany doesn’t support Japan. Well.. history will likely be slightly different in that theater. Not by much, but enough he should be able to focus on Germany, and then say …Russia.

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  2. No support to japan mean no war with USA mean no Torch, Husky and Overlord, mean some possibility aganist the soviet union.


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