v3c13: Marshal’s End (I)

Volume 3, Chapter 13

Not waiting for Hitler’s response, a roar suddenly rang up in the room.

“No! Enough of your wishful thinking. The Luftwaffe is mine, and no one can take my planes from me. Everything that flies in Germany is under my jurisdiction!”

Göring shouted in anger. He had long since treated the Luftwaffe as his own, never allowing anyone to encroach. But now he heard Xu Jun propose to take away an entire wing, he was immediately furious. Even refusing Hitler’s warning, directly confronting Xu Jun. While bragging was acceptable, bringing weapons to fight in the conference room was pushing the border. However, how Hitler was still left with a dilemma.

Hitler’s head started to grow a headache. Complained inwardly about this ridiculous “war” between them. Granted, he had promised Göring command of the air force. He’s also a veteran of the Party. However, he was also forced to grant Reinhardt’s request. It was, without doubt, a vital part of the operation. Who knows what the consequences would be if he refused? But what should be done?

Hitler finally decided to take a neutral stance. He prepared to wait until the two were finished quarreling and then he could make his judgments.

Xu Jun had long expected Göring’s opposition to the request. After all, Xu Jun was quite aware of Göring’s personality from historical books. Now, his face was filled with cold intent.

“Since you’ve jumped out, I won’t be polite. I had also intended to play with you, but it seems that you deliberately found me out.” Xu Jun said in his head.

He took a deep breath and roared back. “Hermann Göring!”

Causing the entire group of people have a look of shock. Goebbels who was sitting next to Xu Jun, was scared pale, his heart beating rapidly. Thinking, “It’s trouble now!” He hurried to look at Hitler to resolve this. But he only saw Hitler sit there motionless as if he was oblivious.

Göring was also shocked, he never expected that Reinhardt would also roar in retaliation. It seems this conflict would not end easily.

“You idiot, I used to think that although you were a bit drunk on money, you would still during the crucial moment stand and be a man. I did not expect that I’ve completely misjudged you. You’re just a greedy and stupid pig. I am tired of your endless greed and selfishness. You have no right to wear this uniform.

Do you even think about the interests of Germany? Or do you just fulfill your own needs and desires? What about the Luftwaffe being yours, what about flying rights? You place yourself as someone so mighty and aloft. But I tell you, the Luftwaffe belongs to Germany, it is our pride and creation. Not your personal play toy. Surely all that flies in Germany is governed by God, and yet you act so self-righteously? Your greed has brought upon you this arrogance and ignorance.

The Fuhrer has placed his trust in you, letting you oversee our Air Force. But is this how you thank him for the trust? The divine cause will be ruined by your own selfishness and greed. Is this how you use the right given to you? To oppress the officers of other branches? Even daring use your power to prevent other branches from deploying? Do you think you have the power of the Fuhrer?

For example, did you know that most of the naval powers of the world all have an aircraft carrier, and yet because of your stupid, shameless, selfish, short-sighted ideas, you don’t even allow the Navy to have their own planes! No, we don’t have a completed aircraft carrier to display our might. Also using a shameless lie to deceive our Fuhrer. If there are no aircraft support outside of the Luftwaffe’s protective range it would be a disaster. Furthermore, you also complain about how our navy should to conquer enemy colonies. Well, do you expect them to do so without planes?

Furthermore, you manage the military research department of the Luftwaffe. But you even force your own preferences on the designs of aircraft. Do you even know what you are doing! Tweaking countless design with whatever features you wish. But at the same time, you are causing the planes to lose their superior performance and purpose. I don’t even want to mention how many of our brave fighter pilots may have died because of your stupid changes.

The Army even more. They have encountered the problem countless times of requesting air support but they must get your approval before they can proceed. Do you even have an idea of how fast the battlefield changes? Minutes and seconds decide a battle, yet sometimes to have air support they must follow three or four procedures to even have a response from the Luftwaffe. Countless soldiers have died waiting for your air support, but where were your planes when it was needed?

All of your stupid selfishness and shortsightedness is simply digging a grave for our cause.

I’ll admit that all the officers and soldiers of the Luftwaffe are doing their duty and working hard. But do you even do your job? Besides blindly commanding, bragging, and showing off to the Fuhrer, what have you done?

Your foolish ideas have killed too many innocent soldiers. This is why all the officers of the Army and Navy detest you, and why your own Luftwaffe laughs at you. But look at you, you’re very successful I see. If the Fuhrer didn’t place his trust in you, then you would only be an incompetent officer who should be kicked from the Wehrmacht.”

Facing Xu Jun’s machine gun words, Göring’s face turned from red to purple. Several times he wanted to refute Xu Jun’s argument, but he was unable to plug his mouth. He also several times he was tempted to rush over and exchange blows but when he saw the “chair leg” he lost his courage in melee.

Just as Xu Jun’s words finally came to an end, he immediately wanted to retaliate but before that, Hitler interrupted him. “Reinhardt! Was everything you said true?”

s Hitler listened to Xu Jun’s criticisms of Göring, he became more and more uneasy. Göring had made some strange choices when he gave advice and in his decisions. Yes, he is indeed selfish and greedy, but he still completes his wishes.

First, it’s because he is a veteran in the Party. He’s been loyal when necessary, and so he was kept. However, the most important thing is that he’s always been known as an aviation hero. Popular in the military and public. Something that other Party officials do not have. Thus, Hitler always regarded him as an important link between the Party and the common people and military.

But now if what Reinhardt said was true, then Göring would become a threat to the revival of Germany. Something that Hitler would never allow. Furthermore, Göring was always unpopular with the other two military branches. If his continued existence causes the generals and admirals to waver in loyalty, then he cannot be allowed to continue. It seems that the only choice now is to remove Göring to appease the displeasure of the other two branches.

Thinking of this, Hitler had to first confirm if it was true. If so, not removing Göring quickly was going to cause serious consequences.

“Of course it’s true, you can ask anyone here.”

The Army generals were thrown for a surprise. Obviously not expecting the chance to remove their most hated enemy. How could they allow this opportunity to slip away from their hands? The generals gazes looked like wolves preying upon a lone sheep. Keitel had an expression of hatred as he stared fiercely at Göring.


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  1. I just noticed that I left out the first few paragraphs of the chapter. That’s why it seems out of place, due the lack of the introductory paragraphs.


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