v3c14: Marshal’s End (II)

Volume 3, Chapter 14

“No, no, what he said was a lie! I have never…”

Göring started to feel that the situation was turning bad and started to urgently deny the accusations.

“Shut up, I did not ask you! Now sit!”

Hitler coldly interrupted Göring’s desperate defense. Then he turned to Goebbels and Himmler. Both men were two of his most highly trusted subordinates. Their support and confirmation was needed to ensure himself of the decision.

“Goebbels, what do you think of Reinhardt’s words against Göring?”

Goebbels looked helplessly at Göring. He was very clear as to Göring’s misdeeds, perhaps better than most. However, he never mentioned them to Hitler as he was concerned about trouble arising. However, he was also clear that Hitler has essentially given up on the commander of the Luftwaffe. Leaving Göring trapped in a corner and honestly it would not logical to risk offending the Deputy Fuhrer by supporting him. On the other hand, he and Göring had a mild friendship. Placing him in an embarrassing situation. Eventually, he looked right at Göring and then nodded towards Hitler.

“Heinrich, tell me your opinion.”

Himmler had long since been tempted to jump out and say something. Now that he finally had the opportunity, he rejoiced in his heart. He really started to admire that Deputy Fuhrer. Grasping the opportunity to pin the Fuhrer against Göring. That fatty is likely to lose all of his trust from Hitler, even if he escapes, he will at least lose his position. Reinhardt is an absolute genius. But since the Fuhrer had asked for his opinion, there was no need to hold back.

Himmler still maintained a calm expression on the surface. Stating, “My Fuhrer, Deputy Fuhrer Reinhardt’s words were entirely true. In fact, the situation is even more serious then he described. According to my report, Marshal Göring did a lot more things that were not in line with his identity. The report also stated that Marshal Göring is like a clown to the eyes of the German people. There are even vulgar jokes about Göring spreading like wildfire among the folk. Many of the jokes even implicate other Party leaders. However, rest assured. I have dealt with these issues the instant I received word.

However, I personally think that the behavior of Marshal Göring has proved that he is no longer suitable for his position, Marshal Göring has even seriously damaged the reputation of the Party in the hearts of the people, this cannot be allowed!”

Göring turned to look at Hitler with a fearful expression. He started to really regret coming to this military meeting. Now that it seems a catastrophe is imminent, be began to blame himself for quarreling with that despicable Reinhardt. Even hoping that he was dreaming, that this was only a horrible nightmare. Soon he would wake up and find himself in his home in Carinhall. But of course, that would not happen.

Hitler looked at Göring and coldly said.

“Hermann, I really did not expect you to be like this. I always thought you were loyal to the Party and to Germany. I always thought of you as a dauntless person. And so, I placed my trust in you, giving you power second only to me.

Never would I have thought that this is how you would repay me. This is too disappointing. From your actions, you are no longer suitable for your responsibilities. Now I relieve you of all your duties. You will accept Party and military investigations of your wrongdoings. Now get out of my sight.”

Although Göring was desperate, Hitler’s words still stunned him. His closest comrades have mercilessly abandoned him, but now even the Fuhrer lost hope in him. But this was different from the rest. He had offered his loyalty to the Fuhrer and yet this is how he was treated?

His mind became a mess of thoughts, the feeling of being abandoned and betrayed made his anger burst like a volcano. Standing up and madly rushed to Hitler’s side. Then grabbed him by his collar and yanked him up.

Roaring into Hitler’s ears, “Why! Adolf, what have I done to deserve this? I’ve followed you for so many years, I’ve done so much for you. I am faithful! Your commands were always followed! Yet, yet…”

Then he started to shake Hitler desperately. As if he went insane and lost all common sense as he drowned in despair.

“Let go of me, Hermann. Are you crazy?” Hitler looked directly into Göring’s blood-red eyes. He finally understood that Göring had completely lost his mind.

The others were stunned by the scene and once they realized what had happened, they could already see the Fuhrer being shaken like a rag doll by Göring.


One of Hitler’s military adjutants finally woke from his brief shock and yelled out. The officers carefully crept up to the two and were about to take on Göring.

However, a silhouette quickly rushed past them.

Hitler felt himself start to suffocate, his neck being caught by Göring. The intense shaking making his consciousness blurry. Inwardly thinking, “Where are those idiots doing!?”

But then a loud “whack” resounded. Hitler felt the firm grip on his neck start to loosen. Hitler gave a look of panic towards Göring, whose face was showing a strange expression. However, soon after the burly man fell onto the floor as he lost consciousness. Then, Hitler saw Xu Jun with his “chair leg” standing behind Göring.

The officers and generals finally reacted. As they immediately rushed over, gathered in Hitler’s side. Desperately expressing their loyalty to cover for their lack of action before.

Then the doors to the conference room were kicked open and a row of soldiers rushed in, most wielding a Mp38 and lead by an Army captain. However, the sight also stunned them. Marshal Göring was lying on the ground, the Fuhrer was clutching his throat and taking deep breaths. Surrounded by a group of generals and marshals all around him. All of the people present turned a blind eye to the newly-arrived soldiers. Still unsure what happened but also not daring to ask, they stood motionless waiting for someone to greet them and issue orders.

Hitler finally breathed a sigh of relief, then he drank a few mouthfuls of water. Pushing away the hands that helped him up. Probably to prove that he was indeed all right.

Raising his head then turn towards the head of the guards, “Captain, I order you to arrest Hermann Göring immediately. Drag him into a military court for processing, he has gone insane.”

Then at this time, Xu Jun leaned in and whispered a couple words.

“I disagree, my Fuhrer. If we give Göring to the military court and faces interrogation… He knows too much, we can’t guarantee he doesn’t say anything that he shouldn’t say.”

Realizing this, Hitler immediately ordered the guards to halt. “Hold, hold.”

Then he whispered back. “What should I do now? Do you have a method?”

“Didn’t you already say that Göring went crazy?”

Hitler nodded knowingly and issued another order to the soldiers.

“He is to be kept alone. Without my order, no one is allowed to see him. Also, he has become delusional, do not believe a word he says. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my Fuhrer.” The soldiers then continued to drag Göring out of the room.

Hitler made a gesture for everyone to sit back down. Of course, the members of the meeting quickly found their seats and sat in wait.

“Göring that shameless pig, my trust in him was in vain. But he actually dared to attack me. Fortunately, Reinhardt responded quickly to save me from that pig or the consequences would have been dire.” Hitler angrily said.

Then he spoke to Xu Jun. “Reinhardt, you are truly my guardian angel. Every time there is trouble, you deliver me from danger. I do not know how to thank you. On the side note, when you hit Göring he did not seem to bleed, why?” Pointing at the nails embedded in the chair.

“Oh, my Fuhrer, I did not use that side for the fight. If blood was spilt then how can we still meet here?”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Then Hitler turned to the others in the room. “Göring’s incident, I do not want it mentioned again nor any of you mention that name before me. What had happened tonight is to be of highest secrecy. No one is allowed to utter a word of this or they will face the military court. If anyone asks, then the story will be that Göring went insane suddenly during a meeting and tried to attack me. Himmler, find Göring a location for solitary confinement. You should know what to do. Do you understand?””

“Understood my Fuhrer!” Everyone was clear as to what he meant by that.

[MD: Pretty sure it means Göring is to be silenced]

Then Hitler said to Xu Jun with a smile, “Now, we should continue with the meeting. Reinhardt, please continue with your plan.”

“Yes, I had requested a Luftwaffe wing.”

“Oh yes, of course. I’ll not only give you a wing, I will give you an entire Luftwaffe division. In addition, I now appoint you as commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe until I find another suitable candidate. During this period, you will be in command of the entire Luftwaffe.”

Xu Jun could not help but overjoyed at his scheming. Never would he have thought that Hitler would place the entire German air force in his hands. It seems this is his repayment for saving him. But Xu Jun still had to act humble on the outside.

“Thank you, my Fuhrer. However, I must refuse. I am but an Army general, I have no experience with the operation of the Luftwaffe. I have no prestige in that branch, I’m afraid it would be hard to convince the public. Moreover, I still have a battle to command.”

“It does not matter, you would act as proxy. I’m sure the Luftwaffe staff will help with any trouble that arises. The German air force must have someone capable to guide it. You are the Deputy and a superb flying talent, I’m sure you will adapt quickly. If you are truly unwilling, I can find someone else to replace you.”

Xu Jun had to once again “reluctantly” agree to Hitler’s request.

The Army generals were even more ecstatic. Hitler’s decision finally allowed them to breathe a sigh of relief. For a time, they were afraid that Hitler would choose an even crazier person to lead the Luftwaffe. Now that everything was cleared, the Luftwaffe was as good as being under the control of the Army.

Hitler smiled and said to Xu Jun, “Are these all of your requests? If there is anything else, I can agree to it.”

“Yes, if fact there is one other thing I need to mention. This battle plan will require the assistance of the Navy. I hope to get in touch with their command soon to coordinate together.”

“Oh, the Navy? Haha, it seems your plan is indeed large enough. But first, tell us your plan in detail. If it is truly as perfect of a plan as you say it is, then I will personally command the Navy to assist you.”

“Well, my Fuhrer. My plan has three steps…”


If you’re wondering why the MC didn’t let Göring continue chocking Hitler it’s because of two things. 

  1. Hitler wouldn’t have died anyway, at most just thrown unconscious. Besides the room was filled with military officers, they would have jumped in soon enough.
  2. The MC is only a small general and the Deputy Fuhrer. No one had sworn allegiance to him, only to Hitler. A power struggle might have ensued which would be inconvenient. 

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