v3c15: Overture

Volume 3, Chapter 15

May 24, 1940, France.

The early summer sun casted a soft glow onto the fertile lands of France. The wind blowing through these seemingly ordinary days.

Roland Pierre was lying on his comfortable steel-wire bed enjoying a comfortable nap.

When suddenly a deep rumble reached across the horizon. The strange sound of something approaching, even the ground starting to vibrate slightly. Then the rumbling became more and more distinct. You could soon hear the sound of metal gears turning. The sound grew increasingly intense, and the whole house started to shake slightly. The cup of water slowly crept towards the edge of the table. Until finally, it fell over and shattered on the floor.

Roland Pierre was finally awakened from his sweet sleep. He stumbled towards the window to see what was happening.

Then he discerned the cause of the rumbling and shouted.

“Those damn Germans can’t even let people have a good sleep!”

He jumped out of bed, his upper chest still shirtless. Put on his cotton slippers and rushed from his bedroom to the front porch.

Roland Pierre’s house was built at the intersection of two large roads. His house being a very common two-story wooden house. Like other French farmers’ houses, it was not gorgeous but very rugged.

Fifteen years ago, he retired from the Army and bought a small farm with all of his savings. He came to this quiet and peaceful area with his pregnant wife to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. He personally built this shabby house and planted several fruit trees in the backyard. Finally, due to his hard work, he expanded his farm slightly and hired several workers.

Because of his house’s position between Arras and Cambrai, he opened a building for lodging travelers. Causing his monthly income to be quite good. Until the war suddenly out, disrupting his comfortable life.

At the beginning of the war, his workers left as they were suddenly recruited into the army. His two daughters brought back a description of the size of the German army. However, Roland Pierre was still skeptical that the war would come to his farm anytime soon.

Of course, to be safe his wife and daughters were sent to their grandfather’s in La Havre. However, he still refused to leave his farm. In his mind, the Germans had no way of breaking the Maginot Line. Not to mention storming into the French mainland to his land.

Unexpectedly, the Germans did indeed come. And they swept through the land like a group of locusts. Listening to the news on the radio. Roland Pierre found out that they rushed through Belgium and bypassed the Maginot Line.

All his neighbors were already fleeing to the south with their savings. Roland could not bear to abandon his home and the ten years of effort put in.

During the first days, Roland Pierre was terrified when he saw the columns of German soldiers marching west, their bodies full of vigor and fervor. From time to time there would be countless tanks and armored vehicles churning dust into the sky. But after a few days he saw that the Germans would start to have some interest in his farm. Although occasionally there would be several soldiers who ran into his yard and drank from his well. Then immediately run back to his unit.

The troops would often look at him as they passed. However, they seemed to have no intention of stopping here. Eventually Roland got used to this scene. Since the Germans did not come to harass himself, there was no need to find unneeded trouble.

One night a team of cars came from the direction of Cambrai. A group of German officers stepped out. Then as they knocked on the door, Roland was nearly scared to death. After some time, he figured out that they wished to spend a night at his house. And so, he hastened to prepare a room and food for them. Leaving the Germans quite satisfied and they thanked him for his services. The next day the Germans left, and even left some Marks laying on the table.

But the behavior of the Germans still made him angry. Last night, they were marching in the middle of the night. The roar of the trucks and tanks made him unable to fall asleep.

By morning, Roland dragged his exhausted body outside and began to take care of his crops. Went to the orchard for a while, and then decided to take a nap after lunch.

But he did not expect that he would once again be forced awake from his nap after just an hour. Roland was really angry now. Looking at his front yard and the road. However, everything was empty. The rumbling suddenly disappeared, his house no longer shaking.

“Did the Germans already leave? They sure are moving fast.”

Returning to his house, ready to continue his nap. But just when his head touched the pillow, a low buzzing came from the distant horizon.

“Hell! This day cannot pass peacefully.”

Climbing from his bed, he opened the balcony window and looked towards the sky. Then he saw a large cluster of aircraft flying towards his house. Around fifty to sixty in total, forming a tight formation.

“You bastards! It was the tanks but now it’s planes! People can’t even sleep well. I’ll show you!”

Roland Pierre waved his fist towards the group of approaching planes. And then he rushed back to his room, and put on his coarse pajamas. Then ran downstairs.

Grabbing his ragged single shotgun from the shortage room, and loaded it. Carrying the shotgun and some ammo as he walked out the front door.

Looking towards the sky, the neat formation was almost directly atop him. They seemed to be very high up but Roland could still distinguish the iron cross beneath the wings.

Roland lifted his shotgun and fired at the planes. Although he knew that he would never hit the planes, he still found it very enjoyable. He continued to scream and reload. It soon became two shots, three shots until finally the planes flew far from his sight.

“Yeah, you better run, that’s what you get for disturbing my sleep.”

Roland the spat onto the ground, and shouldered his gun as he returned triumphantly to his house. Ready to go back to sleep.

But when he turned back around, he was also shocked.

Just beside his house, where stopped a dozen German tanks and armored cars. A tank even had crushed the fence in his yard. There are several German soldiers drawing water from his well. A few officers were standing in the shade of a tank while holding a map. The other German soldiers were sitting atop the tanks holding food and water cans. About to have a meal.

But what was strange was that the Germans were all stunned in place. Still maintaining their postures only looking at Roland with a look of puzzlement and surprise. Roland also froze up like a stone statue as he traded stares at the German soldiers.

Finally, a German officer began to move. Raising his arm and pointing at him. Roland was still frozen, however his fingers started to tremble. A few German soldiers then ran forwards and pointed their rifles at him.

“Virgin Mary!”

He drew a cross on his chest as he threw his gun on the ground. Raising his hands up high.

While Roland Pierre was surrendering to the German Army, Xu Jun was triumphantly sitting in his Ju52 as he looked out of his window at his fighter escort. His mind currently contemplating the next step in his plan.

Xu Jun would never know that his escort had just been shot at by a silly French farmer. However, little would he know that this small French farmer would cause some big troubles in the near future.


[MD: Bonus Chapter for breaking 3.7 on NU!!!   I rushed to get this done this afternoon.

Also, this is the first of the Author’s many side stories. The author likes to put 1-4 chapter side stories throughout the main story. Many don’t have recurring characters that affect the main story but this one is an exception.] 


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