v3c17: Forward

Volume 3, Chapter 17

“No need to give an oath right now. I believe that you have the ability. We are very pressed for time and I have not yet greeted the other officers.”

Muller gave an embarrassed smile, then exchanged a few words with Hans. Xu Jun was then introduced to the officers standing behind Muller. Many of which he already knew, Muller quickly explained their roles and functions in the division. Also, reporting the replacement troops that have just arrived and other things that happened in the last two days.

“This is the commander of the Großdeutschland Infantry Regiment, Colonel Stockholm. They arrived last evening, we have now completely familiarized with each other. Although they had minimal losses in the previous battle, they were still sent additional troops by headquarters. Now their strength is above all of the other mechanized infantry regiments.”

Colonel Stockholm stepped forward, elegantly nodded. It was a 50-year-old officer, his posture maintained a noble aristocratic temperament and neat military style.

“Oh! It is Colonel, it is so nice to see you again. It has been four months since we last met I believe. How have you been?” Xu Jun was able to quickly recall the commander’s information. It seems Jack met first met him when he had established the Großdeutschland as an elite regiment.

“Oh, thank you for your concern, I am doing quite well. My friend, you are still so full of energy. Able to fight under your command is the Großdeutschland’s honor!” Xu Jun started to briefly laugh and chat together with that old man.

“This is the new head of the 25th Panzer regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Harron. Colonel Rothenburg had been transferred away last night. Lieutenant Colonel Harron has experience commanding armored units and is well received by the soldiers.

Xu Jun looked at the officer in front of him. He looks only to be about thirty years old. Tall and quite handsome, wearing a uniform of a tank commander. His chest hanging two iron crosses, and a Panzer badge. His boots wiped spotlessly and giving a confident air.

“Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Harron. The success of the Panzer units will depend on you.”

“Thank you very much, I will work hard.”

Neat and polished attitude, Xu Jun was very pleased that he could have such a commander. While Rothenburg was competent, but in the end, is still an old commander. His traditional mindset would make it difficult to control him. And so, it would be simpler to secretly transfer him to the office to try advancing his career there. That way he didn’t have to feel guilty about suppressing an elder’s future, a win-win.

“This is the commander of the 37th Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Lieutenant Sanders. During the battle, the 37th Battalion suffered heavy losses. Although these last two days headquarters have been actively resupplying troops and officers, the 38th Battalion is still not restored to its previous state.”

Xu Jun nodded and smiled at the young lieutenant, saying to him: “I remember that you were the only surviving officer in your battalion. I hope that you can play your part with all your strength. Bring honor to your battalion, do not let your fellow officers be sacrificed in vain.”

“Yes General! I will not let them feel ashamed. The 37th Battalion will always be the most reliable eyes of the 7th Panzer Division!” Sanders exclaimed loudly, his eyes showing his determination. Xu Jun nodded in silent praise and patted his shoulder.

“This is the commander of the 7th Infantry Regiment. Major Guth. He is my deputy division commander. In Arras, he was the one responsible for holding the right flank. I have appointed him as head of the 7th Regiment. Although the losses to the regiment were still serious. The new troops have returned the regiment to fully combat effectiveness. The situation is the same with the 6th Infantry Battalion. I hope that these changes are to your satisfaction?”

“Of course. Rather, I’ve been impressed with my soldiers’ unconditional trust and the speed that the Division is recovering.” Then Xu Jun shook hands with Guth and congratulated him. The other officers were from the various battalions. Most were recently promoted and their gazed filled with gratitude and worship.

As Xu Jun and the officers were busy chatting with each other, the other planes also finished landing. The staff and secretaries all climbed down from the plane carrying their luggage.

Then Xu Jun said to Muller: “Muller, my orders. Have you received it?”

“Yes, General.”

“Then when can the troops depart?”

“Basically, we are ready. As long we clean-up we can immediately leave. The equipment and supplies have already been readied in the cars. We depart in half an hour, General.”

Xu Jun nodded, then turned to Hans and said.

“Hans, go determine if the other two forces will able to meet us on time.”

“General, I have confirmed when in the plane. They have rushed all through the night. According to their current progress, they should be able to rendezvous with us within the allocated time.

“Is that so? Well go and send them another telegram. Make sure to remind them that they must arrive in the given timetable. Any tardiness is unacceptable.”

“Understood, General.”

Hans then quickly went to the staff officers to get the message sent. While Xu Jun turned back around to the group of officers.

“Gentlemen, you’ve all seen the orders last night. I believe that it is very clearly an extremely urgent situation right now. You can put down all of your unnecessary tasks and we will immediately start our operation. Officers will immediately return to their units and have their soldiers ready in the half hour. In half an hour, we will head towards the rendezvous point. Now, ladies and gentlemen, begin.”

Xu Jun gave a serious look at the officers. The officers, on the other hand, were surprised at the abruptness of the order. But seeing his grim face, they understood that it was no time for delay.

“Obey, General.”

The officers then dispersed and rushed to their respective forces.

The neatly formed soldiers beside the airfield also heard the orders and flocked towards their tents. The whole camp instantly became chaotic and loud.

Half an hour later, all the troops were truly ready to go. The roar of the trucks and tanks were deafening.

Xu Jun stood in his Sd.Kfz. 251 armored half-track looking at his majestic forces. His heart bursting with excitement. His own army. Relying on these steeled troops to achieve his ideals, his aspirations. Although the road in front of him may be blotted with obstacles and dangers. He still believes that he will lead these troops to the final victory, to invincibility.

“Let us depart, Colonel Muller!”

“Yes, General.”

Muller answered immediately, then turned and ran back to his own command car.

Muller then stood in the turret of his Sd.Kfz.221. Facing the mass of troops, he shouted into the microphone: “Forward!” Swinging down his hand towards the horizon.



The commanders of the various units spread their orders at the same time.

Then the armored vehicles of the 37th Reconnaissance Battalion went first onto the dirt road.

Following them were the 7th Infantry Regiment, who were almost completely upgraded to a mechanized infantry regiment. Giving them a dramatic boost in mobility, showing that the Army headquarters really put everything into improving the division. Now that the infantry didn’t need to march around carrying a heavy backpack and rifle under the hot sun, their morale substantially increased. Vowing to bring honor back to the 7th Panzer Division. They pledged their honor to their commander Reinhardt von Straud and to Germany.

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