v3c20: Above All In the World

Volume 3, Chapter 20

Once Xu Jun and the two generals reached the conference room, they quickly ran over the procedure to handover the troops. The two major generals and their division staff were completely rearranged.

Originally they were discontent that the Headquarters had pulled them from the front lines and placed their under the command of feather boy. However, Xu Jun assured them that they will command a new mechanized infantry division once this was over. Successfully offering a bait they could not refuse.

A new mechanized infantry division. That meant they would have their own tank units under their command. Much more fun than a simple pure infantry division. Their view of the young Deputy Fuhrer changed again. Although he was lauded as a military genius, he was also a cunning fellow. However, they were not angry as they received just compensation.

After the two generals finished, the began to depart. After all, they had no clue to Xu Jun’s plans. They were only commanded to bring their troops to Tournai at all haste. Then to cede command of their troops to General Reinhardt.

Xu Jun walked them to the gate then returned to have his subordinate officers inspect the newly made command center.

Then as Xu Jun walked into the door, he looked around. First, he noticed the sheer length of the room, rather a corridor. The walls had four doors that led to four different rooms. The entire building had the smell of wood, more specifically pine. The first door led to the briefing room. Which held a long conference table, the walls covered with a variety of maps. Next was a large drinking fountain, probably a meeting place for the officers.

Xu Jun turned around and walked into the left room. It turned out to be the military command room, the foremost wall hanging a large map of Europe. The middle was a huge map of France. On the sides of the room were a few sand tables. All marked with the current troop deployments. This was where he would be making his decisions.

Xu Jun walked toward the innermost room. Opening the door he could see that it was the staff office. As Xu Jun walked in, the officers and secretaries quickly stood in attention. However, he quickly waved his hand for them to resume work. Xu Jun then ordered the 1st and 3rd Infantry Division commanders to stay in the command room.

He was still curious to know what the right room was. He slowly opened the door of the room and looked in. It seemed to be a secretarial room. As about one or two dozen beautiful secretaries were busy sorting documents and placing them into filing cabinets. The sound of the room was dominated with the clicking of typewriters. As the secretaries saw Xu Jun they put down their work and quickly stood.

“Oh, uhh… Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to take a look, it seems I’ve affected your work. Uhh really sorry.” Xu Jun gave an awkward military salute.

“Oh! It is nothing General.”

Xu Jun could see the secretary start to blush. Besides, seeing a room full of German beauties that look at him with gazes of admiration, his heart was bound to race as well. He could feel some sweat forming in the bridge of his nose. Inwardly he was screaming at himself. “Shit, I need to get out of here!”

He quickly gave an embarrassed smile. “So… You can continue with your work, I still have something to do…. Yeah, that’s right. So, well I’ll be going. Uh if there’s something… Uhh, I’ll call you.” Then rushed out of the room.

Xu Jun turned around, wiped the sweat the sweat off his face. Then he suddenly saw his three adjutants and officers of the 7th Division standing behind him. Each with a strange smirk plastered on their faces.

“Hmph, what are you all laughing at. I was just looking at the work of the secretaries.”

Xu Jun was about to speak further when loud cries came from behind the door.

“Ah, the general talked to me, I’m so happy.”

“What? He was talking to me. Ah, the general is so charming.”

“Stop dreaming, Reinhardt was talking to me. You saw him look into my eyes.”

“How dare you call him Reinhardt?”

“Hahaha” Hearing this scuffle, the officers started to all laugh loudly. Even the most serious of them, Dorgen, was no exception. Xu Jun gave a secretly startled look at his subordinates. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that the rigid German officers had such a side to them.

The officers were still laughing with little signs of stopping. Finally, Dorgen saw the ugly face on his boss and knew that trouble could arise at any moment. He quickly coughed a few times, indicating for the officers to stop.

“Oh, you’ve laughed enough? I truly don’t know what’s so funny.”

Xu Jun’s voice was cold and pierced like daggers. The officers started to feel that their actions were really too presumptuous. Seeing Xu Jun’s unhappy gaze, they lowered their heads slightly.

“We have no time for silliness, we have not won. The Reich is still endangered. If we do not maintain a high degree of vigilance, then hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers could very well escape our grasp. If they slip away now, they will return with power ten, no a hundred times greater. By that time, the German people will have to make up for your foolish negligence. Using our last liter of gasoline, the last ton of steel, the last loaf of bread, and the last drop of blood. We will be the sinners of Germany!

And yet, my brave officers don’t think of these matters. You still laugh at irrelevant things. Soldiers can do this and I treat them with tolerance, because they may die at any time for the Reich. They have the right to indulge as it may be their last. But you are not the same as them. You are the elite officers of the German Army. In such a critical situation, your mind should be focused on how to lead your troops to victory. Not a meaninglessness joke.

You are not in a resort in Berlin right now. This is my command, this is where countless soldiers will either display meritorious service or sacrifice their lives. The place is sacred, I hope my officers can respect that because it is the same as respecting your soldiers.”

Xu Jun stopped, then gave a serious look at the men. The officers were ashamed for their rudeness and felt as if a needle was piercing their chest. Making them feel arrogant and shallow. In their eyes, Xu Jun was no longer just a brilliant commander, he also the aura of a majestic leader. Wise and thoughtful, the embodiment of German values throughout the centuries.

Xu Jun looked at the group and slightly nodded in satisfaction. This was after all because he’d rather not have a group of arrogant officers that knew no shame. His tone began to become gentle and sincere.

“If my plan is successful and we celebrate a great victory. Your names will be etched in history. After the victory, you will become the heroes of the Reich. Your family will be proud that you contributed to such a grand battle. So, I hope that you can treat the current situation with all seriousness and strive to accomplish your mission. I hope that we can work together to help in this grand battle.

Perhaps I have been too harsh in my words. Forgive me for any rudeness I may have displayed towards any of you. But I still ask that you leave all the insignificant problems behind. For the honor of the Germany Army, for the Third Reich, for the German people. To all the loyal and brave soldiers, this is not my battle alone. We will all contribute each of our wisdom to ensure victory!”

Then the group of officers started to move. Slowly walking in from of Xu Jun and formed two neat rows. Their eyes filled with the desire for glory and victory.

Muller step forward, his eyes with tears.

“When it be always for protection and defense,
    [Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze]
The brothers will always stand together.”
    [brüderlich zusammen hält]

Muller choked as he sang the German national anthem. “Germany, Germany above all,” Then the officers joined in one by one. Then for a time, that deep and solemn song sounded throughout the headquarters.

Xu Jun, inwardly, had mixed feelings. They were some good people. They are brave and firm, frank and serious. They love their nation and would not hesitate to die for it.

Disciplined, honor-bound, they will follow their own thoughts. However, at the same time, they will be extremely ruthless to the enemy and trusts their friends as brothers. Calm in the face of death, never tolerating failure.

For thousands of years, these Germans have maintained these attributes. Albeit along with their stubborn heads.

But at the same time, the Germans were always too simple, never adapting from their mistakes. Hence, they have been conquered and used throughout history. First, it was the Romans, then the Gauls, Vikings, British, French, and Russians. Then it was their own lords and emperors. Then at present, it was Adolf Hitler’s turn.

It is a sorrowful, ever revolving situation, yet all Germany wants is peace and prosperity. Yet they were continually incited and deceived. The suffering of this country is not much worse than China’s.

Xu Jun now looked at the officers with a guilty heart. He felt as if he was also deceiving these people’s feelings. Although he spouted his words in anger, he never expected his words to have such a result.

Now, these soldiers were deeply touched by his own words, and their blood was churning. From their eyes, he could see that their hearts have been completely won over.

Xu Jun felt a pang in his heart as he secretly swore that once he had enough strength, he would build a better future. This nation cannot be continually spoiled by it’s leaders. History cannot be allowed to repeat this ruthless cycle.

The officers were still singing. Rather, their singing became louder and louder. Even Xu Jun was affected by this atmosphere. He subconsciously straightened himself, then look solemnly at the officers. His gaze becoming firmer by the, even Xu Jun has also been affected by this hot emotion, he slowly upright, and then began to solemnly face those officers.

“When it be always for protection and defense,
     [Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze]
The brothers will always stand together.”
     [brüderlich zusammen hält]

Then another group of people joined in the singing, THe 1st and 3rd Division officers stood at the door of the Command Room. They had gathered when they heard the loud reprimands outside. Also feeling touched, their voices also joined the chorus.
Xu Jun nodded slightly to them, those officers also returned with their respectful gazes. He finally knew that he had been accepted by those stubborn soldiers.

Feeling a burst of excitement, he used his loudest voice as he joined.

The staff officers joined, the secretaries started to sing. And finally, the outside guards sang as the solemn song echoed into the camp.

“When, always,
     [Wenn es stets]
For protection and defense
     [zu Schutz und Trutze]
The brothers will always stand together.
     [Brüderlich zusammenhält]
From the Meuse to the Nemen,
     [Von der Maas bis an die Memel]
From the Adige to the Belt.”
     [Von der Etsch bis an den Belt]



[MD: I didn’t like the translations of the Anthem so I MTL’ed that part. If my German readers have a better TL and still sounds good then comment below.]


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