v4c1: Leave

Volume 4, Chapter 1

“Ah, my dear Reinhardt, welcome. Welcome back.”

Adolf Hitler almost shouted at Xu Jun who had just got off his car. He was waiting at the armored entrance of the temporary headquarters, the Felsennest.

“Ah, my dear Fuhrer, it would be enough to meet me in your office. There was no need for you to come out in person. How are you, my Fuhrer?”

Hitler personally ran to the door to meet his subordinates. This was something that surprised Xu Jun and his subordinates.

“How do you say that? After all, you’ve accomplished for Germany and the Party. For such a great accomplishment, of course I would personally come to meet the hero of all Germany.” Hitler stepped forward and seized Xu Jun’s hands and excitedly said: “Your victory was absolutely the most glorious in Germany’s military history. To bring a mighty country to its knees in one battle, I could not believe it when it was first reported.

Your merit is enough for your placement among the greatest military strategists in German history. Goebbels has already announced the news of the tremendous victory to the German people. Well, let’s not stay here, we should go inside. I have prepared the most abundant banquet to welcome your arrival. You must introduce the battle to me, I wish to know every detail.”

Hitler then turned his gaze off of Xu Jun and looked at the officers behind.

“Oh, so these are your commanders? Officers, you are the heroes of the Third Reich. Soon, I will personally bestow you your honors.”

“Thanks for the Fuhrer’s praise.” The officers quickly raised their hands and gave a military salute.

Hitler nodded toward the officers, and quickly returned to chattering with Xu Jun as they walked into the fortress.

“Well, let’s go in. So, Reinhardt, how was the journey here?”

“It was well. I noticed that the road from the airport to headquarters was much better than the last time I came.”

“Yes, your Luftwaffe deputy, Milch has been performing very well. He is a very capable person. Very loyal to me and the Reich. I understand that you have not had the opportunity to meet him yet. He also is far away from headquarters so I could not invite him tonight. Anyhow, you will soon have the opportunity. I’m sure you will be impressed.”

“Oh, yes. Indeed, it is as you say, he is a talent. It is a blessing that the Luftwaffe may have him.”

Xu Jun’s laughter echoed around the chamber, but in his heart laid a shadow.

Originally, he was puzzled, how could Milch, one of Goring’s henchman, be promoted to the position of Vice-Minister of Aviation. Later on, Xu Jun may have exerted his influence to save him. But that seemed unnecessary now. Rather, Milch had completely sided with Hitler. That said, the Luftwaffe now was under the watchful eyes of Hitler. Milch will be his piece to counter Xu Jun if necessary.

But all in all, Milch can be ignored. His intelligence is limited and would essentially pose no threat during an internal conflict. This was already confirmed in the original timeline. He was a waste of time and resources. It was only that Hitler had not noticed it yet.

As Xu Jun and Hitler were laughing and walking into the depths of the fortress, guards upon guards stood flanking each door. Their arms fierce and swift as they saluted the two idols before them.

The group of attendants and adjutants followed closely yet maintaining a respectful distance. All the while, hoping to listen in on the two leaders’ talks.

After a seemingly long walk, they reached the large chamber for officers and secretaries. The low-level soldiers stole glances at the duo from afar. Afraid to break the atmosphere with a wrong step. As for the officers, besides the two Fuhrers, they were also focused on something else. Reaching the top of the military was already a dream for them. Only a select few can make the climb. Even more, they must obtain victory and merit dozens of times. And so, to witness a dignified group of high-leveled officers, those who reached the top of the ladder; it filled them with awe.

Of course, Muller had reached such a rank. He and several others raised their heads and checked their posture as they proudly strode through the aisles of desks. They had no fear in their hearts, instead, they were filled with pride and excitement.

Like last time, the group made their way to the command center after passing the office area. Hitler ordered his aides to go to the restaurant along with Xu Jun’s men. The remaining two went into Hitler’s office.

Upon entering, Xu Jun cast a quick glance around. It was still as clean and tidy as the last visit. But this time, there were a few more decorative items on the wall. Such as a couple of embroidered tapestry pieces with beautiful patterns. Interestingly enough, a new addition were two Roman turquoise and silver plates.

“So, my dear Reinhardt.”

As Hitler sat down on a seat beside the wall, he began too happily talk. “You really gave me a most precious gift. I didn’t even think it was possible for such an overwhelming victory. When you first introduced the plan to me, I thought it was merely a plan to destroy the British Expeditionary Force with the least cost. But no, it was much more than that. It brings me immense pleasure to think of the two hundred thousand British elites that we’ve captured. Haha, I wonder what that fat man and his island can do to continue fighting.”

Hitler then stood up, excitedly pacing back and forth around the room.

“That damn Churchill, that war-monger. He even rejected my peace proposal, then slandered my name publicly. Calling me an evil madman on the radio. For that, I can never forgive him.” Hitler’s face formed a loathing expression as he continued to shout angry curses. It seems that merely mentioning Churchill touched his hatred.

But Xu Jun suddenly had some doubts. Prodding further, he put on a frown and asked: “My Fuhrer, when did you propose a peace treaty with the United Kingdom? Do you really think there may be peace between us and England?”

“You’re right, I understand much more than my past self. I know now that there shall be no peace between Germany and Britain. Originally, I looked upon the Anglo-Saxons as also being a superior race, descended from the old Germans. And so, I wished for peaceful coexistence. But yet, they disgrace my kindness with what! They dared to knock my goodwill to the ground and trample upon it like swine! This is an insult to our great Germany!”

Xu Jun inwardly shook his head, saying to himself. “If Churchill is a war-monger, you’re not far off.”

But obviously, his mouth said something different. “Oh, I will surely make those ignorant British pay for the stupidity of their Prime Minister.”

“Of course, my dear Reinhardt. Of course. I am confident you can do that for me.”

Hitler then started to get excited again. Happily speaking once more. “You really taught that fat man a great lesson. Haha, I did not think that your final goal would be the British Navy and Air Force. You really are a genius, I would have never thought of such a thing. Best of all, their Royal Navy, the proudest and most arrogant navy in the world; was obliterated by the German Army. You have no idea how surprised I was when I received the news, haha. Their navy was destroyed by an army, that is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.

Now those rats over on that island only have two old battleships left and a handful of useless cruisers. What can they do now against our Kriegsmarine? I’ve already sent all of our large ships and many of our submarines out to sea. We can rely on them to destroy the shipping routes.

I’ve already classified the British coastline as a theater of war. Any vessel entering the British coastline will be indiscriminately attacked by German submarines. I believe that within three months Britain’s throat will be within our grasp. I wish to see what kind of desperate struggle that damn war-monger will do to continue fighting.”

“Yes, my Fuhrer, your strategy is very correct. I would have advised that same course of action.”

“Haha, yes, of course. I’m ready to bring the battle to Britain after France is resolved. I want to completely eradicate the root cause of chaos in Europe. For centuries, they exploited from the Europeans. Every war of the last millennia, the British have instigated or fanned the flames. I want to make them pay the price for the anarchy that they have brought on. Even now, there must be Jews within the British war-movement. The British Parliament could very easily be controlled by those international Jewish lobbyists and banks…”

Xu Jun was still sighing in his head. “Ugh, here it comes with the Jews again. It is nonsense. The anti-Semitism in Britain is not much worse than in Germany a few years ago. If the British Government was controlled by the Jews, it would be a big joke.”

The Hitler continued near endlessly. “You know how fragile France is right now, they have no capability to retaliate. I’m confident that I can force France’s surrender within a month. Then, I can finally clean up the United Kingdom and also deal with the Bolsheviks in the East. We will establish an empire, remembered for all of mankind. We will grasp the entire world in our hands…”

“Ugh, here is it again. Hmm, I wonder if we’ll ever get to the banquet?”

Unexpectedly, Hitler began talking about his plan for global conquest. Then this was followed by his absurd plans for the Jews. Occasionally, scattered about, he would suddenly scold military officials for being inefficient, corrupt, or incompetent. Finally, after half an hour Xu Jun was released from this torture.

“My dear Reinhardt, what is your decision for the future? Do you want to continue fighting in France or go reorganize your team? I think your men are good, but their complete loyalty to the Party is not guaranteed. After all, they are Army officers.”

“God, was Hitler always so paranoid? Even thinking of my officers as being treacherous.”

Xu Jun replied with a smile. “My Fuhrer, you can rest assured that my officers are all extremely loyal to the Party and the Reich. I can personally attest for each one of them. As for the future plans, I want to take a break for some rest. I would like to take a few days for a holiday leave. For this operation, I almost exhausted my energy. My troops are also in need of a good rest.

As you said, France would be easy work. My presence would not make much difference. However, if you have any problems then I can return if needed. Currently, I just want to enjoy my peaceful life for a while.”

Hitler lowered his head in thought. After a moment, he looked at Xu Jun. “Very well, I approve of your request. You will have a month of unrestricted holiday leave. During this period, you can do whatever you wish. The same goes for your officers. As for the Corps, they will have the time to rest. Before your return, they will remain at their base camp. What do you think?”

“Thank you very much, my Fuhrer. You are really generous.”

“This is what you deserve, my dear Reinhardt. You deserve a holiday, enjoy it. So, where do you plan to go for your vacation? My hunting villa is quite good. I can lend it to you if you wish. Goring’s hunting estate is also quite nice. Rather, it already belongs to you. You should go take a look at it sometime,” Hitler began to enthusiastically bring up ideas.

“My Fuhrer, I want to first go to Poland. I wish to see Warsaw again. It has been quite some time since I last visited. I heard that it has been quelled by Himmler quite a bit so this is a good opportunity.

“Oh? Why would you think of going there? No matter, it is your holiday, do whatever you wish. You should see Himmler and talk about your visit. I’m sure he would get Warsaw ready for your arrival. Well, the time is getting late. Let’s go to the ballroom. I’m in a good mood today, haha. I want to hold a grand celebration banquet to celebrate the victory.”

The next afternoon, Xu Jun said goodbye to Hitler. His head still somewhat uncomfortable from the hangover that morning. Finally, he entered the plane at the airport and left.

The plane circled over the Felsennest three times before flying to the east.

Xu Jun at the time, did not realize that his trip to Warsaw would propel him to become direct enemies of Hitler.

One by one, conspiracies and hidden battles would shake Germany to its highest levels.

No matter who emerges victor. Their scepter must be stained with blood, his throne formed of corpses, trotting on a delicate line between power and evil.


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  1. Yeah. Himmler will fall too.
    Thanks for the chapter Ming! I wanna see what xu jun think of us italians xD


  2. Thanks for the chapter. So USSR is still a target. Will it be a Red Square again? And that last part is something. But what about that beacon thingy? Have it been destroyed?

    Typos spotted:
    /Your merit is /enough to enough for/ your placement among the greatest military strategists in German history./

    /Hitler nodded toward the officers, and quickly returned /to chattered/ with Xu Jun as they walked into the fortress./

    /The low-level soldiers /peaked/ at the duo from afar./

    /Ugh, here /is/ comes with the Jews again./

    /However, if you have any problems /than/ I can return if needed./

    Not sure about this one, sounds odd to hear:
    /It seems that his words really touch his hatred./

    For this one, maybe combining them into one sentence will sound better? Not sure though.
    /Best of all, their Royal Navy, the proudest and most arrogant navy in the world. Was obliterated by the German Army./

    Thanks again.


  3. Yeah with so many mistakes it’s a wonder how I still get a good grade my papers.
    But yes it also has to do with the beacon


  4. Maybe it’s because you’re currently exhausted, and thus, lose focus?
    Doing something in a test environment is really different since there’s something at stake. And it’s not like it’s unreadable or hinder immersive readings, so please relax.

    That android really likes to place things at difficult place, in many kind of meaning.


  5. Thanks for the concern but I don’t really get exhausted. I feel like it’s just a psychological thing where I type and think at the same time. Sometimes, I just skip over words even though I know what I want to type. But all in all, I’m fine.

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  6. Well the MC can’t be a subordinate the entire series. He’s got stuff to do.

    But really, it comes down to this:
    1st. The MC is kinda annoyed at Hitler’s rambling. – (Currently at this stage)
    2nd. Then, the MC does something that directly challenges Hitler’s authority.
    3rd. Hitler sees the MC as a threat. (Because he’s paranoid)
    4th. MC is forced to fight back.
    = Conflict

    – Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain –


  7. but if u stop to think then that war and something dont have nothing to do with the history. so. call it the battle of the third reich is like dumb. because hitler impersonates the nazi third reich. if he dies, all is gone. it will better be called something like, the neo-second world war……lol.


  8. well considering that its alternative history, then you cant expect everything to happen exactly as it did before. And I personally I am quite content if the greater reich was under a more able ruler than Hitler, I mean he did order his scientists to stop producing some more effective means of killing people, like automatic rifles and such, though some of the more innovative people still managed to make some of them happen by renaming them. The reason mp40 is named machine pistol actually and so on.

    Lastly thats why its called battle of the third reich and not the struggles of hitler or something lol.


  9. tbh this is battle of the third reich and he is going to go against ruler of reich so title is still appropriate! and have you ever heard of empire collapsing cause of death of a ruler??


  10. i have various examples to give. like the caesar augustus roman empire. alexander the great macedonian empire. all of them dont are able to continue without their leader. because their leader are unique. and the ideas of them uniques too. and the Nazi German is more critical in that point. because only germany use nazi-fascism in that epoch. the lebesraun and all another things has been idealized and begin work because Hitler´s and the Nazi party (Not so nazi back then) efforts. now u say me my argument is not valid? come up with some facts kiddo. i dont are talking shit. im talking history.


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