v4c3: Walking

Volume 4, Chapter 3

The imposing row of sleek black cars flew into Warsaw. Guided by a Luftwaffe officer, they arrived at the Chaumont restaurant on the edge of Warsaw’s market square.

The Château de Chaumont is currently the most exclusive and luxurious restaurant in Warsaw. Boasting the best chefs in Poland. A place where you can taste all the flavors of Europe and, of course, the local Polish cuisine. Now it only entertains German troops and local government officials. Which is also why it has become the only fine-dining Polish restaurant in Warsaw.

In order to allow all of his men to eat collectively at a table, Xu Jun ordered to occupy the half the luxurious restaurant. He asked the waiters to pull up the smaller tables to create a long one for everyone to sit at.

The restaurant manager seemed to be somewhat displeased with Xu Jun’s request. The Luftwaffe officer had already informed the group that the fat manager was from Berlin and apparently a relative of the SS lieutenant colonel in Warsaw. The original Polish manager suddenly and inexplicably disappeared one day. The next day, this fat man replaced him. It didn’t take a genius to know what happened.

This guy, with the support of the SS and the fact that he was related to the garrison commander, was allowed to run unchecked in the city. Now that he heard a group of ordinary German officers and soldiers make such a presumptuous request, he started to get a bit agitated. He didn’t want his beautiful restaurant to become like a public canteen.

The fat manager glanced around at the table. The German officers were prominently from the Army. But, they were still only low-level officers and soldiers. The highest ranked was only a captain. It seems that this captain was the leader. Although, he seemed to be different than any captain he has seen before. It is strange that this party was even mixed with two SS members. But even then, the highest of the SS was only a lieutenant. Oh, there’s even a second lieutenant from the Luftwaffe. What kind of group is this?

Xu Jun could see the changes occurring within the manager. The manager stated to Xu Jun: “Captain, here are the rules. I hope you can keep our original layout. If you’ve eaten here before, you would know that we are a good restaurant, not your barracks. You need to keep the rules of the restaurant in mind. Separate the tables. I know your superior, Colonel Scherm, I can complain about your actions to him if…”

The fat manager failed to finish his sentence. Because suddenly, he felt a strong murderous intent start to pervade through the air. The officers and soldiers who were merrily chatting all stopped and gave him a fierce bone-chilling look.

No, these people are definitely different. The manager began to feel a cold sweat run down his back.

“Everyone… Some distinguished guests… You…” He began to speak before being interrupted by Xu Jun.

Xu Jun looked at the fat manager with a wicked smirk on his mouth. He asked coldly, “Your rank.”

“What did you say?” The fat manager did not immediately react.

“I asking, what is your military rank?”

‘Me? I am a civilian, not a soldier, I am the manager here.”

“Are you German?”

“Yes, I’m from Berlin.”

The fat manager did not understand exactly what the captain was getting at. But now that the murderous aura dissipated, he started to get angry at his rude treatment. These junior Army officers dared to threaten him. Who would have the nerve! When this is over, he will be sure to issue a complaint to his cousin and kick them out of the city.

“2nd Lieutenant Muller, arrested this man.”

Xu Jun coldly ordered.

Muller stood up and took out a pistol out of his holster. Pointing it at the manager’s head.

“What! You… why are you arresting me? I did nothing wrong.”

“If he resists, shoot him.”

Muller smiled as he readied the pistol.

“You can’t do this! Do you know who my cousin is? He’s the commander of the SS forces here! How dare you treat me like this, I have not done wrong! You will pay for your actions!” The manager began to shout.

“Shut up! As a German, you dare to insult the great German Army? You dare issue orders to noble German officers? Enough of your insolence. This is already more than enough to send you to a labor camp for some time. 2nd Lieutenant Ralph, the guy will be handed over to you and the Luftwaffe. Send him to the garrison command and tell the commander that he will be given a written command by the end of the night.” Xu Jun said slowly with a cold tone.

2nd Lieutenant Ralph nodded and stood, walking in front of the manager.

“No, I don’t want to go, no!”

“Two more people, go help Ralph.”

Immediately, two officers in soldier uniforms rushed and grabbed a hold of the manager. After a few hard strikes in the stomach, he was dragged outside.

After a while, the two officers laughed and returned to the restaurant.

“Reporting to the commander, the task is completed. We threw the guy into the car and 2nd Lieutenant Ralph is driving him to back to the garrison.”

“Good, you two sit down.”

Xu Jun was very satisfied with the result. He turned his head towards the waiters who still stood nearby. Obviously still scared witless. “When you have time could you come here and get us? Just bring your best dishes here. Also, your best wine as well. Preferably quickly, we’re all hungry.”

This quickly broke the waiters out of their trance and they quickly moved about. The service was quite good and fast. Within half an hour, the entire long table was filled with Polish-style food. A variety of exquisite wine bottles were laid out across the table.

Xu Jun raised up his glass as he stood up. Facing the officers, he said in a loud voice. “Gentlemen, this is our first meal of our wonderful vacation. Although it started with an unpleasant beginning, it has now been satisfactorily resolved. Let’s hope that it does not affect your appetite. Now, before we can enjoy this sumptuous meal, we must first give a toast to the continued victory of our great German Army.”


Everyone stood with their glasses and drained the wine.

“Haha, now, start enjoying a late lunch. However, gentlemen, drink less wine. We still have to visit the urban areas.

Soon, the entire table immediately began to get lively. Those low-level officers began a frenzied battle in a race to eat the most. The senior officers began to happily chat about various topics.

“Sir, why did you arrest that restaurant manager?”

Hans asked Xu Jun while cutting off a portion of the Polish cutlet in his plate: “Although that pig was really arrogant, he never committed any unforgivable offenses. Moreover, listening to him, his cousin is still the commander of the local SS special operations team. It would be trouble if the guerrillas of the SS found out that you snatched his cousin away.”

After listening to Hans, Dorgen gave a slight smile. “Trouble? What trouble could a lieutenant colonel bring onto us? So, he’s the captain of a special operations team… Okay, so what? Within this city, the Waffen SS have four detachments: A, B, C, and D. I’m not clear as to what they exactly do, but then again, very few people do anyway. I’m sure the Fuhrer knows. Well, anyhow, they are nothing. You can rest assured, Lieutenant Hans.”

“I don’t think that’s what Hans meant. I mean that if the lieutenant colonel was an idiot and came to find trouble with our chief. Wouldn’t it spoil the plans for a peaceful vacation? Sigh, a new nuisance may arise. Sir, have you not considered these?”

“Of course, the commander will have considered these issues. I can assure you that he already has a corresponding solution.” Muller said as he finished his set of roast lamb chops. “But, when it comes to our disguises, we will be forced into a passive state if it’s seen through. How can we explain our change of military ranks and documents? We might be sent to military court for this if it goes badly.”

Muller turned around and looked expectantly at Xu Jun, hoping to hear his explanation. Xu Jun was listening silently to the conversation. While also finishing up his meal. As the last piece of roast lamb was finished he leaned back in his chair.

“Haha, the lamb chops here are just too delicious.” Wiping his mouth, he turned to his men. “Don’t overthink it. I ordered his arrest for no particular reason. I just felt annoyed seeing his despicable face. Also, what if the cousin indeed comes to find me? It may be troublesome but nothing much. Before that, let’s just think of that lieutenant colonel as thin air. The Waffen SS team… They are but scum that Heinrich organizes. As for what I mean, you will soon find out. As for Muller’s concern. If our disguise is broken, just state that it was for the purpose of ensuring my personal safety. Haha, but let’s not talk about this right now. I want to resume to the lamb chops.” Xu Jun then waved his hands towards the waiter.

The banquet that lasted for two hours finally ended. After paying a good deal of money, Xu Jun and his slightly tipsy gang exited the restaurant. Although the officers were still sober, it was best to not drive. Furthermore, there was something he was wondering about. So, he proposed to leave the cars in front of the restaurant and walk the streets of Warsaw. But now, it was more than four o’clock in the afternoon. Still some time was left before dark. Giving the excuse that walking would improve digestion and also an opportunity to see this historic city.

And so, the group slowly made their way through the streets of Warsaw. The Poles, seeing a large group of heavily armed soldiers and officers stroll down the street, would quickly take off their hats or simple briskly walk away. Avoiding any form of contact as much as possible.

The German officers were not blind, but they were still puzzled by the locals. Are we so scary? An officer gave a puzzled look towards Muller, asking: “Sir, why do they fear us so much? The people here seem different than those from France.”

“Yes, I am also stupefied. At least these locals weren’t like this the last time I was here.”

“Yes, I also came here a year ago. At that time the Poles were still very polite. But now it’s as if we’re a group of ghosts. Look at that group in front of us. As soon as they saw us, they turned around like we were the plague.”

“Look, on the other side of the road. They just closed the windows, what happened?”

The officers were puzzled and looked at the scene on the street. Within a few minutes of their appearance, there were fewer than half of the pedestrians left. All of them were walking at a brisk pace. Not a single one dared to look the German officers in the eye. The windows on the large traditional-style apartment buildings were tightly shut. Many shops began to quietly shut their doors. The noise on the street decreased with each second.

“This cannot be right, there is no way this is right. What are these local’s attitudes towards the German soldiers now? It’s like we’re carrying the Black Death… Captain, do you know why it’s like this?” Muller frowned as he asked Xu Jun.

“I think I may know why. I didn’t that those idiots would actually make Warsaw like this. Damn it. But I think the worst is yet to come. I’ve learned somethings from the reports. But I suspect the actual situation is worse than I envisioned. Let’s go ahead. I think there may be some key clues in the north of the city. Hopefully, it can answer some of these questions.”

Under the leadership of Xu Jun, this small force switched to another street and headed for the north portion of Warsaw.

“Sir, it’s the Polish royal castle.” Muller pointed to a huge castle nearby.

“Oh, yes, its construction was started in the 13th century BC and was initially a wooden defensive structure. It was only later that it was converted into stone. Completely Gothic-style fortress, originally this was the mansion of Grand Duke Masovia. In 1595, after the previous Wawel Palace was burnt down, it was used by the monarchy. After years of rest and renovation, it has become one of Europe’s finest palaces. As Xu Jun was narrating the castle’s history, it left the officers with a surprised expression. Who knew that their commander had such profound knowledge of history?

“Behind that Royal Palace is the Old Town of Warsaw. The buildings there are well-preserved fifteenth-century style, they still have significant historic value.” Xu Jun said as his group walked down the large square, towards one of the streets that led further north.

Suddenly the loud sound gunfire rang in all their ears. Being the well-trained officers that they were, they all rushed beside the buildings. All of the officers drew their weapons, and those dressed as soldiers crouched and scanned the surroundings with their rifles.

The moment the sounds rang out, Xu Jun was immediately pushed down on the ground with Hans and Muller over him.

“Hmm, it wasn’t at us.” Hans said as he discerned the direction of the gunfire.

“It was a 98K, there was also an MP38. It’s German guns. Who are they fighting with?” Mill also carefully distinguished.

“Ugh, we can discuss what it was later. First, get off of me.” Xu Jun yelled out.

“Ah, I’m sorry, sir.” Muller and Hans quickly stood and helped Xu Jun up.

“What happened?” Xu Jun said as he patted off the dust and dirt on his uniform.

“Not very clear, sir. However, gunfire was coming from that direction.” Dorgen said as he continued holding his pistol.

“It’s okay, we’ll figure it out now. Everyone, the gunfire came from in front of us. Let us go.” Xu Jun and the team kept walking down the street as gunfire frequently rang out.

As soon as the team crossed a corner of the street, they were stopped by a tall wall. Built in the middle of the road, it spanned its entire length. Fierce gunfire constantly came from the other side.


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