v4c4: Reprimand

Volume 4, Chapter 4

“He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees.”
                  -Benjamin Franklin

“What is this thing? Why would the Poles make walls in the middle of the street? Sir, are these defensive fortifications?” Randolph whispered to Muller with a frown on his face.

“The wall is new, it shouldn’t have been constructed more than two weeks ago. As for why, I’m not too sure. But it’s definitely not normal.” Muller’s expression became strange.

“Sir, gunfire is coming from the other side of the wall. It must be something big. I think we should intervene. This feeling… it’s ominous.” Hans turned his head and said to Xu Jun.

“Yes, I feel it as well. Let’s change the street. I’m not sure what’s happening. But it’s really an uncomfortable feeling.” Xu Jun grimaced as he looked once more at the walls.

In fact, all the officers felt an abnormal situation on the other side of the wall. When the gunshots were first heard, it was sparse and far away. But now, they could hear the countless miserable screams among the intermittent shots. They were able to clearly tell that many of those cries came from women and children.

For there to be women and children, it indicated that this was a residential area. But what exactly is happening?

Leaving the officers to have trouble breathing. They could vaguely guess from the voices. However, they were all hoping it wasn’t what they thought it was. They could not believe that such a thing could happen in a place under German rule.

When these officers heard Xu Jun issued an order for a detour, everyone involuntarily sped up their pace. They were anxious to find out the real situation. The continued gunshots and chaotic screams, painted a hellish painting in their minds.

“Sir, this street has been sealed off.”

“Quick, we’re moving to the next street! It’s impossible for them all to be sealed. We will find a way. Everyone, faster!”

“Yes, everyone speed it up!”

Muller loudly ordered. As Muller saw the numerous streets all blocked off with walls and fences, his heart grew heavy. It confirmed that these structures were intended to systematically isolate a whole area. What purpose would that be for then? Muller was still not sure. But as the voices became clearer and clearer, his judgment seemed to be correct.

While Muller was still feeling some traces of shock, Xu Jun’s heart was filled with mixed feelings. He knew that if he came to this city it would be unavoidable to see this. He had finally reached the darkest side of the Nazis. Behind this tall brick wall was the Warsaw Jewish Compulsory Living Area which he had learned in history books. Currently, Xu Jun was absolutely certain that an ugly slaughter was underway. For a history student, this act was merely words and numbers. While it was covered with pictures and condemnation, it didn’t have any real attachment to him. But now, to see the tragedy with his own eyes, Xu Jun was not sure about his course of action. While he was making preparations in his mind, he was also very satisfied with the response of the Army officers.

This is what he wanted to see. They should feel concerned, they should feel horror. Everything was within his expectations. The future of Germany and the future of those tragic victims will change here. This will be his first contribution to the new world.

The small force ran along the wall for a long time. Finally, after dozens of street junctions, they finally saw a tall steel gate.

It was a very large gate, enough for two German military trucks to pass side by side. In fact, the entire street was full of two-ton military transport trucks. There were a couple of guards standing at the entrance, each wearing a red and white band around their arm. Most likely from the Gestapo. The four guards were sitting leisurely and chatting around the gate. Their nonchalant attitude made it seem that the fierce shooting behind them, did not in the least bit affect them. Their loud laughter reverberated through the street.

Two guards wore the uniform of the Polish army but did not have any military ranks or insignias on their uniforms. Probably from the so-called “Polish Self-Defense Forces”. The other two were dressed in German Army uniform, but they also didn’t have any military markings of rank. Their uniforms were a pale green and the marks on their helmets further solidified their identity as the German secret police.

“Shit. Sir, those damn Gestapo, I should have known that those stupid men would be involved.” Dorgen coldly said to Xu Jun.

“We have not yet grasped the entire situation, and I know what you are thinking. But we cannot come to any conclusions without seeing it personally. But, if the guards wish to stop us, men, you know what to do.”

Xu Jun coldly answered, his gaze fixated on the gate. When the officers saw the guards, their hearts grew cold like ice. They were almost certain of their guesses. What they were hearing was the massacre of civilians. In the eyes of the proud Army officers, the Gestapo were the trash of Germany. Only those despicable, mentally-handicapped cowards of the Waffen SS could compare.

After hearing Xu Jun’s order, the whole group’s murderous intent reaching into the sky. These veteran Army officers marched forwards the gate with quick and resolute steps.

The four guards at the gate also saw the fast-approaching group. The leader of the guards quickly stood in the middle of the gate. He was shocked to find that the group consisted of a large number of German officers. The ratio of officers to soldiers was almost one to one. Why was the Army here? A notice was never sent. The guards started to wonder this as Xu Jun’s team quickly approached. No, this situation is getting bad. The German soldiers showed no signs of stopping. As they got closer, the cold gleam in their eyes could be seen.

“Stop! This is a restricted area! Please show your documents and order of admittance!” The leader of the guards gave a cold look as he raised his hand, signaling for the group to immediately stop.

Just as he did that, Xu Jun also gestured for his men to stop. Everyone stopped with impeccable precision and accuracy. Forming a neat formation behind him.

“Are you stopping me from entering, soldier?” Xu Jun asked coldly.

The Gestapo officer felt an intense chill from the handsome German captain who seemed to be the leader of the officers.

“Right … Excuse me, sir… Please show me your order … if you wish to enter, you need to have a command from the garrison chief.” The Gestapo officer said as his voice quivered slightly.

However, the Army officers still did not respond after a long pause. Feeling a dangerous situation, he quickly readied his rifle with trembling hands. All the while, issuing a cry towards the other guards.

The other three guards who stood nearby also felt something was wrong. They grabbed their rifles and moved towards their leader.

“Do you want to stop me from entering, soldier?” Xu Jun asked the four guards.

The leader, seeing that his companions were standing behind him, he felt a bit emboldened. He was determined to fulfill his duty. No matter if it was Army, they could not force him to back down. Moreover, earlier this morning, his commander reminded him that special actions would be carried out today and no one may enter without his written order.

Taking a deep breath of air, he started to say. “Sir, you need to show me your…”

But before he finished his sentence, the hard butt of a rifle smashed into his face.


Seeing their leader being attacked, the remaining three guards raised their rifles. However, the dozen or so officer was already rushing forward. Within thirty seconds, all four guards were completely subdued onto the ground. The two Gestapo were still in decent shape, a few strikes were all that it took. On the other hand, the two dressed as Polish Self-Defense Force, were in an incredibly miserable. Due to their stubbornness, they were struck, punched, and kicked an uncountable number of times. At this point, their mothers probably could not recognize them.

All four guards were beaten to the ground, even their weapons were disassembled into its individual parts. Xu Jun and his men looked at the stunned truck drivers and logistics officers nearby. Xu Jun paying them no heed, making a gesture to proceed forward. Before leaving, the officers were sure to give another good kick to the guards.

“Excuse me, sir, where is this place? This atmosphere… it’s reeks… it’s like a dog pen” An officer covered his nose and asked Xu Jun.

As soon as the team left the gate, they proceeded in the direction of ongoing gunshots. But the sight they saw along the way shocked the officers. On both sides of the street were ragged apartments. The dilapidated atmosphere made it near unbearable. All kinds of rubbish and trash were sprinkled everywhere. Furthermore, the buildings showed signs of extensive destruction. Various filthy banners fluttered along the walls. Luggage and trash was simply cast onto the roadside. Two or three wild dogs were sprawling about among the debris. As Xu Jun’s team appeared the dogs scattered back into the dark alleys.

“How does anyone even live here? It reminds me of a scene at the end of the world.” Hans said as he walked carefully through the streets. That is, to not step into any sewage ponds.

“It’s a Jewish sign!” An officer pointed at an apartment on the side of the street. Along the side of which had a Star of David.

“Could it be?… Is this place…”

“This is a Jewish settlement! No wonder why it would be like this.”

“These Jews never knew what cleanliness was. No wonder why it would be dirty in here.” Some officers began talking quietly.

“Stop! Those of you so said those words. Stand forward.”

Xu Jun abruptly stopped and turned to the officers behind him.

“I want those who said those remarks to stand forward.”

Everyone was shocked by the sudden reprimand by the commander. Currently, their commander was definitely angry, his angry glare was enough to make them all shudder.


Two junior officers stepped forward, trembling slightly before Xu Jun.

“What did say? Speak!” Xu Jun cast another menacing stare at the two officers.

“This is a Jewish settlement. No wonder why it would be like this.” The officer bowed his head and replied.

“Then I said: ‘I said that these Jews never knew what cleanliness was.'”

“Do you know why I’m angry?”

“We do not know, sir.”

Two officers gave an innocent look, while other officers also showed a puzzled expression.

Xu Jun gazed around and slightly shook his head and sighed. “So, no one seems to know why I’m angry. Well…”

“Did you not notice that this place was just plundered? Look at the broken doors and windows. The bullet holes on the walls, the debris and items on the ground. Did you not see the blood stains on the street? Those torn books? This just proves that a catastrophe just recently took place.

And yet, how can you as German Army officers seem oblivious and disregard these obvious signs? From the current situation, these inhabitants were forcibly evicted from their homes. From the still ongoing gunfire, does this not mean that they are being massacred?

The glorious and sacred honor of Germany is being destroyed as we speak. Being just and upright German warriors, we cannot let our honor waste away! The Jews and the Poles, even if guilty, cannot be punished without a verdict from our courts. Before setting their sins, we cannot dispose of their lives so freely!

Even if the Jews are so detrimental to our nation, we cannot allow such a despicable and unprecedented massacre in our occupied territories. This will have a huge impact on the reputation of our great motherland.

Now you know why I am angry. You have committed an error that must never be made by my men. You would be oblivious to the signs of injustice only because its victims are Jews. There must not be such prejudice in the eyes of the military. What politics and what race? The only thing that should matter in the eyes of a soldier is the benefit of the motherland. Advantages would become allies, those harmful will become enemies. Do you see these civilians in a country that we’ve already conquered to be enemies? Do you understand now?”

“Yes, General. We are ashamed of our shallowness.” The officers bowed their heads.

“May this be a lesson to you. I do not want paranoid and blinded men under my command. We are all noble officers. At their core, a German officer should maintain the conscience of an honest German and uphold the sense of justice and honor of a soldier. You should know that many innocent people are being viciously murdered. The German code of honor requires that these civilians should be rescued. We cannot allow such a thing to be committed under the name of our great Germany. Let’s go.”

Finish Xu Jun turned around continued to stride forward.

As the group passed two more blocks, they finally came to their destination.

As a result, everyone was totally shocked by the horrifying sight that they witnessed.


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  1. Good story after they see what’s happening you could take control of the whole German nation from Hitler probably not right away but it all starts with here


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