v4c14: Allegiance

Volume 4, Chapter 14

“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.”

Xu Jun turned around, slowly walking toward the conference table. His gaze sweeping across the face of every Waffen-SS officer present.

Seeing expressions of frustration and disgust, he only nodded slightly. This proves that these new recruits still held the basic qualities of the German military. At the very least, they were not morally tainted. These are the type of people Xu Jun wanted on his side.

However, after some investigations from the Gestapo “Bishops” he found that they proved very loyal. But this could also be a double-edged sword. Xu Jun was concerned that they may be too poisoned by the Nazi ideology. But now it seems his worries were unneeded. At least, the chances of success in the next stage rose by 10%.

“All of these documents are true, Colonel Muller. This is all of the information that the Gestapo has accumulated through a lengthy secret investigation. Each of these papers has a two-centimeter-thick pile of evidence to prove its authenticity. And, of course, there were also quite a few tapes and photographic evidence. But I think it is quite repulsive to look at any more of those things”. Xu Jun frowned with a heavy expression as he sat down at the table.

“It is truly troubling to know that there is such scum within our great Germany. Moreover, they are still the masters of various government agencies. Some of them are even highly-respected party members. This is… I don’t know what to say. If I was aware of this, I would have killed one or two of those scum myself.” Fourteenth Waffen-SS Regiment leader, Colonel Caslon angrily said.

“Yes, Colonel. The document I received detailed how the Minister of Medicine in Poland has been charging exorbitant prices for drugs to the Germany military. He’s also responsible for remarking expired drugs and selling them to the Waffen-SS. This is how our soldiers who are out fighting the Resistance are being treated? Hell, they were even arrested by my own unit. If I knew these things at the time, I would have strangled them with my own hands.” Another Waffen-SS Major said.

“They are simply the shame of Germany. Not only do they embezzled and bribe, they dare rewrite to hide their tracks. We have no idea how much money they could have stolen from the German treasury. The result and the hard work of the German people have fallen to such lowly dregs.”

“What! They dare think of stealing from our military?”

“Why is this bastard a government official? Our Minister of Interior should be shot for allowing these traitors.”

“Trafficking human beings, they still do this low deed. This is the act of uncivilized mongrels; how can this still exist in this world? I cannot explain how much this upsets me. I would be an honor to catch these villains who are disrupting the very foundation of our society.”

The officers started to wave their papers as they talked angrily across the table.

Xu Jun was sitting in his seat in cold silence. Only when the anger of these officers reached the peak could he make his move. After a few minutes, the speaking finally started to die down. Everyone was watching their commander with attentive gazes. Now agreeing wholeheartedly with the Commander’s decision.

They are now full of admiration for Deputy Fuhrer. For the honor of Germany, for the sake of national rejuvenation, he made a decisive decision to order another purge. To have this sort of behavior, they would need to be courageous and determined beyond imagine. In the history of Germany, only he could be compared to the Iron Chancellor Bismarck.

After reading through the files, they all started to think about the situation as a whole. Their faith in the system, the Party, and the Fuhrer was being tested. These criminals have been working for the Party for many years now. The records of their deeds date back even before they arrived in Poland. Which means that they’ve exploited their very own Germany people. An unforgivable crime. But, the Party leaders obviously never knew of such things. The Fuhrer obviously did not know. Otherwise, this would have been brought to an end long ago.

If it were not for the young Deputy Fuhrer before them, they would never have realized the presence of these parasites. Perhaps they would have seriously endangered Germany in the future. The hope of Germany’s revival laid now in this Deputy Fuhrer. Only such a determined and fearless leader could bring Germany eternal prosperity.

“Gentlemen, my officers, it is hard for me to describe how I am feeling at the moment. You are indeed worthy to be German soldiers. You did not let me down.”

Xu Jun glanced at the officers and stood up gracefully. “From you, I see the noble qualities that are renowned in Germany. From you, I see the hope of our great Germany.”

Then Xu Jun’s face contorted to one of a pained expression. “When I saw these documents, I felt much like how you are feeling right now. I was angry, I felt hate. I could not wait to strangle those German scum. But after I calmed down, I was just left with a feeling in my heart. A deep feeling that penetrated into my body, a sense of sadness. I was extremely saddened that our country, Germany … Our great Germany, and our homeland that we are willing to die for… I am sad for my country.”

After Xu Jun said this, a breathless silence filled the room. Serious looks were all pointed in his direction. He went on to say: “When I first joined the German Socialist Workers’ Party, I was still a child. At that time, the glimmering wisdom and incomparable charisma of the Fuhrer drew me in deeply. Back then, I thought that only the great theories and the noble spirit of Fuhrer could bring our most beloved Germany out of those despicable treaties that our enemies have used to oppress us. I had thought that Germany’s rise would be a collective effort. Merely being spearheaded by the Party. I had dreamed that the German people, guided by the Fuhrer would bring about a period of prosperity that our forefathers would never have dared envision.

And so, I joined the Party and I vowed to contribute all my power to Germany and the Party’s great ideals. I tried my best to help the Fuhrer achieve his aspirations. I exhausted all my means to clear the obstacles for the Party. I helped him countless times through various crises. I allowed him to realize his first aspiration. I secured for him the throne of the German Chancellor.”

When Xu Jun said this, the officers in the room all nodded slightly. They knew very well that the Deputy Fuhrer was a very capable man. Rather, they heard it from the Fuhrer’s very lips. At the time, they were somewhat skeptical that such a genius could be so young. But it now appears that this Deputy Fuhrer made an even larger contribution than initially thought. This coupled with his ability on the battlefield cemented his reputation as the Apostle of God in the minds of many.

“But when the Fuhrer ascended to his throne, things started to divert from my original dreams. The things that happened and the people that I worked with gave me a strange feeling.

They were no longer the comrades who had devoted themselves to the revival of Germany. They began to change, the greed in their hearts tainted their minds. The evil of power started to erode them, one by one. For power or for money, they did anything they needed to satisfy they unstable thirst for these desires. And so, they began to fall. Since that time, the Party has begun to degenerate and decay.

Countless morally corrupt thieves have since joined the Party. Rising up their positions by catering to their superiors. They eventually reached their current positions. Their superiors are blind to this sweet talk, they allowed their subordinates to do as they please. They are content so long as there remains loyalty. However, all that is important to those scum is how to attain even greater power. As a result, the Party has been trapped in a series of schemes and plots. The leadership of the Party has become ill-fated.

At that time, I knew that my ideal had been shattered. Under such a bureaucratic and corrupt government, the final result for Germany could be imagined. The people of Germany and the ordinary Party members, however, are unaware of these things. They still wholeheartedly back the seemingly united Party with their utmost fervor. They are still supporting those leaders who have long since turned to greed and self-interest.

I turned to another avenue. I began to stray away from government affairs. I began to indulge myself in luxuries. I began to plunder wealth and spewed glorified ramblings. Even to obtain the favor of the Fuhrer, I orchestrated the massacre of innocent Jews. My adjutant should be very clear as to this.”

Xu Jun glanced at his men. Hans was so excited he seemed to be on the verge of crying. Little did he know that the previous Deputy Fuhrer and the current one was two completely different people. Instead, he took this as the true side of the Deputy Fuhrer. Dorgen and Randolph were not so openly emotional. However, a profound sense of pride could be seen on their faces.

“However, these documents have awakened me from my dream of ignorance. I have become ashamed of what I did, I feared of the scum that I’ve become. I feared for Germany, whose people are grasped so effortlessly by these traitors. The Party has betrayed its own values, it has fallen from its glory. I feel as if I must right the wrongs of the Party. I feel compelled to save the Party and our Germany from those thieves who will bring downfall to our nation that I love. When my plane first crashed at Arras, I saw something. I saw the hope of Germany. I saw the soldiers who fought so valiantly in those bloody battles, it brought me hope and confidence. So long as the German people are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their country, Germany will never sink.

Since that point, I was determined to change Germany. I must reorganize the Nazi Party and cast away the parasites. I cannot allow something of my hard work fall so casually.

The current purge of the Nazi government institutions in the Poland is only the first step in my plan. Although we have eliminated these criminals, they are only a small part of the problem. There are tens of thousands of these people all throughout Germany. They litter every single agency. They are constantly eroding our great nation. Only by ridding of all of them can the Party be reborn and return to its original path. Only then can Germany achieve its desired prosperity.

Now, I need your help in saving our Party and our nation. I hope that you will contribute your loyalty, valor, and your strength to me. So that this goal of mine can be achieved.”

After listening to Xu Jun’s speech, all the officers fell into deep thought. They could obviously understand what the Deputy Fuhrer had in mind. The officers agreed with the points he made, but, this would also mean to become enemies of the entire Party. With that in mind, the officers couldn’t help but become uneasy. Some began to whisper among each other as they sought the opinions of the others.

Xu Jun stood up and turned around. Walking back over to the window, he stood there quietly. He paid no attention to the whispering back at the table. To him, the only thing that mattered was the final result.

The officers finally came to a general consensus. After careful consideration and consultation, they agreed with the Deputy Fuhrer’s words. If these corrupt officials were not eradicated, they would surely prevent the rise of Germany. For the rejuvenation of Germany, death was an acceptable sacrifice.

Everyone looked around and they all saw the same look in each others’ eyes. Standing up, they walked in front of Xu Jun. Lining up into two rows according to their affiliation.

As everyone stood still, Muller was the first to stand forward. Speaking seriously: “I, Stirling Muller vow in the name of God deliver my life to you. Forever may I contribute all my strength to Germany under your leadership.”

Xu Jun stared quietly at this scene. Honestly, this was sort of outside his expectation. An officer’s most formal oath of allegiance, it was not something to be taken lightly. This could only mean that these officers have completely surrendered themselves. But more importantly, it signified this to be a complete betrayal of the Hitler oath. Now that they swore allegiance to another, it would nullify the original vow. A very serious crime.

Xu Jun stood there speechless at the turn that this plan took. Originally, his goal was a lot more subtle and gradual. However, that’s not to say he isn’t moved. Rather, he was very touched by the loyalty of his men. But, this was also embarrassing in a sense that he was forced to speak half-truths to obtain this. Was he really the villain?

The officers’ swearing-in ceremony continued. One at a time, they stood out of the ranks and stood before Xu Jun.

“I, Lance Harron swear here…”

“I, Thomas Sanders swear in here…”

“I, Hild Randolph swear here…”

“I, Jackson Dorgen swear here…”

“I, Hans Dole swear here…”

“I, Franz Castel swear here…”

Xu Jun felt his eyes growing wet. Perhaps it was shameful that he manipulated their loyalty. But at the same time, he felt very proud and happy to have such good subordinates.


MD: So that is the end of my journey with this series.

I said that I’d have a little treat for those that remained. Here is a teaser of “My Little Country” (or My Country of Little People) Not sure if I’ll pick this series up yet. However, I’m still be going on a hiatus for a while.

Chapter 1: https://pastebin.com/KMn2iQrS
Raws: https://book.qidian.com/info/1009272185

CallumS will be resuming KoM in a few days. So there is that.

BTW, I haven’t had time to read CN novels for several months (cuz I was busy translating) so if you have any recommendations then comment below.

Translator: MingDelta
Honorary Editors: FatPanda, CrimsonCrippler

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