Chapter 1: The New Journey

A gust of wind blew through the vast fields of grass.

A bison was nibbling the young, green shoots. Suddenly, it stopped and looked up into the sky. A wooden merchant ship, tens of meters in length, floated through the air. Its open sails and flags fluttered in the high breeze.

“Whenever I ride one of these things, I am just amazed by the view.”

A middle-aged man, suited with leather armor, stood by the deck. His gaze landing on the seemingly endless grassland below.

“It’s also a rare business opportunity for us merchants.”

Standing beside the middle-aged man was a somewhat obese businessman. With short and curly hair and who wore a soft merchant robe. His two little eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed off into to the distance. His eyes gleaming as if he sighted a potential business opportunity.

“Without this trip, I’m afraid we would be unable to ship goods so quickly to the central region. To be honest, I had my doubts about the preparations to expand our market range. But, it seems this was indeed the correct choice.”

“But, Sir, forgive me for my rudeness. However, I should remind you that although we will shorten the time by going this direction, the danger may increase as well. From what I’ve heard, the other side has been growing restless. Moreover, I think you also heard the captain warn about a recent Wind-Snake attack in this area. In that case…”

The middle-aged man paused as his face darkened slightly as he turned his head to face the mountains not too far away. The towering peaks blocked his sight and obscured the sight behind. But faintly, he could see that the distant sky was not the familiar blue. Instead, it swirled with a gloomy darkness.

That is not a world they should venture into.

“Don’t worry so much. In any case, riches and dangers often come together. Besides, that’s why I spent so much money hiring you! A few snakes shouldn’t be too much right?”

The businessman reached out and patted the man’s shoulder.

“Right, what happened to that young man we saved? He shouldn’t be dead already.

“Leiya has already bandaged the wound for him. Currently, he’s only unconscious. It shouldn’t be life-threatening.”

“That’s fine.”

To the man’s answer, the businessman nodded contently. But soon, an unpleasant thought surfaced.

“But what kind of wounds did that young man suffer? From the looks of it, it looks like a lizard’s slash marks. Is there such a thing in Northern Parfield?”

“I don’t know, Sir. However, from the looks of it, it should be a very ferocious beast. Let’s hope we don’t run into it.”

Saying this, the man glanced back at the entrance of the ship’s cabin before turning back.

Rhode opened his eyes.

What happened?

He stared blankly at the ceiling above. His head was assaulted with a numbing headache. He remembered that he led the team to the ruins. Then, they fought with the most powerful dragon in the game.

Yes, the first kill was his. He’s sure of it. He could still clearly remember the system notifications. Originally according to the plan, Rhode should have resurrected at the respawn point and then logged off. But…

Just after he killed the Void Dragon, he felt his world become dark. As if he was pushed into isolation. Later, Rhode lost consciousness.

What is this? Did the game encounter problems?

Rhode reluctantly turned his head towards the outside window. From there he could see the expansive sky and the white clouds. Where is this place? What on earth happened? Am I still dreaming? Wait, is this still the game?

This place is definitely not the small rental apartment he was familiar with. Suddenly, doubts arose in Rhode’s heart. Frowning, he tried to get up.


Just as he tried, an immense pain came from his chest. Then, Rhode finally realized that his left shoulder and chest was completely covered in bandages. Although he was still confused as to what happened, he could see that he was greatly wounded.

This is definitely not a game!

Rhode can be sure of this. Although technology is already highly developed, it was somewhat taboo to truly simulate pain. The world’s largest virtual online game was no exception.

That’s not to say there was no stimulus. But immense safeguards assured that in-game pain was much different than real-world pain. If a player is injured, instead of pain, the game will gradually reduce factors like speed and dexterity.

The player’s line of sight would start to turn red. A series of other systems would be used to warn the player on the damage received.

When Dragon Soul Continent first came out, it caused a slight controversy among the internet. However, it gradually became part of the playing experience.

Rhode bowed his head and stared his right hand. It was obviously not the character he had created in the game. The bulking, muscular body was nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, the arm was slender and thin. The skin was a slightly morbid color due to the lack of exposure to sunlight. Without a doubt, he recognized it as his own body.

But when did I get hurt? This isn’t a hospital, right? Rhode looked up at the rest of the room. There were wooden walls and flooring. No signs of lights, phones, or bells. A wooden table, two chairs, and a shelf were the main objects in the room. Not sure why but this all seemed familiar to Rhode.

As Rhode examined the room carefully, the door suddenly opened.

A blonde girl in a white robe entered the room. As she looked at Rhode, her eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re awake? Great!”

The language out of the girl’s mouth was not Chinese nor English. But Rhode could still mysteriously understand what she was saying. But what surprised him more was that he recognized this language.

This is Nim, the main language in the lore of Dragon Soul Continent!

“How do you feel? Are you ok?”

The girl didn’t pay attention to Rhode’s expression as she quickly walked up to check his wound.

“Your injuries were really serious. To be honest, I was a bit worried you wouldn’t make it.”

“This is………”

Rod frowned, not sure what to say. Turning his face, he looked at his reflection in a nearby mirror. Sure enough, it was his face. But how?

“Did you forget something?”

Blonde-haired girl asked. Her ponytail shaking as she tilted her head slightly. Her eyes were a clear blue with a slight hint of gold, giving her a pleasant feeling.

“Two days ago, we found you in the Parfield Mountains with serious injuries. If it weren’t for the “Silver Libra” Merchant Group’s ship, the one we’re on right now, I’m afraid you would be in a really bad situation. I really don’t know what exactly you were fighting. The left side of your body suffered a very serious injury. At that time, we weren’t sure if you could survive.”

Hm? The left shoulder?

Rhode was surprised for a moment. Then, he remembered that during the final battle with the Void Dragon, he was indeed hit by the dragon’s final strike. But that was his in-game character, why was his present body injured?

Although the immediate situation’s a mess, Rhode was able to quickly calm down. After all, he needed these skills to think in stressful situations as both the top player and the president of the largest guild. Then, he started to ask this girl some questions.

Rhode learned of his status. He was severely wounded in the Plain of Parfield. Luckily, the Silver Libra Merchant Group’s floating ship spotted and saved him.

Rhode’s condition wasn’t optimistic at first, but his body’s resilience was quite good.

“My name is Leiya Noleu. I am a member of the Moon and Stars Mercenary Group. I’m a Healer and you can just call me Leiya.”

The girl introduced herself to Rhode.

“I’m Rhode Ellant.”

Although this situation was too strange, Rhode hesitated slightly after stating his name.

“I’m from the East Mountain. I’m an adventurer.”

“Oh, an adventurer? So that’s why you were alone in the depths of these mountains.”

Listen to Rhodes’s reply, Leiya showed an understanding nod. It was not surprising, on this continent, many adventurers like to explore alone.

“But what exactly were you fighting against? Your wound was so heavy! I remember that these plains don’t have any terribly powerful monsters.”

Upon hearing the girl’s question, Rhode could only give a slightly embarrassed smile. It’s not like he could say that this was the result of fighting the Void Dragon, one of the five legendary Creation Dragons.

“I was attacked at night. I couldn’t really see who the enemy was, but they were numerous and fast. I’m surprised I’m still alive.”

“I see.”

Although Rhode didn’t elaborate, Leiya gave an understanding nod. After which, she promptly stood up and started to examine Rhode’s wounds again.

“Hmm, you shouldn’t have eaten in two days. I think you must be very hungry. Please wait, I’ll go get some food right away. Ah, yes, I’ll report this to the Head and I think he’ll come see you soon.”

After that, the girl paid nodded to Rod and walked out of the room.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The New Journey

  1. Thank for the chapter, this is my first attempt on chineese novel, I generally dislike nowadays chineese novel the vibe is too much to my taste but in olden days I read tiger wong, twin, wind and cloud sibling,jin yong (louis cha leung) wuxia such as legend of condor heroes, heaven sword and deagon sabre.


  2. Well, I’ll make it short. I knew I didn’t want to translate a xianxia or a cultivation novel because they are all so cliche. Rather, underestimated protagonists are just too annoying to read and even more so when translating.

    This series is much like Amber Sword it’s how the MC saves his “homeland” from the enemies that surround him. I find that it’s a journey but honestly, it’s difficult to describe.

    Honestly, if you’re really unsure on whether to start this novel then I’d suggest you put it on hold until I get more chapters out.

    However, I’ll say this. The author is somewhat of a pervert and will make tentacle jokes and whatnot. There is also a (4-person) harem. I, personally don’t really like harem but I’m not sure everyone else.


  3. “A few snakes SHOULD’NT be too much right?”
    Either “The girl DID’NT pay attention to Rhode’s expression” (she ignored the look on his face)
    Or “The girl PAYED attention to Rhode’s expression”
    Or “The girl WAS PAYING attention to Rhode’s expression” (im in favour of this one)


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