Chapter 3: Attack

“Hello, Mr. Carter.”

Rhode looked up and said with a greeting smile.

“Thank you for your rescue.”

“Don’t mention it, it was nothing difficult.”

A tall build with bright-red hair. At least from the physical perspective, he should be from the far Northwestern deserts. Two swords, one longer than the other, hung quietly on both sides of his waist. His face was somewhat weathered, testament to the trials that he’s endured.

As Rhode was observing the man, Carter was also quietly looking at himself.

If people were only looking at the surface, it would be easy to think of him as a member of the higher aristocracy. Anyone looking at his thin and pale skin would immediately come to this conclusion. Furthermore, the man has quite the beautiful face, almost as if he was a female. As for the part about being an adventurer, it might seem reasonable enough. The rich second-generation aristocracy will often crave such leisure and fun.

But, Carter didn’t think this man was so simple. The reason being the strange, mysterious circle on the back of his right hand. Leiya was a healer and could feel a faint and soft magical aura flow from that mark. In Carter’s many years of experience, he’s rarely ever seen anyone with a magical imprint placed directly on their bodies. All this pointed towards this man’s strange identity. From the brief conversation that followed, Carter noticed that this young man was neither arrogant nor humble and his expression was strangely and irrefutably calm. Listening to Leiya, it was only ten minutes since he had woken up. To actually be so calm and to steadily grasp his own situation, it was not something any normal aristocrat could achieve.

“I heard that you’re from the East Mountain?”


Rhode nodded lightly.

“So, where are you going?”

“I’m just traveling around.”

Rhode shrugged.

“I am a risk-taker; free adventure is my life. Of course, rest assured, I will not bring any trouble for you.”

“That’s fine.”

Since Rhode did not clarify, Carter did not inquire further. Since his mercenary ground still needed to carry out their duties, Carter didn’t what to find out something that he shouldn’t know. So, after speaking a few more sparse words, Carter stood up to leave. He was, after all, the head of the mercenary group and he shouldn’t be wasting time chit-chatting.

Rhode was left sitting in his room quietly until Leiya barged back in with some food. Although it was only ordinary white bread and dried meat, Rhode’s interest was immediately piqued. Rhode had eaten in the game multiple times but taste was non-existent. Rather, food was an alternative method of replenishing mana and HP. Now that he could actually taste the descriptions of the food, it was a fresh experience.

The taste was not very adequate but that didn’t really matter.

“How does it feel? Does the wound still hurt?”

Sitting on Rhode’s side, the blonde girl gave a worried and serious look. The girl’s eyes fell onto that heavily-wrapped shoulder.

“It’s all right now.”

Rhode said simply, raising his left arm upwards. Noting that the pain was much less than originally. In the beginning, he had difficulty even breathing, but now it seems to have eased.

“That’s good.”

Listen to Rhode’s answer, Leiya eased her expression.

“But you still have to rest more. Wait until we reach Deep Rock City where you can get some better treatment. Maybe your wounds will heal sooner that way.”

That girl’s face was very serious. Although in front of her was a mere stranger, it seems she did pay that any heed. A strange feeling arose. She’s not very experienced, is she? Otherwise, she wouldn’t need to doubt her skills so much and pay so much attention to my injury.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, this is just my duty.”

Leiya stood up and nodded. Her fluffy ponytail swaying playfully.

“Then, I….”

Before Leiya finished her sentence, the hull started to creak.

The girl’s figure swayed and almost fell down. Fortunately, she grabbed onto the bedpost and held herself up. The two of them looked at the surprise in each other’s eyes.

A floating airship operates with the winds and magic. The skies are not as turbulent as the sea. From that rumbling, the situation is definitely not normal.

“I’ll see what it is. You stay here and rest.”

Leiya said softly in a reassuring tone before immediately turning. Closing the door behind her. Looking at her, Rhode chuckled but said nothing else. I’m obviously older than her. Does she really need to talk to me like a child?

But the next moment, a figure flew past in the corner of Rhode’s vision. Instantly freezing his laughter.

Turning slightly, he carefully looked out the window. Soon, he saw three or four green figures flying outside. At the same time, several deep cries came from outside.


Hearing this sound, Rhode’s heart sank.

This is big trouble!

At the moment, the entire deck was already a mess.

“I didn’t think that we’d actually encounter these damn things.”

The red-haired Carter was standing on the forefront. Grasping his two swords as he looked grimly at the green figures flying above. These monsters had outward appearance like a snake with bat wings. Each about a meter long. Though the thin and small bodies gives a feeble feeling, their heads were another matter entirely. Their sharp fangs were enough to deter even experienced mercenaries.


“It looks like we intruded into the wind-snake’s territory.”

The fat businessman was hiding next to Carter. His face pale with sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Damn it, that cunning Biek. I knew it, I knew that bastard was trying to trick me! This is murder! When I go back, I will make him feel my wrath!!”

“Wait until we’re out of the encirclement first!”

Carter interrupted the fat businessman’s almost hysterical roar. Looking ahead, the wind-snakes numbered in the hundreds. He had already ordered his men to fire all crossbows. Trying to scare away this group of monsters. But who knew that these wind-snakes would be so unafraid of death. Rather, the death of their fellow companions would further spur their aggressiveness. The snakes have already forced the crew away from the outer perimeter of the deck. The mercenaries have long since thrown away their crossbows and rushed into melee combat.

“You hide inside! Go tell the captain, we need to leave here as soon as possible!”

Carter grabbed the fat businessman and pushed him towards the bridge. Taking two steps forward, his swords waved like a snowflake. Cutting down the wind-snake before him. However, another one replaced it almost immediately.

There’s not enough people!

Carter frowned deeply. His vision sweeping across the deck. For this task, he only brought his small mercenary group with him. If only there were more mercenary groups recruited. But now, there were only six fighters remaining. Furthermore, the merchant guard are not combat-hardened and lack experience. After the first wave, one-third of them were almost immediately killed. Now those who remained are panic-stricken and probably won’t hold for much longer. Looking back at these terrible monsters, Carter’s heart chilled.

This is not the first time he’s fought wind-snakes. But it’s the first time in such large numbers, making Carter feel a bit nervous. Taking another half-step forward. His body flexibly spun in a half-circle. The swords in his hand viciously slew the surrounding wind-snakes. Slicing into the side of one as it cleaved it in half. It gave some unwilling cries before plopping down as another cold body.

Carter looked up and unconsciously glanced around. Then a sight that made his heart suddenly jump.

“Leiya! Watch out!!”

The girl didn’t react immediately.

After finishing casting healing on a poisoned mercenary and because of over-consumption, the girl’s head was dizzy and in a trance-like state. After only being on the deck for a few minutes, the number of people needing attention was overwhelming.

After hearing Carter’s warning, she turned around blankly.

Then, she saw a set of large fangs approaching her rapidly.

Not knowing how to respond, she only stood blankly at the approaching danger. Leiya could clearly see the sharp, shining fangs. The walls of the serpent’s mouth, like a black void. Even the stench of its breathing was clear.

But before darkness consumed her, a hand came from behind and grabbed onto her collar. Pulling her away at the last moment.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Attack

  1. Carter didn’t what to find out something that he didn’t need to know

    > didn’t want to

    “I didn’t that we’d actually encounter these damn things.”

    > seems like a missing word. think? expect?


  2. “Although in front of her was a mere stranger, it seems she DID’NT pay that any heed.”?? not quite sure with this one.
    “But the next moment, a figure flew past in the corner of Rhode’s vision. Instantly FREEZING his laughter.” this just makes more sense to me.
    “THOUGH the thin and small bodies gives a feeble feeling,”
    “However, another ONE replaced it almost immediately.”
    “Slicing into the side of one AND CLEAVING it in half. IT GAVE some unwilling cries before plopping down as another cold body.”
    “Not knowing how to respond, SHE only stood blankly at the approaching danger. ”
    “Then, she saw a set of large fangs APPROACHING her rapidly.” more suspenseful.
    “Through her eyes, Leiya could clearly see the sharp, shining fangs.” it would make more sense if THROUGH HER EYES was removed,as it’s redundant. Also, am I the only one who sees through their nose?


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