Chapter 4: Fierce Fighting

The bite latched onto empty air.

Almost succeeding if not for Rhode suddenly appearing behind her.

“Mr. Rhode?”

Leiya, who escaped from the jaws of death, looked up and was surprised to find Rhode standing right behind her. Leaning back in someone’s tight grasp. She was too confused to know if she should be embarrassed or not. Her body felt just weak and soft as she plopped onto the ground. Her mind telling her to get up but her legs just felt powerless.


Carter was relieved to see Leiya escape, but soon his heart became nervous again. Because, at the moment, the wind-snake turned its head and flew forward for another attack.

Damn it!

Clenching onto his swords, he sprung forward to block the attack. However, no matter how fast, he was just too far away.

Looking at the approaching serpent, Leiya held her breath. Even though she wanted to do something, she was powerless as a healer. She has no combat power nor weapons.

“Leave it to me.”

Just as Leiya was visibly panicking, Rhode’s soft voice came to her ear. He took a mighty but swift step forward.

Is he going to deal with this wind-snake unarmed?

Just as Leiya puzzledly thought, she saw Rhode extend his right hand. Then, she noticed a gorgeous arc of light extend around his hand. Lines spreading across his palm and fingers. A dazzling, white card-like object emerged from his palm.

Then, Rhode gripped down.

A white brilliance formed like a holy cloud around his hand.

As if an invisible seal was lifted. Torrents of air rushed about violently. The wind-snake flapped its wings wildly as it attempted to stabilize itself. However, before it could do so, a slash emerged from dazzling white light. Landing cleanly on the serpent’s body, it sliced it in two.

As the light dissipated, it revealed an exquisite sword. Waving Star Stream in his hand, specks of light and dust flaked off. Creating an enchanting scene amidst the chaos.

Rhode didn’t seem to notice that everyone was completely petrified. Leiya sat blankly on the ground, not believing what she was seeing. Carter slowed down and looked at Rhode with complete surprise. Although he was aware that Rhode was not ordinary, never would he have imagined that he was so special.

Although she was still sitting on the ground, Leiya could not help but appreciate the immaculate sword. Its slender blade was carved with flowing curves. A soft light surrounded it. Speckled upon the blade were glimmering pieces of dust and light. As if relics from an ancient time. The hilt was just as stunning as wings wrapped around the handle. Although women have always been cold to weapons, this sword seemed to exceed the scope of mere armaments. Perhaps, it’s more like a work of art.

As Leiya was giving her pure appreciation, in Carter’s eyes was a completely different light.

As an experienced adventurer, Carter can swear to the High God that he’s never seen such a strange thing. In fact, when Rhode summoned the weapon, Carter was shocked. He’s seen some Summoner Mages, but most of them used crystals and chanted some weird incantations. All to summon but a few ugly monsters. But as to summon a weapon? He’s never heard of such a thing.

Although it’s still unclear who Rhode is, Carter is well aware of the significance of magical weapons. The ability to obtain such weapons were almost certainly limited to the wealthy and noble. Then, his gaze shifted to the lifelike wings that made up the guard. Seeing them, he could not help but frown slightly. Of course, these wings can only signify one thing, angels. On this continent, angels are a very noble race. Most are prominent members with exceedingly high statuses. Often forming the backbone of countries. It’s like the Duchess of Muen, Lydia Parfield Mila Francia, who ascended to her status three years ago. She holds that place because of her status as an angel. Although this young man’s identity is still unclear, from the sword, he definitely has a connection to the angels.

These thoughts only took a few seconds as Carter raced towards the two people.

“Are you alright?’

“I, I’m fine.”

Leiya’s face was still quite pale. It’s hard to blame her for her timidness at the moment. The fear of barely escaping death’s sickle is definitely beyond the reach of ordinary people.

After confirmed that Leiya was not injured, Carter immediately shifted his gaze towards Rhode.

“Mr. Rhode, are you okay?”

Rhode nodded his head, indicating that he was fine. Although the left side of his body’s still painful, it didn’t make much difference when fighting. Instead, he’s more concerned about something else.

“What are you going to do?”

The number of wind-snakes increases by the second. Even though the ship’s moving forward at its top speed, it’s not enough to shake off most of the wind-snakes. Not only was their situation not improving, rather, it was getting worse.

“We plan to break out of their territory until we’re far enough away to escape.”

If this was on land, Carter may have other ideas. However, the problem was that being airborne severely limited his options.

Carter then saw the young man in front of him frown.

“It’s too late for that, Mr. Carter.”


“Wind-snakes are absolutely dominant in the plains, and even if you speed up, there’s no way we can get out before this ship breaks apart.”


Carter’s not stupid, the reason he made his decision is because he himself was unclear of the entire situation. He immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

“So, what should we do?”

“Immediately descend.”

Rhode gave the answer almost without hesitation. Reaching out, he pointed to an area in the distance.

“We need to rush down to there.”

Carter looked in the direction of Rhode’s finger and widened his eyes in astonishment.

“You want us to go into the Forest of Night?”

“It’s the only way to get out of here and….”

Rhode stopped and looked around ominously.

“We’re running out of time.”

The situation is indeed rapidly deteriorating.

The wind-snakes are dangerous not only because of their fangs. Their poison is corrosive and toxic. Because of their small size, once they realize a frontal assault won’t work, they’ll immediately change their strategy. The sound of shattering glass could be heard in the cabins below.

In the face of such a situation, there’s no way to withstand such an assault. Although the narrow halls of the cabin limit the flexibility of the wind-snakes, their threat is still very much present. Precisely because of this, the cabin area was already a mess. Blotches of acid were sprayed everywhere and smoke was billowing upwards.

Carter did not hesitate, turning back to inform the captain. Rhodes stood there holding Star Stream and blocking the entrance.


A wind-snake flew from the right and opened its mouth to attack Rhode. But at the moment it rushed forward, Rhode seamlessly retreated a few steps backward. Slipping to the left, he slashed forward with his sword. Slicing into the chin of the serpent. Causing it to fly back while also redirecting the shot of venom. Then Rhode quickly spun around. The silver sword cutting like a beam of light. Accurately stabbing another wind-snake between the wings. Lifting the skewered serpent and throwing it into the distance.

However, the wind-snake’s offensive was still relentless. The unpleasant smell of blood had permeated the air. Rhode finished off another serpent, he kicked another corpse off the end of his blade. But even still, dozens of wind-snakes charged back at him. Wave after wave, like a green cloud from afar. Forming a sort of wall as they glared at this unwilling prey.

“Mr. Rhode!”

After treating another poisoned mercenary, Leiya saw this scene and subconsciously called out.

A wall of acid sprayed towards him, like a storm. If struck by this acid shower, Rhode may not die but he wouldn’t be far from it.

But just then, Rhode suddenly retreated.

With his quick response, with a powerful step backward, he evaded the acid that fell down on the wooden deck. The stench of corrosion was in the air, and the deck started to smoke as the acid bore little holes in the floor. But almost at the same time, the wind-snakes flew forward. Eager to rip apart this hateful enemy.

If it were anyone else, this scene would leave them weak-kneed. But Rhode was very calm, as if his heart refused to flutter in the slightest. Although the horde of monsters wished to feast on his flesh, Rhode only lifted his sword slowly.

“Broken Blade, Start.”

A white blade of light broke out among the group of wind-snakes. One into two, two into four. The beams of light were so fast that none could dodge it. Piercing through each serpent in its path, one by one. Almost in a flash, the green cloud was completely shredded by the dazzling brilliance. Leaving only pieces of flesh and a bloody mist.

All onlookers sucked in a heavy breath at this moment.

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  1. “BUT, she was too confused to know if she should be embarrassed or not. ” Should be removed.
    “Waving Star Steam in his hand, specks of light and dust flaked off.” Waving star STREAM
    “Although he was aware that Rhode was not ordinary, never would he have THOUGHT/IMAGINED that he was so special.”
    “The sound of SHATTERING/SHATTERED glass could be heard in the cabins below.”

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  2. So much emphasis on him not being “normal”. We get it, he’s the MC, no need to keep repeating it.


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