Chapter 5: Critical

The wind-snakes’ offensive slowed down, replacing it with confusion. The originally furious hisses stopped. Giving way to a moment of silence. Everyone looked at the young man with unbelieving eyes.

Just a moment ago, almost everyone thought that this young man was doomed. Never would they have thought that anyone could survive the pressing siege of dozens of wind-snakes. Of course, those high-level masters or shield-warriors may be able to accomplish this. But this young man simply is too young. Also, he’s equipped with no protective gear. Only carrying that white sword in his hand.

But he actually did it.

At this moment, even the mercenaries were flustered. Leiya and Carter were looking at this unassuming man with strange gazes.

What sort of background does he have?

Not sure if they were deterred by Rhode’s assault but all of the wind-snakes around the ship retreated. For a time, the entire wooden deck was quiet save for the whistling of the winds. Although Rhode could feel the penetrating gazes from friend and foe alike, he paid them no attention.
Instead, he was focused on the heap of corpses laid before him. In his eyes shone a surprising light.

But it really shouldn’t be surprising. The wind-snake is one of the lowest level monsters. Furthermore, their strength is not particularly high and relied on their numbers to overwhelm the opponent. Rhode’s Summoner Swordsman is primarily a dueling class. Hence, their AOE attacks are quite limited and determined by the type of spirits. In fact, the main reason why it went so smoothly was because of Star Stream’s +3 attribute. So, by simply holding the weapon, Rhode’s stats will receive a buff.

But, even so, it was strange. According to his experience, if he estimated his strength with regard to his human racial class, it shouldn’t be enough. Even with Star Stream, it should be as easy as sweeping leaves, right? To the best of his knowledge, Broken Blade would only able to injure the horde, not completely massacre it. But is Broken Blade really this powerful?

Perhaps, his strength isn’t in regards to the human racial class?

Thinking of this possibility, Rhode recalled his stat sheet. But unfortunately, his race was still locked and the racial effects are still hidden. Fortunately, however, this battle gave him 1,900 points of experience. A pleasant surprise for Rhode.

Of course, all of this contemplation occurred in only about two or three seconds. After several seconds of seemingly starting at the pile of bodies, he slowly lifted his head.

As Rhode started to reassess the situation, he noted the strange science around. But this time it was not because of the shock of the battle. An ominous feeling pervaded him.

What are the wind-snakes doing?

The idea flashed through Rhode’s head. However, in an instant, he seemed to think of something. He hurriedly turned and shouted.

“Everyone be careful…!”

Just then, the floating ship suddenly shook fiercely.

The violent shaking caused many to lose their footing and slam onto the ground. At the same time, the deck on the bow of the ship cracked and a huge serpent appeared.

“Everyone be careful, it’s a wind-snake lord!”

Then Carter appeared and shouted out. Raising his swords as he flew towards the huge wind-snake. While the other mercenaries were scared, they still hurried forward. Clenching their teeth, they followed their leader against this imposing monster.

However, Rhode acted faster than any of them.

Immediately after the wind-snake lord appeared, Rhode pulled up the lines of system prompts.

[Experience Points 1900/200
Upgradeable, Skill Points Gained: 1
Now Level 2]

[Experience Points 1700/400,
Upgradeable, Skill Points Gained: 2
Now Level 3]

[}Experience Points 1300/600
Upgradable, Skill Points Gained: 3
Now Level 4]

[Experience Points 800/1000
Upgradeable, Skill Points Gained: 4
Now Rank 5]

[1 Point used towards Moonlight Sword 1/3, Proficiency E]

[1 Point used towards Moonlight Sword 2/3, Proficiency E]

[1 Point used towards Moonlight Sword 3/3, Proficiency E]

[1 Point used towards Moonlight Sword 1/4, Proficiency D
Shadow Flash Unlocked]


Rhode lifted his head once more.

Then, during a quick moment, everyone around saw a startling sight. The young man that stood quietly before them suddenly turned into a dark blur. Flashing forward like a sharp blade, it skimmed across the air. It reached the huge wind-snake before it could even react. The wind-snake lord was in a period of brief confusion. Obviously, it had never experienced someone approach it so quickly and mysteriously.

Rhode raised his sword high into the air. The light in the air seemed to gather towards the blade as the specks of light clung to the blade. Forming a shining layer of light as Rhode slashed down towards the wind-snake lord.

“Broken Blade!”

Facing the pressure of the sword the wind-snake lord’s first instinct was to evade. After using four skill points on the skill, the attack has been promoted another step. The next moment, dozens of silver lights shot out from the sword.

One, two, three …

As the blades of light successively hit the wind-snake lord’s scales, its body trembled. Even with the protection of being a lord-type monster, it could only persist until the twentieth strike. As the scales crumbled away and revealing an opening, the next wave was prepared. Easily piercing into its body. Although the wind-snake lord had a huge body, Rhode was very selective in his attack placement. Focusing on the neck, he broke through on another area soon after.

“— !!”

Wind-snake lord issued a sharp cry as it bellowed towards the sky. However, it did not stop its struggle. Even though its neck’s bloodied and mauled, it shot towards Rhode and opened its mouth decisively.

Rhode’s figure flashed into another blur as he quickly withdrew. As he disappeared, the blast of venom sprayed onto the wooden mast. Within a matter of seconds, the structure was eroded into a mush as the upper portion toppled over.

A BOSS is, after all, a BOSS.

According to Rhode’s experience in the game, the average level for a wind-snake is about level 3. The leader would generally be at level 10. That should still be the case for this BOSS in front of him. Although with that level, with the help of Carter and his men, defeating this BOSS wouldn’t be too difficult. But after these attacks, Rhode had a suspicion. Most likely this was not a normal lord-class monster, but rather, an elite-class monster. After all, if it was only an ordinary lord-class monster Rhode could just cut off its wings. However, even with his best effort, he still only managed to leave a deep wound. making him well aware what the issue was.

“Attack its wings! Pay attention and be as far away as possible from its mouth! Attack from the sides!”

Rhode issued orders to Carter and the other mercenaries. Although he was the main attacker, the Summoner Swordsman is not a class suitable for an MT role. (Main Tank) He was reluctant to rely on others who lacked both the experience and strength. However, he could already feel his shoulder injury open back up. If the entire group is slaughtered because the leader didn’t utilize the group’s full potential, then it would be a sorry joke. Furthermore, although he’s only level 5, he’s confident that he can compete with anything under level 15. After all, in the game, there are three classes known for level-defying combat effectiveness. The Mage, the Ranger, and the last one is the Summoner Swordsman. The Mage is known for their unpredictable spells. The Rangers for their ultra-long distance attacks. As for the Summoner Swordsman, it simply for their flexibility and adaptability. For these three classes, beating an opponent five levels ahead isn’t too difficult.

However, these three professions have some fatal weaknesses. Once a Mage is out of mana then they are essentially useless. Their physical stats hardly ever improve and their speed is slow like mud. Even a group low-level spirits can surround them and beat them to death. A ranger in close-quarters is simply a complete tragedy. The route for a Summoner Swordsman is just too random. The class is so complex with no template to follow. Good luck for the player to even level-up or fight properly. For these reasons, these classes never reached surging popularity. In a sense, it was like gambling. Talk the stead path or the unusual path. Players are always free to decide their own destiny and future.

This wind-snake lord is most likely a level 10 elite BOSS. Because of Star Stream, Rhode’s defense is now at six or seven. At least, in terms of life-threatening injuries, he’s not too concerned. But in terms of attack power…


Violent winds push about.

Rhode’s body flashed again, quickly dodging back. Just enough to avoid the attack. The wing of the serpent struck heavily onto the deck, punching a hole through it.

Worthy of an attack from a level 10 elite monster.

Rhode brushed the cold sweat off his forehead. Currently, he’s only level 5 with no equipment. If this continues, perhaps even the heavenly monarchs would be unable to save him. Although he’s also very worried about Carter and the others, it seems that he’s drawn all of the monster’s aggro. The pressure of the wind-snake lord pressing down on him, a lone non-tank swordsman.

His mana already dropped to the one-third mark and Rhode started to feel a bit exhausted. Although he expected the battle to be tough when he first saw the wind-snake Lord, this was proving to be too much pressure for him. He was forced to rely on Shadow Flash to avoid attacks. But on the other hand, he can’t keep evading. Using Broken Blade would be the only method of dealing with this thorny monster once and for all.

But it’s not that easy.

The flying ship is slowly descending. However, after every attack, the ship would rock back and forth violently. As if they were on a ship on the churning sea. Carter is still trying his best to assist and he charged about. But his swords were not very effective against the hard scales on the side of the wind-snake lord. If it were not for Leiya casting healing magic, the mercenaries would have long since been wiped out.

I’ve got to find a solution or else that damn snake will break this ship apart before we even land.

Thinking of this, Rhode bit down on his lip.

The wind-snake lord’s attacks did not diminish in the slightest. Its wings unfolded to their fullest extent as its two claws grabbed onto the bow. on the side of the long expansion, the upper edge of the two claws is tightly caught in the bow of the edge part.Although the attack before dealt it considerable damage, as an elite-class monster, it certainly cannot be incapacitated because of this injury. Instead, the cunning wind-snake lord noticed the weakness of his enemy. The two sharp claws dug into the outer wall of the vessel. Shaking the craft viciously.

Although the hull of the ship isn’t weak, during the battle with the wind-snakes have left it riddled with holes. Coupled with the constant shaking of the ship, it started to distort the ship’s shape. Even several devastating cracks appeared on top of the deck. Sending a chilling crackle as the cracks expanded.

“My God! My God!”

Crouched in the corner of the helm room, the fat businessman shuddered at the horrible wind-snake lord perched outside. His nervousness and fear overwhelming him.

“Damn Biek! Don’t let me meet him, otherwise, I will want his life! This is murder!! “Saying this, fat businessman suddenly shuddered and then stared at the captain.

“And you! Such a terrible situation, why did you not remind me!?”

The captain didn’t respond to the fat businessman’s angry shouts. At the moment his hands are holding the rudder and his eyes fixed on the front. However, his heart was similarly cursing. Didn’t I remind him that this route was likely to provoke the wind-snakes!.But no! He didn’t mind this at all! Now that we’re all ready to die, he’s blaming me! If I knew this would happen, I would have killed myself rather than endure this!

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