Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Not All That is Old is Weak

“Steamed cake, steamed…”

“Come take a look! Good meat! Come!”

“More! Bring wine!”

In the raucous market, the majority present were commoners that wore rags and spare linens. Taking out a few strings of copper coins, they bought only what they needed. In this troubled era, few have the luxury for excess. There is inescapable fighting all around, and the people live without hope and dreams.

Most people on the street were a mixture of thin and malnourished. But then the crowd shook and a conspicuous teenager squeezed out. Although the teenager may look out of place, it’s not evident without a careful look. A coarse jumble of cloth covered the body, and a couple strips of weathered fabric served as shoes. Neither too young nor too old, the age looked to be about sixteen or seventeen.

This seemed to be a teenager, but this youngster is a bit too strange. Why? Because this person is too handsome! Skin as smooth as water, a face formed like jade, the height of a meter seven, anyone with eyes would praise this person’s looks.

Then, the person’s face seemed to have darkened at the realization of something, patting the dusty rags.

“It’s really crowded here.” Gu Nan wiped his dry mouth and took a good look at his surroundings. “Ugh, what sort of place is this?”

Gu Nan is the name of this particular youngster. She stood amid the busy stalls, looking at this strange scene.

However, she isn’t a teenager, this appearance of a young girl is only a consequence of transmigrating.

But even so, why is it a girl!?

Looking at her chest, the cloth demonstrates a slight bulge outwards. With this, Gu Nan had to control her urge to curse wildly.

Everything happened a few days ago.

At that time, she was actually a he and a dashing young man of the 21st century at that.

Ok fine, nothing that glamorous, he was maybe just an ordinary office worker, working in design. It was rather depressing work, his creations being constantly critiqued and corrected, and critiqued and corrected.

At midnight, eh, yeah that’s about right. He was all ready for a good night’s sleep. But irritatingly his mailbox showed an alert from his boss, asking him to re-edit his new poster. To be honest, most of the complaints this time around were justified. However, his boss was completely vague in his directions, and some even contradicted each other.

Of course, the boss is still the boss, even if Gu Nan was annoyed, he can only make another bowl of noodles and sit in front of the computer, working his night away.

He remembered working on a poster for an ancient battlefield game. His boss wanted him to add a bit more of a historical feeling and a sense of foreboding.

“Hmm a feeling of foreboding and history, huh.” Gu Nan nudged up his glasses and muttered to himself.

Well, whatever, add a few filters, adjust the color balance, make the picture a bit warmer, add a bit of grayscale, and finally put another layer of particles. There, that should be right.

The edits lasted a few hours. Unconsciously, Gu Nan forgot when he drifted into slumber.

Who knows when, but as he wakes up again, it became an unfamiliar place, wearing an ancient cloth and fainted on a small dirt road. The nearsightedness that was unchanged for 12 years since junior high disappeared. The short hair became long, and the height shrank to about one meter seven. Even the little brother who accompanied him for many years was gone.

After being in a teary daze for a long time, she looked around, seeing the surroundings were empty except for her and the dirt path. It was noon and the sun was at its fullest crest. The air held a slightly hot feeling.

She lifted her hand and inspected it for a while. For some inexplicable reason, she feels full of invigorating power. Although there is nothing to test it out on, she can somewhat sense it. As she jumped up from the ground, her brows furrowed. It seems even this body feels much lighter.

“So…” Muttering lowly, Gu Nan looked up at the endless blue skies. “Should I be cursing my luck right now?”

Without a destination or purpose, she walked down the dirt path for about three days before arrived in this strange city.

The place where she is right now.

This city is definitely not small. Judging from the towering walls and deep moat, it seems to be an important place. Gu Nan walked in, and after several inspections the guards, she was let in.

To be honest, there just doesn’t seem to be any particular emotions about this new world. In his past life, he was without any family. There was no sense of hope or anticipation. Even here, has anything really changed? Not to mention that the body and even the gender has changed,

What’s important is that she can’t even tell what time or place she’s in. How could she expect to survive in this place?

“Judging by the outfits, it should be ancient China.” Gu Nan found a corner of a street and looked at the passersby, muttering to herself. Occasionally, the people on the street will have conversations, and to her delight, the language was still Chinese, albeit there were some differences and the dialects were mixed. It overall did not seriously affect her comprehension.

“Gu gu.” A strange sound came from her stomach. Gu Nan’s face darkened as she hand moved to comfort the growling stomach. It’s already strange that she went three days without feeling hungry. As for how, she had no explanation. But that’s not important right now, finding a good meal is.

“Tch, it’s not like there are good samaritans everywhere.” Gu Nan sighed deeply. “All I am now is a discarded orphan.”

Her face that had the aura of a heroic beauty turned calculating as she eyed the passersby. A sharp glint honed in each person’s waists. “There’s no helping it, I have to get money some way.”

As she muttered, her eyes fell on a well-dressed old man. He looks to be about fifty or sixty years old, but his footsteps still seem to be firmly rooted to the ground. He moves with a unique momentum, making him conspicuous to a careful onlooker.

Looking from afar, his white hair neatly done, and although his face was old, there was only a solidity in the eyes. A height of one meter eight, quite large of an old man. There was no one around him, but his well-crafted clothes made her notice him immediately.

As for the old man’s demeanor and appearance, she didn’t really care. Her eyes were solely fixed on the heavy purse tied on the other’s waist.

For an old man to hold so much money, it’s practically wishing to be robbed, right?

Gu Nan originally had parents, so his days as a child were not easy. Oftentimes, pickpocketing meant the next meal. Although it has been a long time, there was still an experienced confidence.

Of course, she also had her own reasons for choosing this old man. The physical abilities of the elderly are typically pretty poor, and their response times are quite lacking as well.

Although it’s immoral to rob an elderly man, most importantly is that he seems to be wealthy. Stealing a bit of his money wouldn’t inconvenience him too much. Furthermore, you can also steal more money. A win-win right?

Old man, sorry, but also don’t fret over it. Gu Nan licked her lips and quietly followed behind.

Many years later, Gu Nan would recall this scene. If only she could slap herself in the face. If God could give her another chance, she would’ve never tried to rob this old man.


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  1. Wow. What a gem! The translation is very smooth, simple and witty. I find the story intriguing as well. I will be following this series from now on!

    Thank you translator/editor!

    *buckling my seat belts* Let’s have a good ride together! 😳


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