Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Some Horses are Lifelong, Better Treat It Well

Wang Jian was woken from his daze by Gu Nan’s voice.

If he hadn’t been alerted, who knows how long he’d be staring.

He hurriedly greeted and said, “Sister is diligent and has made great breakthroughs, your future is unlimited.”

Gu Nan rolled her eyes. As if he’d know how hard it was. At least standing and talking isn’t that bad.

Bai Qi leisurely walked out of the house. “Haha, Little Jian, don’t praise her any more. Since you’re here, I must trouble you to teach her your skills.”

“I don’t dare.” Wang Jian quickly bowed. “This is my responsibility and I shall put all my heart into it.”

Although Lord Wu’an is of high rank and views him favorably, it is still necessary to respect the hierarchy and customs.

“Ha, kid.” Bai Qi smiled slightly. “This is not a place for those lousy customs.”

Wang Jian returned with a smile. He’s always been involved with court politics and the habit has since developed. Rather be safe than accidentally offend someone. Nodding with understanding, he said, “You are correct.”

“Alright, don’t worry about it, let’s eat first. Um, and Nan, you can take a break.”



The grip on the bronze sword loosened and it rattled against the ground.

Gu Nan also plopped down with a thud.

Her right arm was almost devoid of sensation, and both of them were shaking with no intention of stopping. Just from stabbing thousands of times, her muscles are so broken. Her body felt the urge to give out. But even this body doesn’t feel like her own.

Perhaps this is the urging of the soul.

She smiled and slowly rolled up her sleeves.

Her right wrist was red and swollen, as if given a severe lashing.

“Let this old man look.”

She looked up and saw Ghost Valley already standing above her, touching his white beard.

He glanced and laughed slightly, “Nothing big. To anyone who learning the sword, the hand is the root of everything. It can’t be looked down upon.”

Ghost Valley pointed his fingers out and placed them on her wrist. A feeling of soft warmth flowing through her arm and the redness retreated at a visible rate.

Internal Qi?

She felt the pleasant force flowing throughout her arm. Her eyes glittering in amazement.

Ghost Valley eventually let go of her, and her wrist was completely back to normal. Except for some soreness, there was nothing wrong.

Ghost Valley touched his beard again. “Girl, what are your thoughts on your master?”

“My life was saved by him.”

He laughed, amused. “It’s something so simple?”

Unrolling her sleeve back down, Gu Nan naturally asked. “What other reason would there be?”

“Yes, yes. You’re right.” Ghost Valley smiled. “But this troubled world is always more complicated.”

After that, he patted her head, a confused expression still on her face. “Good, good. Continue with the sword. I’m excited to see what your sword may one day become.”

He then turned and walked back indoors.

Now only Gu Nan sat alone in the courtyard.


Blackie was standing in his stall, snoring rhythmically. His pure black tail occasionally slapping the wooden walls.

Oh, and Blackie was that dark horse Gu Nan bought back. That day a dilemma arose and a new name was chosen out of impulse.

At least Bai Qi thought Blackie was a more normal name than Dogshit or something.

Ever since then, Blackie has lived a pretty good life, eating and drinking to his content. Because it was Gu Nan’s horse, Bai Qi treated it quite well. Even the grass he munched on was just delivered this morning.

After a while, Blackie got treatment even superior to Bai Qi’s horse.

Blackie shook his head, glancing at the entrance.

The reason is that someone was slyly walking over.

Gu Nan held a bundle of horse grass in her hand. She smiled and inched closer.


“Humph.” Blackie snorted arrogantly.

Gu Nan wasn’t sure if it could understand her; but nevertheless, she grabbed a bundle of grass and handed it to the horse.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I felt that you were extraordinary the moment I saw you. Look at this physique, look at this coat color. How can this be something regular horses have? Don’t you think?”

Blackie although still looking at her with some contempt, lowered his head to munch off the offered grass. He was obviously pleased by this flattery. Gu Nan however only smiled.

“I’ve heard that riding horses is very challenging.”

The risk is high, especially for those inexperienced. The danger means death or permanent injury can occur at any moment.

In ancient times, falling off a horse could mean a lifetime of disabilities. In her eyes, horse riding is similar in danger to bullfighting.

She was only an ordinary employee in her previous life. It’s guaranteed for her to be nervous when dealing with large animals.


Standing outside the stables, in the distance, Wang Jian looked at Gu Nan’s behavior and smiled.

Before training, it’s normal for some bonding time to increase familiarity. But who knew that she’d be talking to a horse?

Horse riding is the art of controlling horses. Even the best riders don’t know the hearts of horses.

Horses are not spiritual and are far from reaching that point.

So, Gu Nan’s behavior is…

A bit dumb.

After wiping the mild sweat off his forehead, Wang Jian turned to Bai Qi beside him. “Miss Gu is truly odd.”

Bai Qi only sighed and didn’t say anything.


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