Battle of the Third Reich


A Chinese student died in Europe because of a strange flying accident, and because of that accident, he took up a strange task. Traveling back in time, he became involved in the smoke of World War II.
This describes his journey as he survives in this world of chaos and flames.


General Disclaimer: We here at DeltaTranslations are in no way supporting or sympathizing for Nazi, Neo-Nazi, and/or Fascist beliefs.




Volume 1: Death and Resurrection
  Chapter 1:Introduction
  Chapter 2:Missing Those Days
  Chapter 3:The Beginning of the Disaster
  Chapter 4:Returning the Eagle to the Sky
  Chapter 5:Embarking on a Road of No Return
  Chapter 6:The Disaster
  Chapter 7:The Coming of Death
  Chapter 8:The Taste of Death
  Chapter 9:Resurrection?
  Chapter 10:The Historian in the Tank
  Chapter 11:Future Archives
  Chapter 12:The Plan
  Chapter 13:New Body, New Start
  Chapter 14:Action

Volume 2: Smoke, Battle of Arras
  Chapter 1:Unyielding Determination
  Chapter 2:Survival Crisis
  Chapter 3:Flying to Arras
  Chapter 4:Forced Landing
  Chapter 5:The Crisis After Landing
  Chapter 6:Safe Arrival
  Chapter 7:The Desert Fox that Died on the Grass
  Chapter 7.5:Coming with Security
  Chapter 8:The British
  Chapter 9:Situation
  Chapter 10:Battlefield
  Chapter 11:Hell’s Gate
  Chapter 12:Devil’s Breath
  Chapter 13:Intermission
  Chapter 14:Lost Division
  Chapter 15:Rundstedt’s Troubles
  Chapter 16:A Night Tour
  Chapter 17:Decisive Battle
  Chapter 18:Collapse
  Chapter 19:Future Choices
  Chapter 20:The Officer’s Honor
  Chapter 21:Epilouge

Volume 3: Sadness, Waves of Dunkirk
  Chapter 1:On The Way Back
  Chapter 2:Cologne
  Chapter 3:Nightly Contemplation
  Chapter 4:Rocky Eyrie
  Chapter 5:The Fuhrer
  Chapter 6:Hitler’s Plan
  Chapter 7:Colleagues (I)
  Chapter 8:Colleagues (II)
  Chapter 9:Rundstedt’s Advice
  Chapter 10:Duel?
  Chapter 11:Edge
  Chapter 12:Three Requirements
  Chapter 13:Marshal’s End (I)
  Chapter 14:Marshal’s End (II)
  Chapter 15:Overture
  Chapter 16:Reflection
  Chapter 18:Wait for Me, Dunkirk
  Chapter 19:Arrival
  Chapter 20:Above All In the World
  Chapter 21:Strait
  Chapter 22:London
  Chapter 23:Naval Mines
  Chapter 24:Starts
  Chapter 25:Heavy Artillery
  Chapter 26:Deadend
  Chapter 27:Lunch
  Chapter 28:Cerberus
  Chapter 29:Countermeasures
  Chapter 30:Friends
  Chapter 31:Closing the Net
  Chapter 32:The Devil’s Eggs
  Chapter 33:Toys
  Chapter 34:Firepower
  Chapter 35:Air Raid
  Chapter 36:The Harbor
  Chapter 37:Extraction Plan
  Chapter 38:Prelude of the Battle
  Chapter 39:Royal Navy (I)
  Chapter 40:Royal Navy (II)
  Chapter 41:Strait Battle
  Chapter 42:Fall of the Eagle
  Chapter 43:The Message from the Future
  Chapter 44:Discipline
  Chapter 45:Result
  Chapter 46:Surrender

Volume 4: Weeping, The Bloody Scepter
  Chapter 1:Leave
  Chapter 2:Disguise
  Chapter 3:Walking
  Chapter 4:Reprimand
  Chapter 5:Abattoir
  Chapter 6:Save
  Chapter 7:Assault
  Chapter 8:Storm Troops
  Chapter 9:SS Captain
  Chapter 10:Strength
  Chapter 11:The Advent of the Storm
  Chapter 12:Soldiers and Chaos
  Chapter 13:Collision
  Chapter 14:Allegiance