v4c4: Reprimand

Volume 4, Chapter 4 "He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees."                   -Benjamin Franklin "What is this thing? Why would the Poles make walls in the middle of the street? Sir, are these defensive fortifications?” … Continue reading v4c4: Reprimand

v4c3: Walking

Volume 4, Chapter 3 The imposing row of sleek black cars flew into Warsaw. Guided by a Luftwaffe officer, they arrived at the Chaumont restaurant on the edge of Warsaw's market square. The Château de Chaumont is currently the most exclusive and luxurious restaurant in Warsaw. Boasting the best chefs in Poland. A place where … Continue reading v4c3: Walking

v4c2: Disguise

Volume 4, Chapter 2 "Haha, this is too much. It suits you too well, haha!" Lieutenant Colonel Harron was laughing so loudly, gasping for breath as he clenched his stomach. "What's so funny? We are not the same, yet you laugh at me? Hmph, General, you should at least stop Lieutenant Colonel Harron from continuing … Continue reading v4c2: Disguise